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To provide added value and a better user experience, Taylor & Francis have enhanced the content of our eBook+ with additional interactive features. Our eBook+ titles are designed to make reading more engaging, increase comprehension and retention of the material and ultimately lead to greater student success.

Key Features


Selected eBook+ contain professionally-recorded audio excerpts, including music and enunciation, to enhance learning according to individual needs.


eBook+ contain video clips to assist students in gaining deeper understanding of the content and amplify the learning experience.

Further Links

Provides external links to help users access additional content for reference and further reading.

Data Visualization

Using visual elements like charts, graphs and maps to provide an accessible way to see and understand trends and data.

Quizzes and Assessments

Uses quizzes and assessments to engage learners and assess the competencies during various learning stages.

Interactive Problems and Solutions

Provide active learning through interactive problem-solving exercises to improve engagement and performance.

eBook+ Titles

Colloquial Chinese – The Complete Course for Beginners – Third Edition book cover

Colloquial Chinese

The Complete Course for Beginners

Based on feedback from learners and teachers who used its previous version, this new edition has been updated to reflect the language and cultural changes in China, such as online shopping and WeChat payment, and to provide a more integrated and step-by-step approach to making the learning of modern Mandarin Chinese more effective and enjoyable.

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Digital Audio Theory – A Practical Guide – book cover

Digital Audio Theory

A Practical Guide

This book bridges the fundamental concepts and equations of digital audio with their real-world implementation in an accessible introduction, with dozens of programming examples and projects.

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Electric and Hybrid Vehicles – Design Fundamentals – Third Edition book cover

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Design Fundamentals

This widely praised, bestselling textbook presents the third edition of a comprehensive systems-level perspective of electric and hybrid vehicles with emphasis on technical aspects, mathematical relationships and basic design guidelines. Targeting young professionals and students in engineering who are eager to learn about the emerging technologies of electric vehicles.

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GIS Cartography – A Guide to Effective Map Design - Third Edition book cover

GIS Cartography

A Guide to Effective Map Design, Third Edition

Discussing map design theory and technique, this book focuses on digital cartography and its best practices. This third edition has completely new sections on how to deal with maps that go viral and the ethics therein; new presentation ideas; new features such as amenities, climate data, and hazards; the new Equal Earth projection; and vector tile design considerations.

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Mic It! – Microphones, Microphone Techniques, and Their Impact on the Final Mix - Second Edition book cover

Mic It!

Microphones, Microphone Techniques, and Their Impact on the Final Mix

In this second edition, you’ll understand essential audio concepts relating to microphones, mic techniques and learn how to apply them to your recording situation. Mic It! gives you the background to discover and design your own solutions, enabling you to record great source tracks that can be developed into anything from ultra-clean mixes to massive, organic soundscapes.

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Social Media Campaigns – Strategies for Public Relations and Marketing - Second Edition book cover

Social Media Campaigns

Strategies for Public Relations and Marketing

This new edition continues to give students a foundation in the principles of digital audience engagement and data metrics across platforms, preparing them to adapt to the quickly evolving world of digital media. It takes students through the processes of social listening, strategic design, creative engagement, and evaluation, with expert insights from social media professionals.

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Sustainability Principles and Practice – A Practical Guide - Third Edition book cover

Sustainability Principles and Practice

Sustainability Principles and Practice gives an accessible and comprehensive overview of the interdisciplinary field of sustainability. The focus is on furnishing solutions and equipping students with both conceptual understanding and technical skills. Each chapter explores one aspect of the field, first introducing concepts and presenting issues, then supplying tools for working toward solutions.

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Victimology - Ninth Edition book cover


This book covers the scope of crime victims’ suffering in the U.S., offering a history of victims and the measurement of victimization, an explanation of the victim’s role in the criminal justice process, and a recounting of the issues crime victims face as a result of crime and the criminal justice process. Doerner and Lab, both well-regarded scholars, write compellingly about how the current criminal's justice system can be transformed into a victim's justice system.

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Women, Music, Culture - An Introduction - Third Edition book cover

Women, Music, Culture

An Introduction

Women, Music, Culture: An Introduction, Third Edition is the first undergraduate textbook on the history and contributions of women in a variety of musical genres and professions, ideal for students in Music and Gender Studies courses. A compelling narrative, accompanied by 112 guided listening experiences, brings the world of women in music to life.

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