1st Edition

Aerospace Materials Handbook

Edited By Sam Zhang, Dongliang Zhao Copyright 2013
    792 Pages 578 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Whether an airplane or a space shuttle, a flying machine requires advanced materials to provide a strong, lightweight body and a powerful engine that functions at high temperature. The Aerospace Materials Handbook examines these materials, covering traditional superalloys as well as more recently developed light alloys. Capturing state-of-the-art developments in materials research for aeronautical and aerospace applications, this book provides a timely reference for both newcomers and veteran researchers in the field.

    The chapters address developments in bulk materials, coatings, traditional materials, and new materials. Beginning with an overview of superalloys, including nickel-, nickel–iron-, and cobalt-based superalloys, the text covers machining, laser cladding and alloying, corrosion performance, high-temperature oxidation, thermal spraying, and nanostructured coatings. It also includes four categories of composites used in aerospace: metal matrix, polymer, carbon nanotube-reinforced polymer, and self-healing composites. The text describes preparation, processing, and fatigue of lightweight magnesium alloys, as well as an exciting new class of materials—aerogels.

    This book brings readers to the cutting edge of research in materials for aerospace and aeronautics. It provides an entry point into this field and presents details to stimulate future research. This unique, up-to-date resource offers knowledge to enable practitioners to develop faster, more efficient, and more reliable air- and spacecraft.

    Superalloys for Super Jobs
    Seyid Fehmi Diltemiz and Sam Zhang

    Tool Condition Monitoring in Machining Superalloys
    H. Z. Li and X. Q. Chen

    Laser Cladding and Alloying for Aerospace Applications
    S. K. Mishra

    High-Performance Wear/Corrosion-Resistant Superalloys
    Rong Liu and Matthew X. Yao

    High-Temperature Oxidation of Aerospace Materials
    Xiao Peng and Fuhui Wang

    Thermal Spray Coatings for Aeronautical and Aerospace Applications
    Chang-Jiu Li, Guan-Jun Yang, and Özge Altun

    Nanostructured Solid Lubricant Coatings for Aerospace Applications
    B. Deepthi and Harish C. Barshilia

    Processes and Characterizations of Metal Matrix Composites
    Alokesh Pramanik and L. C. Zhang

    Processing Science for Polymeric Composites in Aerospace
    Sunil C. Joshi

    Carbon Nanotube-Reinforced Polymer Composites for Aerospace Application
    Nanda Gopal Sahoo and Lin Li

    Emerging Technology in Aerospace Engineering: Polymer-Based Self-Healing Materials
    Jinglei Yang, He Zhang, and Mingxing Huang

    Preparation and Processing of Magnesium Alloys
    Maoyin Wang, Yunchang Xin, and Qing Liu

    Fatigue of Magnesium Alloys
    F. A. Mirza and D. L. Chen

    Aerogel Materials for Aerospace
    Yen-Lin Han



    Professor Sam Zhang Shanyong, better known as Sam Zhang, is a tenured full professor at the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Professor Zhang serves as editor-in-chief for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Letters (USA) and principal editor for the Journal of Materials Research (USA). He has worked on processing and characterization of nanocomposite thin films and coatings for 20 years and has authored/co-authored more than 260 peer-reviewed international journal papers with an average of more than 12 citations per paper, 7 books, 20 book chapters, and guest-edited more than 20 journal volumes. His book on Materials Characterization Techniques has been adopted as a textbook by one European and eight American universities. The book was also translated into Chinese, published by China Scientific Press, and was used as textbook in many Chinese universities.

    Professor Dongliang Zhao is the chief engineer at Central Iron and Steel Research Institute (CISRI, Beijing, China) since 2009 and the director of CISRI’s Institute of Functional Materials. CISRI plays a leading role in China’s R&D in superalloys. Professor Zhao’s research interests include computational material science, magnetic materials, energy materials, and superalloys. He has been the leading principal investigator of or participated in more than 20 Chinese national research projects. Professor Zhao has published 40 journal papers and was granted six patents. In 2003, Professor Zhao was conferred the title of "Beijing Outstanding Young Engineer" by Beijing City Government. In 2006, he was recognized by the State Department as one of the National Star Researchers and in 2008, he was conferred the title of "National Defense Science and Technology Innovation leader."

    "The writing is precise, the presentation is pure pedagogy … a very handy book to keep on the book shelf for frequent reference. … The authors can be very proud of a very collectively-written high-profile technical review."
    —Hanshen Zhang, PhD, Research Fellow, Stanford University, Cupertino, California

    "… very useful. … The flow of chapters and lucidity makes the topic interesting."
    —Dr. Suneel Kumar Srivastava, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

    "Much is written which is new to the reviewer and is likely to prove new to the non-specialist reader. … The whole text is admirably supported by over 2,500 references (600 on nano matters alone). This handbook is largely about material properties and processes. It provides a ready source of cutting-edge information suitable for the academic researcher and practitioner alike. Highly recommended."
    —Peter C. Gasson, CEng, MIMechE, FRAeS, The Aeronautical Journal, November 2013