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Toxicology of Metals, Volume I

1st Edition

By Louis W. Chang,Stephen Bondy,Max Costa,Bruce A. Fowler,Sam Kacew,Lawrence H. Lash,John J. Lemasters,Edward J. Massaro,Toshio Narahashi,Herbert L. Needleman,Monica Nordberg,Albert L. Page,Deborah Rice,Brenda M. Sanders,Raghubir P. Sharma,Ellen K. Silbergeld,Michael P. Waalkes,Elizabeth H. Jeffery,Lionel A. Poirier,Anna-Liisa Nieminen,Richard B. Mailman,Carl L. Keen,Ian Kimber,Kenneth R. Reuhl,Judith T. Zelikoff,David A. Basketter,Donald E. Gardner,M. Anthony Verity,Michael Aschner,Harold K. Kimelberg,Ralph J. Smialowicz,Mitchell D. Cohen,J. Michael Davis,Jose L. Domingo,G. B. van der Voet,Rudolfs K. Zalups,James S. Woods,Delon W. Barfuss,Donald R. Smith,George P. Daston,Richard K. Miller,Laszlo Magos,Suzuki Tsuguyoshi,Josef M. Pacyna,A.C. Chang,Anna M. Fan,Robert W. Elias,Lars Gerhardsson,Steffan Skerfving,Evert Nieboer,Glenn G. Fletcher,Ernest C. Foulkes,Peter L. Goering,Kenneth Jenkins,Ananda S. Prasad,Catherine B. Klein,Zaolin Wang,Toby G. Rossman,Rita R. Misra,Darlene H. Bowser,Neil A. Littlefield,Kazimierz Kasprzak,Joseph R. Landolph Jr.,Michael Dews,Laurent Ozbun,Douglas Evans,Kazuo T. Suzuki,Koji Nogawa,Teruhiko Kido,Hiroko Kodama,D.R. McLachlan,Paul E. Fraser,E. Jaikaran,W.J. Luikiw,Mariano E. Cebrian,Gonzalo G. Garcia-Vargas,Anja Slikkerveer,Frederik A. De Wolff,Yukinori Kusaka,Jan A. Weiner,Magnus Nylander,Carol R. Angle,Deborah A. Cory-Slechta,M.W.B. Bradbury,Wei Zhang,Katherine Squibb,Hiroshi Yamauchi,Jerry H. Exon,Pierluigi E. Biagazzi,MaryJane K. Selgrade,Hassan A.N. El-Fawal,Lee S.F. Soderberg,Julian P. Keogh,Leslie M. Klevay,Janet M. Benson,Maryka H. Bhattacharyya,John M. Rogers,Jacinto Corbella,Teresa Audersirk,Rikuzo Hamada,Naohide Inoue,Gerald Audersirk,Lois D. Lehman-McKeeman,Elizabeth South,Kathleen Hendrix,Fiona McNeill,E. A. Conner,Claus-Peter Siegers,Ronald D. Graff,Michelle Mayleben,Cindy P. Lawler,Mitsuhiro Osame,Raviprakash R. Dugyala,John R. J. Sorenson,Richard Jacob,I.A. Romero,N.J. Abbott,Carol J. Eisenmann,Markus P. Dey

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