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Stress Awareness Month

April marks a time to consider the wellbeing resources for yourself, as teachers, and that of your students. It's important to build the skills and resilience to cope with the stressful moments throughout the scool year. 

To honour this occassion, here are some of our resources that highlight how you can build a more mindful approach to wellbeing.

Avoiding Burnout Through a Mindset of Acceptance

How can you thrive in education? Jay Schroder, author of Teach From Your Best Self, explores the ways in which teachers can shift their mindset to reconnect with your passion for teaching.

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New Insights From Our Education Experts

Why Does Teachers' Assessment Literacy Matter?

Assessment often does not result in improved student outcomes. Dennis Alonzo, author of Assessment to Support Learning and Teaching, explores why this is and what can be done instead to improve learning outcomes.

Small Class Sizes Not Better for Pupils’ Grades or Resilience

In a study published by the International Journal of Science Education, researchers found that minimising student numbers in classroom does not lead to better grades. In fact, the quality of the teachers is also far more important in achieving academic success. 

The Importance of Values Education

Written by one of the editors of How Values Education Can Improve Student and Teacher Wellbeing, this book focuses on the Education in Human Values (EHV) programme and how teachers can enhance their resilience to cope with the stresses of teaching.

Danny Steele: What I Learned as a Young Teacher

We asked school principal and former teacher Danny Steele, author of The Total Teacher, on his early teaching days and his tips to beginning teachers today.

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