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Methods and Industrial Applications, Second Edition 2nd Edition

By Simon Benita,James Swarbrick,Robert Gurny,Jorg Kreuter,Abraham J. Domb,Joke A. Bouwstra,Nissim Garti,Jean-Pierre Benoit,Roland Bodmeier,Thomas Kissel,Rimona Margalit,Arie Markus,S. Tamilvanan,Shicheng Yang,Florence Delie,Hatem Fessi,Attila Hincal,Gregory Lambert,Philippe Maincent,Monique Seiller,Britta Siekmann,Heike Bunjes,Till Bussemer,Nathalie Faisant,Jean-Sebastien Garrigue,P.L. Honeywell-Nguyen,Maria Jose Blanco Prieto,Jean-Christophe Leroux,Erem Memisoglu-Bilensoy,Francois Puel,Frederic Tewes,Nathalie Ubrich

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