White Paper - Leadership in China: Harnessing Chinese Wisdom for Global Leadership?

The sixth White Paper in the Transpersonal Leadership series, explores the different cultural values between China and the West and how these influence leadership styles within business. 

Leadership in China: Harnessing Chinese Wisdom for Global Leadership?

Leadership in China examines private business leadership styles in China, and explores how methodologies from the West can revive cultural heritage.

Download this essential White Paper and discover the Chinese leadership philosophy that has endured and developed over millennia, and how it compares to the styles of the West. 

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From the introduction:

"The Great Learning lies in manifesting illustrious virtue; developing the people; and resting in the highest excellence.”  Zeng Zi (505BC- 435BC)

Though many civilisations may claim to be the oldest, there is no doubt that China has the longest continuous history—3,500 years of written history. Chinese history provides an amazing story from its ancient primitive beginnings, through its highest points of development in philosophy, art and literature to a relatively low point until its recent resurgence. Today, China is increasingly becoming a global power and current trends show it will become one of the most powerful nations in the world during the 21st Century.

About the author:

Maiqi Ma is a member of the LeaderShape Global Faculty and responsible for developing LeaderShape’s business in China. She is the author of the doing business with China series of books ‘Win with China’ (Ma, 2016), and specialising in cross cultural training and business development. Originally from China, she transformed herself from a local civil servant and then businesswoman in China and South Asia for fifteen years to an adventurous international entrepreneur based in the West since 2008, where she has become a reflective thought leader and developed a ‘third eye’. She is passionate about bringing her wealth of experience and knowledge of both cultures to bridge China and the Western world.
Known better as Maggie Ma in the West, her reputation as an inspirational speaker and insightful consultant is based on her solid understanding of both China and the West. Maiqi has Master’s degrees in both China (business) and the UK (education). See her full bio here: http://www.leadershapeglobal.com/maggie-ma

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