PRESS RELEASE - Studying Football | Edited by Ellis Cashmore and Kevin Dixon

Routledge is pleased to introduce a new book exploring everything you need to know about the beautiful game.

Will football take its place next to geography, history, physics, French and other subjects studied at universities? The editors of a new textbook Studying Football certainly think so. “Football Studies are appearing on university courses all over Europe and beyond,” says Ellis Cashmore. “Business students, students of globalization as well as geographers, historians, psychologists and even philosophers are discovering that football is much more than a sport.” 

Studying Football is the first custom-designed book to approach the sport as a serious academic subject. Co-editor Kevin Dixon believes the sport has never before occupied such a central place in society: “The media spend billions, the players earn millions and the fans spend … well, often more than they can afford.”

The central question Cashmore and Dixon start with is: Why 
do we spend so much time and money following such a pointless 
pursuit? “Football is not going to deliver peace on earth, save 
the planet, or help us find the cure for life-threatening diseases,” 
says Cashmore. “But judging by our response, you’d think it 
promised all these things and more.” Dixon adds: “Just because football is a sport doesn’t mean that’s all it is.”

Cashmore and Dixon have assembled 12 chapters, each on a topic related to football, such as racism, gender, 
globalization, consumption, even identity. The closing chapter on corruption is the most comprehensive exploration 
of corruption in football to date, leading readers to ponder why we are endlessly fascinated by the often not-so-beautiful game.

"This book is not just the first proper textbook on the subject of football, it is a must for any serious-minded follower of the often not-so-beautiful game." -
Jim White, Daily Telegraph

“This book provides a valuable and timely contribution to understanding football in its social, cultural, economic and political contexts.” - Professor John Horne FAcSS, School of Sport and Wellbeing, University of Central Lancashire, UK

About the Editors

Ellis Cashmore is the author of Making Sense of Sports, Celebrity Culture (both Routledge) and Beckham (Polity). He is visiting professor of sociology at Aston University, UK and tweets @elliscashmore

Kevin Dixon is the author of Consuming Football in Late Modern Life (Ashgate), "A woman's place recurring: Structuration, football fandom and sub-cultural subservience" (in Sport in Society ) and co-editor of The Impact of the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games: Diminishing Contrasts, Increasing Varieties (Palgrave). He is senior lecturer of sports studies at Teesside University, UK and tweets @KevinDixon20

Studying Football 
Edited by Ellis Cashmore, Kevin Dixon
March 2016 | 272 pages
Paperback: 978-1-138-83073-8

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