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Handbook of Behavioral State Control

Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms 1st Edition

By Ralph Lydic,Helen A. Baghdoyan,George F. Koob,James M. Krueger,J. M. Gybels,Joseph S. Takahashi,Emmanuel Mignot,J. Patrick Card,Hugh Piggins,Casimar A. Fornal,Barry L. Jacobs,Kazue Semba,Mark W. Mahowald,Carlos H. Schenck,Priyattam J. Shiromani,Wallace B. Mendelson,Marina Bentivoglio,Jean Marie Besson,Mircea Steriade,Mary M. Heinricher,Steven McGaraughty,Jean Francois Bernard,Luis Villanueva,William J. Schwartz,Piotr Zlomanczuk,Benjamin Rusak,David C. Klein,Patrick H. Roseboom,J.L. Weller,Ruben Baler,Marianne Bernard,Jonathan A. Gastel,Martin Zatz,P. Michael Iuvone,Valerie Begay,Greg Cahill,Vincent M. Cassone,Steven L. Coon,Paul E. Hardin,Amita Sehgal,Lisa D. Wilsbacher,Jonathan P. Wisor,Jerome Siegel,Tore A. Nielsen,Pierre-Herve' Luppi,Christelle Peyron,Claire Rampon,Damien Gervasoni,Bruno Barbagli,Romuald Boissard,Patrice Fort,Barbara E. Jones,Michel Muhlethaler,Gigliola Grassi-Zucconi,John T. Williams,R.W. Greene,D.G. Rainnie,Angel Alonso,James J. Chrobak,Gyorgy Buzsaki,Jose M. Calvo,Timothy Roehrs,Thomas Roth,Oscar Prospero-Garcia,Eric Murillo-Rodriguez,Anabel Jimenez-Anguiano,Manuel Sanchez,Margarita Gomez,Dolores Martinez-Gonzalez,Marcela Palomero,Rene Drucker-Colin,Barry J. Sessle,William D. Willis,P. Max Headley,Boris A. Chizh,Juan F. Herrero,Nick A. Hartell,Peter J. Soja,Brian E. Cairns,Morten P. Kristensen,Anthony H. Dickenson,Victoria Chapman,Alison Reeve,Jan Gybels,Jidong Fang,Mark R. Opp,Linda A. Toth,Luca Imeri,Maria Grazia De Simoni,Seiji Nishino,Thomas Scammell,John E. Sherin,Clifford B. Saper,Luz Navarro,Karina Simon Arceo,Jack Falcon

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