Textile Institute Series: Responsibility and Sustainability

Series Editor:

The Textile Institute and Routledge have partnered to produce a ground--‐breaking new book series entitled Sustainability in Textiles. As the second largest industry in the world, textiles and textile production have a huge impact on the environment, the people who work within the industry and the development of business and government policy at a global level.

The Textile Institute, the world’s leading institution for the industry, defines Sustainable Textiles and Apparel in the following ways:

  • Safe for humans and the physical environment;
  • Made from renewable materials;
  • Produced through making the most efficient use of resources such as water and energy;
  • Manufactured by people employed in decent working conditions;
  • Capable of being washed at low temperature using environmentally friendly laundering agents;
  • Capable of being returned safely to the environment at the end of their useful life (Performance Apparel Market, 2009).