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Coarse-Graining of Condensed Phase and Biomolecular Systems

1st Edition

By Gregory A. Voth,Jose Nelson Onuchic,Siewert Jan Marrink,Valentina Tozzini,John Edward Straub,Sharon Glotzer,Gregory A. Voth,Devarajan Thirumalai,Robert L. Jernigan,Guang Song,Pemra Doruker,Ozge Kurkcuoglu,Elaine R. Chan,Nicolae-Viorel Buchete,Roland Faller,Kurt Binder,Peter Virnau,Leonid Yelash,Wolfgang Paul,Sophie Sacquin-Mora,Richard Lavery,James Andrew McCammon,Luis Gonzalez McDowell,Daniel M. Zuckerman,Mark J. Stevens,Angela Violi,Michael L. Klein,Kurt Kremer,Nico van der Vegt,Christine Peter,Peter T. Cummings,Clare M. McCabe,Alberto Striolo,Stephen C. Harvey,Lei Yang,Osamu Miyashita,Florence Tama,Sophia N. Yaliraki,Anton S. Petrov,Batsal Devkota,Robert Koh-Zui Tan,Luis Gonzalez MacDowell,Marcus Mueller,William G. Noid,Sergei Izvekov,Gary S. Ayton,Frank L.H. Brown,Mikko Karttunen,Cecilia Clementi,Jian Peng Ma,Ana Valeria Rojas,Rajmund Kazmierkiewicz,Mariusz Makowski,Rajesh K. Murarka,Harold A. Scheraga,Stanislaw Jozef Oldziej,Cezary Czaplewski,Jozef Adam Liwo,Guohui Zheng,Wilma K. Olson,Marc Fuhrmans,H. Jelger Risselada,Xavier Periole,Grace Brannigan,L. Paramonov,M.G. Burke,Qi Sun,Jayeeta Ghosh,Teema Murtola,Ilpo Vattulainen,Alexander Schug,Changbong Hyeon,Silvina Matysiak,Peter Majek

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