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Taylor & Francis produce high quality, peer reviewed academic books in STEM, and the Humanities and Social Sciences for Universities around the world.But we also supply leading professionals, corporations and public organisations who value Taylor & Francis unique, trusted content in a variety of formats to solve a wide range of problems.

Teaching materials for a Professional audience

How knowledgeable are your staff? Whether covering specific learning areas or broader professional and business themes or concepts, books impart skills and awareness, growing your organisations knowledge base and equipping people for the tasks they face.

Whether a course core text or a well consider thought piece, Taylor & Francis books can grow organisational knowledge and capability.

Case Study

I was working with practitioners when a training organisation approached me to use my book on their courses.The hardback edition was too expensive, but Taylor & Francis were able to produce a restricted paperback edition for my own use at a price point that was acceptable for my work and that of the training company.I purchased 200 copies through a Taylor & Francis author account and was able to settle the invoice with the payment made by my customers, before purchasing a further 60 because of the popularity of the book. 

Promotional materials that underpin your brand and values

Can Taylor & Francis books make you look more attractive? Well respected books that incorporate your logo and message confirm your credentials as you influence and win customers.Whether at an event or as part of a customer acquisition strategy, books open doors and resonate for years.

Case Study

A professional medical indemnity insurer was looking to build their credentials and resonate with newly qualified Doctors.I suggested my book would be of interest to this audience, and several years and titles later, books are widely distributed every year to several thousand members complete with the company logo and inserts, as a key differentiator when acquiring new customers.

Advocating, informing and engaging

Are you seeking to influence an audience?If you are looking to change a culture or reinforce awareness a book or chapter is an authoritative and reliable way to inform and stimulate.

Case Study

I approached my company, an engineering consultancy, to see if they were prepared to purchase the book I had authored. They were interested, especially when T&F were able to brand the cover and insert a foreword by the Chairman.My company purchased 300 Books for use internally and externally: explaining the organisations corporate responsibility goals in environment and sustainable development; and as a teaching material for courses and training sessions.

A format that works best for you

Taylor & Francis print and digital content formats can be provided at chapter level for a distinct purpose, or as a collection of books to create a library that meets wider organisational needs.

Case Study

I am a Handbook author and was aware of potential interest within government institutions where I had contacts.I approached Taylor & Francis who explained options of how they could provide volume discounts and customization. I provided the Institutions with the contact details of the Taylor & Francis sales person who they approached directly. This resulted in several 1,000 books purchases, each with a custom cover design, foreword and paperback format. Taylor & Francis managed all the changes directly with the customers as well as invoicing and fulfilment.

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Come and pick our brains! We work with professionals, corporations, governments, charities and intergovernmental organisations in every part of the world and in most sectors.We understand how our content can solve your issues.

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