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Constantine and the Christian Empire

Constantine and the Christian Empire 2nd Edition by Charles Odahl is a timely publication, as 2012 sees the 1700th hundred anniversary of Constantine’s conversion to Christianity and the Battle of Milvian Bridge Click here to read more.

In this landmark publication of Roman Imperial, early Christian, and Byzantine history, Charles Odahl combines vivid narrative and historical analysis to relate the rise of Constantine amid the crises of the late Roman world, his dramatic conversion to and public patronage of Christianity, and his church building programs in Rome, Jerusalem and Constantinople which transformed the pagan state of Roman antiquity into the Christian empire medieval Byzantium.

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The author’s comprehensive knowledge of the literary sources and his extensive research into the material remains of the period mean that this volume provides a more rounded and accurate portrait of Constantine than previously available.

This revised second edition includes:

•An expanded and revised final chapter

•A new Genealogy and an expanded Chronology

•New illustrations

•Revised and updated Notes and Bibliography