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Download free sample chapters of Teaching English at Japanese Universities: A New Handbook

Written by leading English-language educators in Japan, this Handbook provides an in-depth guide for the new generation of teachers at Japanese universities. In clear, accessible prose, it offers practical and detailed advice on effective classroom pedagogy, student motivation, learning styles, classroom culture, national language policy, career opportunities, departmental politics, administrative mindset, and institutional identity.

Download and read Chapter 1 - 4:
1. The Landscape of Japanese Higher Education: An Introduction (Chris Carl Hale and Paul Wadden)
2. Making a Career of University Teaching in Japan: Getting (and Keeping) a Full-Time Job (Jenifer Larson-Hall and Jeffrey Stewart)
3. The Ronin Teacher: Making a Living as a Full-Time Part-Timer at Japanese Universities (Chrystabel Butler)
4. The Chrysanthemum Maze: Understanding Your Colleagues in the Japanese University (Curtis Kelly and Nobuhiro Adachi)

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