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Did you know Taylor & Francis has a special sales department?

Our regionally based experts help by organising payment, printing and shipping to get books into the right hands at the right time, and a competitive price.

Furthermore, we can meet specific requirements by creating content formats for specific audiences including eBooks, special Paperback editions, Chapters and fully Customized books.We can provide digital collections and bespoke training modules.

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Our Customers:

  • Authors and author linked organisations and institutions
  • Government, Intergovernmental organizations and Charities
  • Healthcare providers and consultants across many disciplines and professions
  • Corporations
  • Training organisations - from small training companies right through to Professional Schools and Colleges
  • Schools and Further education colleges
  • Societies, Associations and professional memberships
  • Specialist resellers

Our Services

  • We provide books in volume, managing finance, print runs and logistics
  • Books can be re-branded or customized to meet specific reader needs – including at chapter level
  • Supporting co-publishing partners by arranging invoicing, print and global supply. This often includes intergovernmental organisations, associations and membership bodies
  • Working with specialist resellers who promote and supply books to the commercial and professional markets
  • Supplying training organisations, from professional colleges to businesses employed to deliver specialist accreditation, companies engaged in CPD delivery to schools or the training for the Health Service, Charity workers etc.
  • Delivering single titles in volume or collections to corporations looking who are developing professional knowledge and skills or solve strategic problems
  • Working with consultants who are developing solutions for their clients
  • Supplying corporations who use our books to increase their brand equity in their market

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Author Directions: Navigating your success through network collaboration

Author Directions: Navigating your success through network collaboration

This resource guide will help guide you through collaborating with our global Corporate Institutional Sales (CIS) team, to help them make the most of your network and connections.