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Download ASAUK 'Routledge African Studies: An Interdisciplinary Sampler'

Discover more about the interdisciplinary connections within African Studies with this free chapter sampler.  

Taking Risks in Applied Linguistics Chapter Sampler

To tie in with the ASAUK 2018 Conference, which is celebrating the diversity and interdisciplinarity within African Studies, we are delighted to offer you this FREE chapter sampler, which includes extracts from the following books:


  1. Popular Culture in Africa - Chapter 12: Archives of the Present in Parselelo Kantai's Writing by Grace A. Musila
  2. Africa's Big Men - Chapter 5: Digital citizenship in Africa's fractured social order by Emmanuel Chijioke Ogbonna
  3. The Unfinished Revolution in Nigeria's Niger Delta - Chapter 7: From peaceful to non-peaceful protests: the trajectory of women's movements in the Niger Delta by Abosede Omowumi Babatunde
  4. Extractive Industries and Changing State Dynamics in Africa - Chapter 1: Africa's Re-Enchantment with Big Infrastructure: White Elephants Dancing in Virtuous Circles
    by Paul Nugent
  5. African Youth in Contemporary Literature and Popular Culture - Chapter 12: How African Youth Control Their Identities Through Social Media by Stephen Ekema-Agbaw and Vivian Yenika-Agbaw

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