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Acute Care of the Cancer Patient

1st Edition

By Andrew Shaw,Bernhard Riedel,Allen Burton,Alan Fields,Thomas W. Feeley,Jerald J. Killion,Lawrence T. Goodnough,Alan Fields,Tayab R Andrabi,James F. Arens,Martin L. Blakely,Robert J. Bohinski,Gregory H. Botz,Jay B. Brodsky,Lyle D. Broemeling,Troy S. Browne,Carleen A. Brunelli,Thao P. Bui,Humberto Caldera,A.C. Carr,Silwan Chedid,Karen Chen,Lisa E. Connery,Janice N. Cormier,P.M. Dougherty,M Fanshawe,John R. Foringer,John C. Frenzel,Kerri George,Daniel R. Couriel,M. FM. James,Nora A. Janjan,Tami Johnson,Spencer S. Kee,Todd Kelly,Alicia Kowalski,Andrew MacLachlan,I McLellan,Michael J. Miller,Chaan S. Ng,C. Lee Parmley,Sandra L. Peake,Arun Rajagopal,Suresh K. Reddy,Cielito C. Reyes-Gibby,Anthony H. Risser,Kenneth V.I. Rolston,Richard E. Royal,Amar Safdar,Hemant Shah,Vickie Shannon,S. Eva Singletary,Martin L. Smith,Nicole D. Switzer,Ravi Taneja,Dilip Thakar,Henry Michael Ushay,Alan D. Valentine,Steven Waguespack,Michael J. Wallace,S. Wamique Yusuf

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