Conference Alert: ISA's 57th Annual Convention

March 16th - 19th, 2016

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Headquarters Hotel: Hilton Atlanta

Come and visit us at the Routledge Booth no. 120 - 129. We can offer a 20% discount and exclusive offers to all conference delegates! 

ISA Theme: Exploring Peace

Routledge Books and Journals Reception 
16th March, 7pm, Grand Ballroom C, Hilton Atlanta

Feminist Theory and Gender Studies Section (FTGS)
Honoring FTGS Distiguished Scholar Cynthia Weber and the 20th Anniversry of the WCIS
16th March, 7pm, Salon C, Hilton Atlanta

Intelligence Studies Section (ISS) 
Honoring Jim Wirtz
16th March, 7pm, Salon B, Hilton Atlanta

Environmental Studies Section (ESS) 
Honoring Professor Peter Dauvergne
17th March, 7:30pm, Salon B, Hilton Atlanta

Ethnicity, Nationalism and Migration Studies (ENMISA, ILAW, HR and IO) 
Honoring ENMISA Distingushed Scholar James F Hollifield and IO Distinguished Scholar Thomas G. Weiss
17th March, 7:30pm, Salon E, Hilton Atlanta

International Communication Section (ICOMM) 
Honoring Professor Robert Entman
17th March, 7:30pm Salon A, Hilton Atlanta

International Security Studies Section (ISSS) 
Honoring Martha Crenshaw
18th March, 6:45pm, Salon D, Hilton Atlanta

Foreign Policy Analysis Section, Political Demography and Geography Section, and Scientific Studies of International Processes Section Reception 
Honoring Cameron Thies (FPA) and Nazli Choucri (PDG)
18th March, 7pm, Grand Ballroom A, Hilton Atlanta

Come and visit us at the Routledge booth!

Routledge Books - Booths 123, 125, 127, 129

Routledge Journals - Booths 120, 122, 124, 126

Key Titles

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Routledge Attendees...

Andrew Humphrys - - Senior Editor, Military, Strategic and Security Studies

Emily Ross - - Editor, International Relations and Global Politics

Robert Sorsby - - Editor, Politics

Jennifer Knerr - - Senior Editor, Politics

Lillian Rand - - Editorial Assistant, Politics