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Common Sense Guide to Health and Safety for the Medical Professional
By Subash Ludhra

An essential and short guide for employees within the medical profession / care sector who need to know more about health and safety, from nurses, dentists and doctors, to care home managers, care workers, administrative staff and anyone else working within the medical / care sector. Whether it’s for use alongside a training course or simply to brush up on your knowledge, it’s perfect for equipping you with the principles of health and safety and infection control in the healthcare sector.
Friendly and accessible, this Common Sense Guide covers all the main aspects of medical health and safety in manageable chapters to provide you with the knowledge and understanding you need to look after yourself and others in the medical / care profession.
Suitable for the non-health and safety professional
Includes questions at the end of each module to consolidate your health and safety knowledge
Certificate offered to those who complete the exam at the end of the book and return to be marked externally. Read more...
Hardback: 978-1-13-814264-0
By Jonathan Backhouse

Studying for exams, working in teams, writing detailed yet succinct reports and importantly time management aren’t second nature to most, so this book provides clear guidance and will be an essential tool for anyone taking a health and safety course.
For many students the learning experience will be a return to studying after some considerable time so this book combines practical advice with helpful exam-related information.
Case studies and activities based on key health and safety topics that are covered by most Awarding Bodies
Guidance on how to take both multiple-choice and written exams; with details on how to answer the action verbs, used in exams questions; including identify and outline
Key principles teach how to Receive the information; Remember the information; and Recall the information for your exam. Read more...
Hardback: 978-1-13-817165-7
By Stephen Asbury, Richard Ball
Corporate social responsibility has gained substantial traction in recent decades but many still struggle with conveying the importance of integrating ethics and environmental and social values within the demands of a business world understandably concerned with making profit. First published in 2009 as ‘Do the Right Thing’, The Practical Guide to Corporate Social Responsibility guides you through the basics, teaching how to recognise CSR benefits and put principles into practice in a business-focussed way.
This new edition helps readers get to grips with improving their organisation's environmental management, sustainability, health and safety and trading ethics with straightforward guidance and tips. A new ‘Do The Right Thing’ Model assists organisations with identifying risks and frames corporate social responsibility in a business context accessible to all.
Features include:
-An updated Do the Right Thing Model aligned to the new ISO high level structure for management system standards
-20 global case studies to demonstrate how the model can impact performance
-A corporate social responsibility policy template for your organisation’s use
-Helpful 'Test your thinking' exercises to check your understanding and stretch your working knowledge
-100 practical actions for you to start implementing today
This is an essential introduction to the complex areas of corporate social responsibility that affect health and safety practitioners, environmental managers, human resources personnel and those working with quality and business assurance. It will also be critical reading for those looking to understand how CSR fits into the new high level structure of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.
Paperback: 978-1-13-890184-1
By Richard Byrne
Getting your qualification is just the start of the safety professional’s journey towards effective workplace practice. World Class Health and Safety doesn’t repeat the whys and whats of health and safety management, instead it is a helpful how-to guide for newly qualified and experienced health and safety professionals to get the best out of their knowledge, experience and the people they work with. This book is filled with practical examples that bring the subject to life, covering the skills and techniques you need to be a leader of safety, overcome inaction and make lasting positive changes to safety performance and culture – enabling more people to go home safe every day. World Class Health and Safety teaches the reader to:
- work efficiently and effectively with senior managers and budget holders to implement the wider corporate social responsibility agenda
- emphasize the ‘value-added’ benefits of good health and safety management clearly and simply
- create effective and engaging training
- use monitoring and audits to get the best out of the resources available
World Class Health and Safety is essential reading for those wishing to invest in their own professional development, to communicate effectively and to understand and deliver safety in the wider business context, wherever in the world they might be working.
Paperback: 978-1-13-818390-2

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