1st Edition

A History of the Muslim World to 1405 The Making of a Civilization

By Vernon Egger Copyright 2004
    ISBN 9780130983893
    360 Pages 40 B/W Illustrations
    Published November 25, 2003 by Routledge

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    Muslims first appeared in the early seventh century as members of a persecuted religious movement in a sun-baked town in Arabia. Within a century, their descendants were ruling a vast territory that extended from the Atlantic Ocean to the Indus River valley in modern Pakistan. This region became the arena for a new cultural experiment in which Muslim scholars and creative artists synthesized and reworked the legacy of Rome, Greece, Iran, and India into a new civilization.

    A History of the Muslim World to 1405 traces the development of this civilization from the career of the Prophet Muhammad to the death of the Mongol emperor Timur Lang. Coverage includes the unification of the Dar a1-Islam (the territory ruled by Muslims), the fragmentation into various religious and political groups including the Shi'ite and Sunni, and the series of catastrophes in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries that threatened to destroy the civilization.


    Balanced coverage of the Muslim world encompassing the region from the Iberian Peninsula to South Asia.

    Detailed accounts of all cultures including major Shi'ite groups and the Sunni community.

    Primary sources.

    Numerous maps and photographs featuring a special four-color art insert.

    Glossary, charts, and timelines.

    Part 1 The Formative Period, 610–950; Chapter 1 Origins; Chapter 2 Arab Imperialism; Chapter 3 The Development of Sectarianism; Chapter 4 The Center Cannot Hold: Three Caliphates; Chapter 5 Synthesis and Creativity; Part 2 A Civilization Under Siege, 950–1260; Chapter 6 Filling the Vacuum of Power, 950–1100; Chapter 7 Barbarians at the Gates, 1100–1260; Chapter 8 The Consolidation of Traditions; Chapter 9 The Muslim Commonwealth; Part 3 Mongol Hegemony, 1260–1405; Chapter 10 The Great Transformation; Chapter 11 Unity and Diversity in Islamic Traditions;


    Vernon O. Egger

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