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1st Edition

Seven Cities Under Siege

December 15, 2006 by Routledge
348 Pages

2nd Edition

The Secret Army

January 30, 1997 by Routledge
723 Pages

1st Edition

Theory and Practice of Political Violence

September 30, 2005 by Routledge
328 Pages

1st Edition

Terror Out of Zion
Fight for Israeli Independence

January 30, 1996 by Routledge
428 Pages

1st Edition

Armed Struggle and the Conventions of Modern War

February 06, 2018 by Routledge
455 Pages

1st Edition

The IRA, 1968-2000
An Analysis of a Secret Army

September 01, 2000 by Routledge
376 Pages

1st Edition

Cheating and Deception

January 30, 1991 by Routledge
380 Pages

1st Edition

The Dynamics of the Armed Struggle

September 30, 1998 by Routledge
308 Pages

1st Edition

To Play the Game
Analysis of Sports

January 30, 1987 by Routledge
205 Pages

1st Edition

The Gun in Politics
Analysis of Irish Political Conflict, 1916-86

January 30, 1987 by Routledge
382 Pages

2nd Edition

Anorexia Nervosa
The Wish to Change

March 28, 1996 by Psychology Press
112 Pages