Women in STEM Hub | Celebrating Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

The Women in STEM hub offers a valuable resource and insight to Women in the STEM field. With free content to download and short articles addressing key topics, our aim is to highlight and celebrate the valuable contributions that women have made throughout the years to STEM fields.

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Overcoming Challenges

Testimonies/case studies from female/non-male authors who have experienced obstacles and triumphed!

Career Confidence

Content, tips, and tricks to support women in STEM on their career path!


STEM Gender Wage Gap

When it comes to working in STEM, an entry-level salary for a man is higher than what’s paid to a woman with parallel credentials. What is behind the gender pay gap?

Social and Cultural Factors for Women in STEM

Women are underrepresented in the STEM field. There have been efforts to swing the balance, yet men are still the dominant gender, whats behind this? How do the social and cultural factors play a role?

Famous Women in STEM

Here we highlight some of the powerful female role models in STEM to inspire!


Subject Specific Women in STEM Content

Looking for content related to your specific discipline? Browse all our content on the latest trends and topics in your subject area. Our authors are experts in their field and are contributing pieces in this section for you!