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Aakash Chakrabarty - Senior Commissioning Editor

Politics & International Relations

Aakash Chakrabarty commissions research monographs, edited collections, handbooks, reference texts, shortform books and readers in the areas of politics, especially political theory and processes, public policy and administration, migration, social exclusion & discrimination, and South Asian studies. He also looks at works on environment, religion and digital humanities. He is actively looking to commission manuscripts on key topical issues.

Alexandra McGregor - Editor

Gender & Sexuality, Gender Studies

Alex McGregor commissions books across the broad spectrum of Gender and Sexuality Studies. Her list covers titles across the humanities and social sciences. She is particularly interested in publishing monographs and edited collections on cutting edge interdisciplinary research, and new textbooks for Gender Studies and Women’s Studies courses. Books on activism, praxis and pedagogies are particularly welcome. Key series and topics include Transgender Studies, Intersectionality, Gender, Sexuality and Media, Masculinity and Pop Culture, LGBTQI Lives, Feminism and Global Perspectives.

Alexis O'Brien - Editor

Jung & Analytical Psychology, Mental Health

Alexis O'Brien acquires for the Routledge Mental Health list. She actively commissions in the areas of analytical psychology, Jungian studies, and coaching, as well as the ISPS (International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis) series.

Alice Oven - Senior Editor

Agroecology, Ecology, Entomology, Laboratory Animal Science, Marine & Aquatic Science, Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Science, Zoology

Alice Oven is Senior Editor for Life Sciences and Veterinary books at CRC Press, commissioning new books and revised editions across a diverse range of subject areas. These include Marine Science, Agroecology,  Zoology and Entomology, Veterinary Medicine and Science, Laboratory Animal Science and One Health One Welfare. Key series include Veterinary Self-Assessment Color Reviews, Veterinary Color Handbooks, Advances in Agroecology, CRC Marine Biology and CRC Marine Science.

Alison Foyle - Senior Publisher

Education, Teaching & Learning

Alison Foyle has extensive experience in the field of education publishing. She commissions a wide variety of titles in the field of Special Educational Needs, with a keen interest in practical teacher resources, which are produced under the David Fulton imprint; textbooks for students in higher education and practitioners undertaking CPD; and scholarly and academic research texts. She also commissions in the growing field of Early Childhood Education research, and has a portfolio that includes several high-profile and successful international series.

Alison Kirk - Senior Editor

Asian Law, Asylum & Immigration Law, Comparative Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law & Practice, Human Rights Law & Civil Liberties, Jurisprudence & Philosophy of Law, Land Law, Legal History, Medical & Healthcare Law

Commissions in Law concentrating on research monographs, edited collections and original reference books. She manages a number of active series and focuses particularly on the following areas: comparative legal systems; constitutional and administrative law; criminal law and criminal justice; cultural diversity and law; human rights and humanitarian law; jurisprudence and philosophy of law; law and religion; law and security; law in Asia; legal ethics; legal history; medical law; migration and asylum law.

Alistair Bright - Senior Editor

Civil Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering

Alistair joined CRC Press/Balkema in 2011. His list focuses on Geotechnical Engineering, Rock Mechanics and Mining Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Architectural Heritage and (Engineering) Geology, and includes reference works, professional books and handbooks, as well as occasional textbooks and proceedings.

Allison Shatkin - Senior Publisher

Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Mining, Mineral & Petroleum Engineering

Allison Shatkin publishes academic, professional, and textbook content across the disciplines of Materials Science, Chemical Engineering, and Petroleum Engineering. She has been with Taylor & Francis since 2003 and is Senior Publisher in our Engineering books program.

Amanda Devine - Editor

Addiction and Treatment, ADHD, Autism, Counselling & Psychotherapy, Creative Arts & Expressive Therapies, Occupational Therapy, School Psychology

Amanda Devine acquires books for the Routledge Mental Health list and actively commissions in the areas of addiction, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, eating disorders, creative arts and expressive therapies, group work, occupational therapy, school psychology, and school counseling. She is interested in receiving proposals in these fields for professional and supplementary books, textbooks, handbooks, and study guides.

Amy Davis-Poynter - Editor

Classical Studies

Amy Davis-Poynter commissions for Classics, the Ancient Near East and Biblical Studies, with books on all aspects of the history, thought, and cultures of the Near East and Egypt, the Biblical lands, Greece and the Roman Empire, and Late Antiquity and Early Christianity. She produces a wide range of books, from introductory textbooks and sourcebooks for students, to translations, scholarly monographs and edited collections. In particular, she has a commitment to publishing the most cutting-edge research in new and emergent areas, while also supporting innovative teaching with student resources. Some current areas of publishing include slavery, classics and the postcolonial, the senses and emotions, race, migration, and theoretical and interdisciplinary approaches to these subjects.

Amy Laurens - Editor

Business & Management, Business, Management and Marketing, Human Resource Management, International Business, Leadership, Organizational Studies

Amy Laurens leads the global textbook programme for the business disciplines. She has specific responsibility for commissioning and acquiring textbooks and in human resource management; leadership; organizational studies; international business; public & non-profit management; responsible business; and related areas.

Andrea Hartill - Senior Publisher

Language & Linguistics, Languages of Asia, Languages of the Middle East

Andrea Hartill commissions books in the areas of language learning, translation, and pedagogy, with a special interest in Chinese and Arabic. As an experienced Senior Publisher, she has published books for the scholarly and professional reader, as well as for textbook markets. The Routledge Language list focuses on textbooks, grammars and dictionaries, plus research monographs, handbooks, and encyclopedias. She publishes innovative texts across a wide range of languages, including the less commonly taught languages. She can be found on Twitter @andreahartill and LinkedIn (

Andrew Beck - Senior Editor


Andrew Beck commissions leading books in all major areas of philosophy, including metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, political philosophy, philosophy of science, aesthetics, logic, philosophy of mind, philosophy of religion, and history of philosophy.  He is especially interested in new textbooks that incorporate recent changes in a sub-discipline, scholarly monographs with potential appeal outside their core sub-disciplines, books grounded in analytic philosophy that engage cutting-edge research in the sciences, new ideas for reference works, and short primers on emerging areas of study.

Andrew Humphrys - Senior Editor

Military & Strategic Studies, Military Studies, Peace Studies, Security Studies - Military & Strategic, War & Conflict Studies

Andrew Humphrys acquires books in the areas of security studies, peace and conflict studies, and military studies. With over 20 years experience in academic publishing, he has published books in a variety of formats, including research monographs, textbooks, and handbooks, as well as works for the more general reader.

Andrew Mould - Publisher


Andrew Mould has been commissioning books in the discipline of geography and the allied fields of urban, environmental, and development studies for well over a decade.  He is always happy to discuss writing plans and is particularly interested in titles that will complement or enhance Routledge’s existing suite of textbooks, handbooks, and research-level publications. His overall goal is to publish high-quality, innovative publications that meet their commercial potential. Andrew is able to draw upon a wealth of experience and expertise to guide prospective authors through the publishing process and is particularly keen to build long-term partnerships with authors.

Andrew Taylor - Publisher

African Politics, Comparative Politics, Eastern European Politics, European Politics, Introductory Politics, Politics & International Relations, Public Administration & Public Policy, Public Policy, Russian & Soviet Politics

Andrew Taylor publishes scholarly works (research monographs, collections and handbooks) and textbooks primarily in the areas of British and European Politics, Comparative Politics, Introductory Politics, African Politics, Human Rights, Political Theory, Russian and East European Politics, and Public Policy and Administration.

Andrew Weckenmann  - Editor


Andrew Weckenmann commissions scholarly monographs, edited research collections, handbooks, and Routledge Focus titles in Philosophy. He is actively looking to develop new series around emerging topics while continuing to publish in more established areas of the subject. He is interested in receiving proposals covering all areas of philosophy, including aesthetics, American philosophy, ethical theory & applied ethics, epistemology, history of philosophy, metaphysics, phenomenology, philosophy of mind, philosophy of religion, philosophy of science and technology, and social & political philosophy.

Andy Humphries - Publisher

Ecological Economics, Economic Theory & Philosophy, Economics, Finance, Business & Industry, Environment & Economics, Environmental Economics, Political Economy

Andy Humphries is Publisher for research and reference books across business, economics and law. His own commissioning focuses on new books in heterodox economics, political economy, history of economic thought, economic history, economic theory and methodology, ecological economics, and environmental and agricultural economics. He is keen to publish the latest cutting-edge research in these areas through monographs and edited collections, as well as building on our extensive programme of textbooks and handbooks.

Anna Moore - Publisher

Behavioral Sciences, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry & Clinical Psychology, Counselling & Psychotherapy, Mental Health, Religion and Spirituality, Trauma Studies

Anna Moore publishes a wide variety of textbooks, academic, and professional books in the fields of psychotherapy and counseling, child and adolescent mental health, mindfulness, spirituality, grief and bereavement, trauma and stress, and more. She has been with Routledge for more than ten years and is has worked with a range academic publishing companies across the United States.

Annabelle Harris - Editor

Climate Change, Energy Policy, Environment & Business, Environment and Sustainability, Environmental Policy

Annabelle Harris publishes scholarly books on the Environment and Sustainability list in a variety of formats, including research monographs, edited collections, handbooks, and textbooks. She commissions innovative works that explore core areas of environment and sustainability from a social sciences perspective, particularly environmental policy, climate change, sustainable business, and energy. Building on the Routledge-Earthscan tradition of publishing interdisciplinary works that explore contemporary issues and debates, she is keen to expand her portfolio to include emerging topics such as environmental displacement and migration, global environmental governance, and energy policy and society.

Annamarie Kino-Wylam - Senior Editor

Early Years, Education, Education Studies, Secondary Education, Teachers & Teacher Education, Teaching Assistants

Annamarie Kino-Wylam commissions for the David Fulton list in the areas of early years education, secondary education and education studies. She publishes books to support initial teacher training, textbooks for students on early years and education studies courses and practical resources for secondary teachers and early years practitioners. She also commissions books for Teaching Assistants.

Barbara Knott - Senior Editor


Barbara Knott publishes quality handbooks, encyclopedias, textbooks, and professional resources in analytical, industrial, physical and materials chemistry. With 30 years of experience in publishing, she welcomes proposals from new and established authors to join our impressive portfolio of publications. Titles on her list include some of the most widely respected print and digital references and top-selling textbooks in the field of Chemistry today and she would love to include your next publication.

Ben Piggott - Editor

Dance, Theatre & Performance Studies

Ben Piggott publishes a full range of titles across Theatre, Performance, and Dance studies, including edited collections, Companions, and textbooks. He is currently commissioning in particular in theatre and dance history, as well as being on the lookout for original, cutting-edge work across the research spectrum. Ben also publishes dedicated textbooks for students, especially in the core areas of BA/BfA study, and commissions the Routledge Performance Practitioners and Routledge Modern and Contemporary Dramatists series.

Bethany Lund Yates - Editorial Assistant

Military & Strategic Studies, Military Studies, Security Studies - Military & Strategic

Bob Ross - Senior Editor


Robert Ross is Senior Editor of Mathematics at CRC Press. Bob brings thirty years of publishing experience to a list of textbooks, handbooks, reference works, and all other forms of academic works. He commissions Textbooks for all courses beyond calculus within the mathematics and related curriculum, including service courses taken by computer science, engineering, and physical science students. Targets courses extend from the undergraduate to the graduate level. A series of popular, high quality, and valued handbooks is also a focus, as are reference works, especially on topics in discrete mathematics including combinatorics, and also data analysis, cryptography, number theory, algebra, analysis, probability, game theory, operations research, and financial mathematics. Bob's list includes applied mathematics and specialized topics such as radar design and implementation, business analytics, and engineering statistics. Many of these books are valued by professionals both in mathematics and related fields. Bob encourages authors to submit proposals for any and all book ideas in and related to mathematics.

Brian Eschrich - Editor 1

Media & Communications

Brian Eschrich publishes textbooks, handbooks, research books, and professional guides in communication studies, particularly in public speaking; rhetoric, composition, and writing studies; technical, scientific, environmental, and risk communication; persuasion;  communication law and ethics; and media management and economics.

Brianna Ascher - Editor 1

Business & Management

Editor for business and management disciplines, Brianna focuses on research-level monographs, edited collections, and handbooks. Key areas include: business history, entrepreneurship, healthcare management, human resource management, international business, leadership, organisation studies, public & non-profit management, research methods, and strategic management. She also contributes to our North American textbook programme by commissioning business research methods texts.

Bruce Roberts - Publisher

Education, Primary/Elementary Education, Teachers & Teacher Education

Bruce Roberts is Publisher for Learning Sciences on both the Routledge and Fulton lists and for David Fulton Primary publications. He has twenty years of experience in academic publishing. He commissions books for Primary teachers and students on the David Fulton list including the bestselling Jumpstart series and the Fulton 5–11 textbooks series, and commissions research-level, professional books and textbooks in the areas of educational psychology, learning and instruction, and the interface between neuroscience, psychology, and learning. Recent publishing collaborations include the bestselling Visible Learning series of books, Introduction to Neuroeducational Research, Jumpstart Grammar, and Descriptosaurus.

Callum Fraser - Editor 1


Books Editor for Mathematics, with special interest in Discrete Mathematics, Financial Mathematics, Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing, and Applied Mathematics more generally.

Carolina Antunes - Editor 2


Carolina Antunes commissions textbooks, handbooks, professional books and monographs in Physics. She is responsible for publishing academically rigorous, ground-breaking research across all sub-disciplines within physics, but has particular interest in optics, computational physics, quantum computing, quantum information, biophysics, materials science and medical physics.

Caroline Church - Editor

Archaeology, Archaeology, Classical Studies, Education, Heritage, Journalism, Language & Linguistics, Library and Information Science, Military Studies, Museum Studies, Philosophy, Politics & International Relations, Religion, Security Studies - Military & Strategic

Caroline Church works on the Special Issues as Books (SPIB) publishing programme at Routledge, converting special issues of Taylor and Francis journals into books in order to disseminate journal scholarship to a wider audience. She has specific responsibility for: Education; Military, Strategic & Security Studies; Politics & International Relations; Anthropology; Archaeology; Classics; Heritage Studies; Museum Studies; Library & Information Science; History; Philosophy; Religion; Art History; Media; Communication Studies; Journalism; Language; Linguistics and Literature subject areas. She would welcome any proposals for specific special issue books, as well as general enquiries about re-publishing journal content in book format.

Catherine Bernard - Editorial Director


Catherine Bernard is Editorial Director for the Humanities and Media Arts books program. She leads a team of approximately 100 Editorial staff across our UK, US, and Asian offices. The team commissions across all areas of the Humanities, in a wide range of formats that includes cutting-edge research monographs, upper-level textbooks, scholarly handbooks, professional resources, and digital product. Prior to her appointment as Editorial Director, Catherine was Senior Publisher for the US Education list for 15 years.

Cathy Hartley - Editor

Regional Surveys

Cathy Hartley commissions handbooks, monographs and Focus titles in various series related to the internationally focused Europa World Year Book and associated regional surveys of the world. Subjects include contemporary country and regional politics and economics, international and regional organizations, regional and international relations, governance, the environment, demographics, and foreign policy and security issues. Europa series include Europa Country Perspectives, Europa Regional Perspectives, Europa Economic Perspectives, Europa Emerging Economies, Europa Transitional Justice, and Europa Perspectives on the EU Single Market. Proposals for Focus titles are also welcomed, especially for the Europa Introduction to . . . series of Focus volumes. As the regional editor of Western Europe, Cathy welcomes enquiries from experts in politics and economics who would be interested in contributing to this regional survey.

Ceri McLardy - Editor

Behavioral Sciences, Behaviorism, Cognitive Psychology, Neuroscience, Speech and Language Therapy

Ceri McLardy publishes books globally in the areas of cognitive psychology, neuroscience, behaviorism and speech and language disorders. She is interested in publishing quality content by established and up-and-coming researchers in a variety of different formats, including textbooks, edited collections, handbooks, supplementary texts and professional volumes aimed at academics, students, researchers and those in professional practice.

Chloe Layman - Editor

Building and Construction, Green Construction, Housing and Communities, Property and Real Estate Practice Management

Chloe Layman is the US commissioning editor for construction and real estate. She commissions in a wide range of text types, from textbook and professional guides, to research monographs and handbooks. She welcomes proposals on any aspect of construction and real estate and is especially interested in commissioning projects on data analytics for construction and real estate; green and sustainable construction; housing and health; emerging technologies; professional ethics in construction and real estate; building science; and diversity and inclusion in construction.

Christina Chronister - Editor 1

Psychological Science

Christina Chronister commissions books globally in the applied areas, including work/industrial and organizational psychology, leadership, consumer psychology, sport psychology, forensic psychology, and educational psychology. She publishes a broad range of books aimed at academics, students, researchers, and professionals.

Christopher Matthews - Editor

Regional Surveys

Christopher Matthews is the regional editor of Middle East and North Africa and South Asia for Europa academic reference. He commissions a range of essays focused on the contemporary political and economic history of those two regions, and is open to submissions from experts in Middle East and South Asian affairs.

Chuck Crumly - Senior Editor

Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Evolution & Natural History, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Virology

Chuck Crumly, PhD is Senior Editor responsible for Cell, Developmental, and Molecular Biology; Microbiology; Virology; Systematics; Evolutionary Biology, Paleontology and Herpetology.  This broad mandate focuses on references, handbooks, and especially textbooks.  With over 25 years of experience in publishing, he is eager to help scholars and researchers realize their publishing aspirations.

Cindy Carelli - Executive Editor

Engineering - Industrial & Manufacturing, Ergonomics & Human Factors, Industrial Engineering & Manufacturing

Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering, Human Factors & Ergonomics, Quality & Reliability, Operations Management, Operations Research, Systems Engineering, Project Management, Data Science

Claire Jarvis - Senior Editor

Aging and Health, Disability, End of Life and Long Term Care, Health & Social Care, Social Justice, Social Work, Social Work and Disability, Social Work Policy

Claire Jarvis commissions new books in social work, disability studies, social policy and welfare as well as on a range of related areas including: ageing and end-of-life care; child protection and welfare; violence and abuse; substance abuse; family policy; poverty and inequality; housing; human rights and social justice. I am happy to discuss all book types from high-level research monographs and handbooks to undergraduate textbooks and guides for professionals.

Claire Margerison - Editor

Business & Planning, Cinematography, Directing, Documentary, Film Studies, Filmmaking and Postproduction, Producing, Production, Screenwriting

Claire Margerison is a commissioning editor on the Focal Press/Routledge Filmmaking list. She commissions globally in the areas of production, cinematography, directing, and screenwriting and outside the US in the areas of documentary, producing, business/law, marketing/distribution, and television. Claire welcomes proposals for academic textbooks in these areas, as well as books for aspiring and working professionals in the industry

Clare Ashworth - Senior Editor, UK and Rest of World

Early Years, Education, Inclusion and Special Education, Mental Health, Speech and Language Therapy

Clare Ashworth commissions for the Speechmark list at Routledge Education, which publishes practical, tried-and-tested resources to support professionals in their everyday work. She is interested in receiving proposals in the areas of speech and language, special educational needs and disabilities, early years, and mental health. Clare works closely with authors to develop their manuscripts for publication and is happy to hear from both new and established writers. She also looks after the nasen Spotlight series, which offers accessible guidance across a wide range of issues for all schools and professionals involved in supporting SEND.

Colin Perrin - Editor


Colin Perrin commissions interdisciplinary monographs, edited collections, short-form books and handbooks about law. His 'GlassHouse' list focuses particularly on books that aim to question and rethink conventional approaches to law and contemporary legal issues; books that address new objects or subjects of legal enquiry; and that are innovative as well as scholarly. Titles on his list cover a range of globally relevant work in the fields of law and society, socio-legal studies, legal theory, and law and the humanities. His list also includes series in topical areas such as Law, Justice, and Ecology; Transitional Justice; Law, Development, and Globalization; Law and Politics; Social Justice; Law, Science and Society; Law and the Postcolonial; Space, Materiality, and the Normative; and Indigenous Peoples and the Law.

Constance Ditzel - Senior Editor


Constance Ditzel acquires books for music, showcasing anchor titles in World Music, Ethnomusicology, and Music Education. Her remit includes music appreciation, world music and ethnomusicology, music education/teacher preparation, instrument studies, and jazz. Constance is attuned to the needs of teachers and students -- listening to the readership for direction in content as well as delivery, and assessing writing as to how it accommodates the appropriate audience. She seeks handbooks, textbooks, plus an array of research monographs in ethnomusicology.

Craig Fowlie - Editorial Director

Social Sciences

Craig Fowlie is Editorial Director for Routledge's book publishing in social sciences. He manages and leads a global team of around 120 editorial staff based primarily in the UK and the US but also in Europe and Asia. Subjects covered by his team include Architecture, Area Studies, Business & Management, Criminology, Criminal Justice & Forensic Science, Economics, Environment & Sustainability, Geography, Health and Social Care, Landscape & Planning, Law, Military & Security Studies, Politics, Sociology, Sport and Tourism. He is also the editorial lead on Routledge’s Open Access program for books. Craig previously worked for over a decade as the Senior Publisher in Politics and International Studies, and still runs several series focusing on extremism, populism, fascism, the far right and the radical left. He can be found on Twitter at @socscipublisher, on LinkedIn, and

Daniel Schwartz - Editor

Assessment & Testing, Education, Educational Psychology, Educational Technology, School Psychology

Daniel Schwartz commissions handbooks, textbooks, scholarly works, and professional volumes in the areas of Educational Psychology, Educational Technology, Learning Sciences, Testing/Assessment, and School Psychology. The intended readership of these lists spans pre- and in-service teachers, instructional designers, educational technologists, educational psychologists, learning scientists, testing professionals and measurement scholars, and school psychologists (including consultants and supervisors). He is interested in acquiring books, in each area, for graduate programs, research and library settings, and in-service practice in formal and informal learning environments.

David Grubbs - Editor 2

Data Science, Statistics

David Grubbs has been at CRC Press for 16 years and commissions books in all areas of statistics and data science including but not limited to statistical theory and methods, biostatistics, pharmaceutical statistics, statistical and machine learning, statistical software, computational and applied statistics, books in R and Python, environmental statistics, data analytics and Bayesian statistics.

David Varley - Editor

Biomechanics, Biomechanics and Human Movement Science, Motor Control and Development, Sport and Exercise Science, Sports Coaching, Sports Injury, Sports Nutrition, Sports Performance Analysis, Sports Psychology

David commissions books in every area of sport and exercise science, including physiology, biomechanics, psychology, nutrition, strength and conditioning, sports injury, sports coaching, motor control and skill acquisition, performance analysis and physical activity and health. Working out of the US but with a global remit and portfolio of authors, he commissions books at all levels including Handbooks, Textbooks, and research books.

Dean Birkenkamp - Senior Editor


Dean Birkenkamp has signed new books in the social sciences for 40 years and worked with many influential authors. He commissions scholarly books and textbooks across sociology, with an emphasis on social theory, political sociology, movements, racism, immigration, and human rights. Previously he was the founder of Paradigm Publishers, part of Routledge since 2015

Dominic Heaney - Editor

Regional Surveys

Dominic Heaney is the regional editor at Europa Publications for both Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia (comprising all of the post-Soviet states other than Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) and the USA and Canada. He also edits an annual volume on the Territories of the Russian Federation. For Europa’s annual reference titles, he commissions essays and articles on themes pertaining to the contemporary politics and economics of individual countries, and concerning the regions as a whole. He also commissions monographs in the Europa Country Perspectives, Europa Economic Perspectives and Europa Regional Persectives series that focus on the countries of these regions, and welcomes proposals from suitably qualified authors, either for full-length titles, or for the short-form Routledge Focus range.

Dorothea Schaefter - Editor

Area Studies, Asian Studies, Asian Studies (General), Central Asian Studies, South Asian Studies, South East Asian Studies

Dorothea Schaefter commissions research monographs, edited volumes, shortform monographs, textbooks, supplementary textbooks and handbooks on South Asian Studies, Central Asian and Southeast Asian Studies and Asian Religion. She has been developing an interdisciplinary programme and looks after key series in these areas. She is actively looking for new books on topical issues in politics, international relations, history, sociology, gender studies, anthropology, cultural studies, media studies, economics, development studies, urban studies, environmental studies, and religion and philosophy and books that deal across regions and disciplines.

Ed Needle - Senior Editor

Building and Construction, Building Project Management, Built Environment, Construction Management, Fire Safety, Green Construction, Property and Real Estate Law, Property and Real Estate Practice Management, Quantity Surveying

Ed Needle is the Commissioning Editor for Routledge Construction and Real Estate. He commissions a wide range of text types, from textbooks and professional guides, to research monographs and handbooks. He commissions across a broad range of topics including: Construction and Real Estate Finance, Investment and Economics, Construction Management, Project Management, Construction and Real Estate Law, Quantity Surveying, Valuation, Sustainability and Green Construction, Services Engineering, HVAC, Facilities Management, Building Techniques and Materials, Fire Safety and Building Regulations. Contact Ed with your publishing ideas or any queries related to his areas of interest.

Eleanor Taylor - Editor

Behavioral Sciences, Gender Studies, Political Psychology, Social Psychology

Eleanor commissions globally in social psychology on a broad range of core and emerging topics including self and identity, gender, political psychology, social influence, psychology of new media, and intergroup behaviour. She is interested in books in a variety of formats such as handbooks, textbooks, and authored and edited volumes for a variety of levels. She publishes books aimed at students, academics and researchers, and professionals, based on established and cutting edge research in the field.

Ellen Boyne - Editor 2

Criminology and Criminal Justice

Ellen Boyne focuses on publishing distinctive work in corrections, policing, criminology, and criminal justice and the law. She commissions research monographs, edited handbook collections, and supplemental texts, and also specializes in the development of core textbooks with an innovative approach to teaching. With 30 years of experience in criminal justice publishing and an M.S. in Criminal Justice, she invites book proposals on emerging areas and advances in the field. She shares criminal justice news on Twitter via @CJ_Editor and can also be reached via LinkedIn (

Elliott Morsia - Editor

Artificial Intelligence, Computational Biology, Machine Learning, Robotics, Visualization

Elliott Morsia is actively commissioning new Computer Science books for students, researchers, and professionals, focusing in particular on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Computer Vision, Computational Biology, and Visualization. New publishing ideas or queries are welcome. He can also be found on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Elsbeth Wright - Editor (North and South America)

Education, Mental Health, Psychological Science, Social Psychology

Elsbeth Wright actively commissions research monographs across a range of topics in the areas of Education, Psychology, and Mental Health. She is interested in receiving proposals for single-authored books and edited collections on cutting-edge research in these subjects for the Routledge Research program.

Elysse Preposi - Editor

Applied Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Translation

Elysse Preposi commissions scholarly monographs, edited collections, and Routledge Focus titles in Linguistics and Translation and Interpreting Studies. The primary readership for these books will be postgraduate students and active researchers. She welcome proposals highlighting both established and emerging perspectives across all areas of Linguistics and Translation and Interpreting Studies, including applied linguistics, corpus linguistics, theoretical linguistics, sociolinguistics, historical linguistics, multimodality, intercultural communication, language and communication, English-Medium Instruction, linguistic anthropology, Critical Discourse Analysis, speech-language pathology, rhetoric and stylistics, literary translation, and translation and interpreting history.

Emilie Coin - Editor (UK/ Europe/ Africa/ Middle East)

Education, Mental Health, Psychological Science, Social Psychology

Emilie Coin commissions academically rigorous and groundbreaking research across all sub-disciplines in the areas of Education, Psychology and Mental Health. She is interested in receiving proposals for research monographs, edited collections and Routledge Focus titles.

Emily Briggs - Editor 2


Emily Briggs commissions research monographs, edited collections, Routledge Focus texts, Handbooks and supplementary/further reading titles in Sociology. She is responsible for publishing academically rigorous, ground-breaking research across all sub-disciplines within sociology, but has particular interest in youth studies, ageing studies, feminist and intersectional approaches, gender studies, critical diversity studies, emotion and society, surveillance, activism and resistance, race and ethnicity, emerging societies, the sociology of health and illness, ignorance studies, and research methods (especially ethnography).

Emily Kindleysides - Publisher

Commonwealth Caribbean Law, Law

Emily Kindleysides has overall responsibility for the Routledge Law publishing programme, and commissions undergraduate textbooks in the core areas of the LLB and Caribbean Law, as well as upper level textbooks in Law & Education, Law & Humanities and Law & Social Sciences.

Emily Ross - Senior Editor

Environmental Politics, Gender Politics, International Political Economy, Nationalism, Politics & International Relations, Politics & the Media, Racial & Ethnic Politics, Religion & Politics

Emily Ross is Senior Editor in the Politics department at Routledge, part of the Taylor & Francis Group. She is committed to publishing high-quality, innovative, and politically relevant scholarly works (research monographs, edited collections, handbooks) and textbooks for the global politics and international relations community. Emily commissions projects primarily in the following areas: Religion and Politics; International Political Economy; Politics and Gender; Nationalism and Ethnicity; Federalism; Environmental Politics; Politics and Media (including Political Communication); and Popular Culture and World Politics. She prides herself on responding quickly to all enquiries, and to helping guide authors through the editorial stages of their book. If you would like to discuss an idea or wish to hear more about her publishing programme, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Emma Travis - Editor

Events, Gastroenterology, Hospitality & Tourism Management, Tourism

Emma Travis publishes books in the areas of tourism, hospitality, events, gastronomy, and food and drink studies. She is always keen to discuss new ideas in emerging cutting-edge areas and more established fields. She publishes in a variety of different formats to suit the varying levels of study at a global level. She welcomes proposals for research monographs, edited collections, handbooks, professional texts, and textbooks, as well as new innovative formats for educators and readers.

Eve Setch - Publisher

History, History of Medicine, History of Science & Technology, Imperial & Colonial History, Modern History 1750-1945, Post-Colonial Studies, Women's & Gender History

Eve Setch publishes books on Modern Global History (1800 to the present) as well as looking after our historiographical works across the list. She publishes a range of text types, from textbooks to handbooks, edited collections, and single-authored monographs. In keeping with the tradition and reputation of the Routledge list, she is interested in publishing across a broad range of topics, global regions, and periods, in both traditional as well as cutting-edge ways. At the moment some of the areas in which she is publishing include new historiographical interpretations, gender history, colonial, post-colonial and indigenous history, the history of non-Western regions, the history of science, and medicine and Jewish History.

Faye Leerink - Editor

Environmental Studies, Geography, Social Sciences, Tourism, Hospitality and Events, Urban Studies

Faye Leerink commissions books in the areas of geography, environmental studies, urban studies, and in tourism, hospitality and events. She has been working on these subject areas at Routledge since 2009. She particularly enjoys building long term partnerships with authors and strives to publish high quality and original work in our well-established sub-disciplines. Faye also has an eager eye for future market trends and is particularly keen to publish research from emerging, cutting edge and interdisciplinary areas, such as human-animal studies, the more than human, the Anthropocene, critical food studies, nature, cultural and heritage tourism, ethics and tourism, and tourism anthropology. She is always happy to discuss book ideas or long term writing plans, particularly for monographs, edited collections, handbooks and supplementary texts. She can be found on LinkedIn.

Felisa Salvago-Keyes - Publisher

Communication Studies

Felisa Salvago-Keyes oversees the Communication Studies list, having worked in academic publishing for over a decade. Her focus is on course books, practitioner texts, and handbooks within the subdisciplines of family, group, health, intercultural, interpersonal, organizational, political, and visual communication, as well as advertising, media effects, media psychology, public relations, and communication theory and research methodology. She welcomes proposals within these areas to continue developing leading-edge course, scholarly, and professional resources for readers at the undergraduate level and beyond.

Fiona Macdonald - Senior Publisher


Fiona Macdonald manages the Chemistry publishing program at CRC Press and is the primary contact for the CRC Handbook of Chemistry & Physics, which has been in print since 1913. She also works on the award-winning Chemnetbase suite of products, which include Combined Chemical Dictionary and Dictionary of Natural Products ( Additionally Fiona oversees the Science Publishers imprint of CRC Press.

Fran Ford - Senior Publisher


Fran Ford acquires books on architecture for professional and scholarly audiences. She has been commissioning for the Routledge architecture list since 2008 and publishes books in a variety of formats including professional texts, student textbooks, edited collections and scholarly handbooks. Where appropriate, the books on her list are highly designed and beautifully illustrated to appeal to their core markets.

Frances Parkes - Editor

Humanities, Social Sciences

Frances Parkes works on the Routledge Library Editions programme where she reissues out-of-print and unavailable titles from the Routledge backlist in the Humanities and Social Sciences. The books are written by some of the leading academic scholars of the past 120 years and includes titles from past imprints such as Croom Helm, Methuen, and Routledge & Kegan Paul. The Routledge Library Editions are available both as individual titles and as thematic sets.

Gabriella Williams - Editor

Computing & IT Security, Information Science, Information Technology, Information Technology

Gabby commissions books on security, communications, networks and emerging technologies within the area of Information Technology. She publishes books for both professional and academic markets worldwide, in a range of text types, and is always eager to work with experts from both academia and industry.

Gagandeep Singh - Publisher

Engineering & Technology

Gagandeep has a decade long experience in publishing  books in Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Science and Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Mining Engineering. He heads the STEM editorial team in India.

Gauravjeet Singh Reen - Senior Editor

Engineering & Technology

Gauravjeet published monographs, edited volumes, handbooks, textbooks, reference text and CRC FOCUS books on a range of engineering disciplines including mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, electrical engineering, electronics and communications engineering, industrial and production engineering, manufacturing engineering, nuclear engineering, systems engineering, and Occupational Health and Safety.

Genevieve Aoki - Editor 1


Genevieve Aoki acquires books on music. She commissions textbooks in the areas of music theory, popular music, American music, music and sound in film/screen media, music and gender, music business and industry, and music technology. She also publishes research monographs on music from the medieval era to the eighteenth century, on music and material culture, and on musical theater. She is interested in handbooks and companions across all these subjects. In general, she seeks textbooks that make innovative approaches accessible to a student audience, and research dealing with the intersection of music with culture, society, politics, and gender.

Georgette Enriquez - Editor 1

Psychological Science

Georgette Enriquez publishes textbooks at all levels and across all areas of psychology, including cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, and research methods. She is responsible for revising the major textbooks on the list, most of which have published successfully in multiple editions.

Grace Harrison - Editor

Environment and Sustainability, Product Design

Grace Harrison commissions books on Environment, Sustainability and Product Design for professionals, policy-makers, students and scholars. Covering a diverse range of topics including sustainable development, environmental justice, environmental humanities, environmental history and anthropology, sustainable fashion, sustainable design, materials and technology, her list taps into important emerging topics and current debates impacting our lives and the planet. She welcomes discussions on book ideas and new proposals from up-and-coming and established authors, so please feel free to get in touch with any writing plans.

Grace McInnes - Editor

Healthcare, Midwifery, Nursing

Grace commissions books across nursing, midwifery and healthcare, as well as the sociology of health and illness and the health/medical humanities. She works on all product types from high level research monographs and handbooks to undergraduate textbooks and guides for professionals.

Guy Loft - Editor

Banking and Finance Law for Professionals, Commercial Law for Professionals, Construction & Heavy Industry, Construction Law for Professionals, Dispute Resolution for Professionals, Energy Law for Professionals, Informa Law, Insurance Law for Professionals, International Trade Law for Professionals, Maritime Law for Professionals, Transport Industries, Transport Law for Professionals

Guy Loft is a Senior Editor, based in the UK. He publishes books for lawyers and associated professionals on the Informa Law from Routledge imprint, on specialist topics such as maritime, transport, construction, insurance, arbitration, environment, energy and general commercial law. His list includes significant series such as Lloyd’s Shipping Law, the Maritime and Transport Law Library, Construction Practice, Practical Construction Guides, and Lloyd’s Practical Shipping Guides. Guy also publishes books for transport practitioners, most notably within the aviation and marine industries, and for the management of health, safety and welfare in all business environments.

Hannah Ferguson - Editor 1

Agriculture & Environmental Sciences, Agriculture and Food, Biodiversity & Conservation, Conservation - Environment Studies, Ecology - Environment Studies, Environment & Resources, Environment and Sustainability, Resource Management - Environmental Studies

Hannah Ferguson commissions books for the Environment & Sustainability list at all levels, including textbooks, research monographs, handbooks, and titles aimed at the professional and policy-making audience. Subjects include food and agriculture, ecology and conservation, natural resources (including land use, freshwater, oceans and forests), and sustainable development from a multidisciplinary perspective, with many titles bridging the gap between natural and social sciences. She is keen to continue expanding her portfolio to include emerging topics such as extractive industries, food security, urban food, industrial ecology, land grabbing and the commons.

Hannah Rowe - Editor

Audio, Audio Engineering, Music Business, Music Technology, Sound for Media

Hannah Rowe is the commissioning editor of the Audio book portfolio under the Focal Press imprint of Routledge / Taylor & Francis. Hannah publishes books across all areas of audio, from the most technical to the most creative, including but not limited to: audio engineering, software and hardware, sound design, immersive sound, music business, mixing and mastering and music technology. Hannah welcomes new book proposals from both professionals and instructors alike, and encourages any prospective authors to get in contact.

Hannah Shakespeare - Senior Editor

Research Methods

Hannah Shakespeare commissions books globally in Research Methods in qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods. She is interested in publishing content from researchers at all stages of their career, in a variety of different formats, including textbooks, edited collections, handbooks, supplementary texts and monographs aimed at students and researchers.

Heather Evans - Editor

Clinical Social Work, Marriage, Family & Sex Therapy, Sexuality

Heather actively commissions in the areas of Marriage and Family Therapy, Clinical Social Work, Coaching, and Sexuality and Sex Therapy on the Routledge Mental Health list. She publishes diverse and innovative books in a variety of formats, including professional books, textbooks and handbooks, and enjoys working closely with authors to develop their manuscript for publication. Heather is interested in receiving proposals from both new and established writers.

Heather Jarrow - Publisher

Education, Higher Education

Heather Jarrow acquires books in the disciplines of Higher Education and Educational Leadership. She publishes scholarly and professional books on the study of higher education and student affairs (HESA), including a burgeoning list of textbooks used in HESA graduate programs. Additionally, she acquires professional resources written for educators and administrators based in university and college settings. Within the discipline of Educational Leadership, she publishes books for both practicing and aspiring leaders, including textbooks for school and district leadership preparation courses as well as scholarly handbooks and supplementary titles. She also acquires professional development titles for practicing educational leaders.

Heidi Bishop - Senior Editor


Heidi Bishop commissions monographs (single-authored and edited collections), handbooks, companions and supplementary texts in the areas of music education research, teaching and practice, popular music, music and culture, theory and analysis, aesthetics, psychology of music, screen music, music and gender, sociology of music, music and politics as well as classical music and opera from 1800 up to the present day and contemporary music. Heidi developed the Ashgate music list over a period of 15 years and continues this work with Routledge. Please do get in touch to discuss potential book proposals.

Heidi Lowther - Editor

Library & Information Science, Museum and Heritage Studies

Heidi Lowther commissions books in the areas of Museum & Heritage Studies, Library & Information Science (including Archival Studies), Conservation and Digital Humanities. She commissions a wide range of books, from textbooks and supplementary reading for students, to cutting-edge research volumes for academics, to practical books aimed at professionals and practitioners. Heidi is always happy to discuss book ideas with new and established authors and can be contacted via email, or on LinkedIn.

Helen Canton - Editor

Regional Surveys, Social Sciences

Helen Canton has been responsible for the international and regional organizations content in all Europa products for over 20 years. She is keen that this critical but complex aspect of global affairs is conveyed in clearly accessible formats, unique to Europa. Helen commissions essays on all aspects of the international system for the annual Europa Directory of International Organizations. Other longer monographs or focus books may be considered.

Helen Pritt - Publisher

Behavioral Sciences, Gerontology, Psychological Science

Helen Pritt commissions in the fields of developmental psychology, family studies, gerontology, and parenting. She works with authors globally on a range of titles including textbooks, handbooks, authored and edited volumes exploring the latest research, as well as books for those in professional practice. Helen has over fifteen years of experience in publishing and is always pleased to hear from new authors.

Helena Hurd - Editor

African Studies, Development Studies

Helena Hurd manages Routledge's world-leading Global Development and African Studies portfolios. Catering to all readership levels, this includes textbooks, research monographs, handbooks and books aimed at professionals or policy makers. The Global Development list specialises in particular in books related to the key areas of development policy, humanitarian studies, gender, inequality, decoloniality, corruption studies, the SDGs, migration and border studies. The African Studies list covers all topics related to Africa across the Humanities and Social Sciences, with particular strengths in literature, politics, gender, health, history, media, peace, conflict and security studies. Helena is keen to hear from any potential authors looking to publish within these areas, or in any other area related to these important and expanding multidisciplinary fields of study.

Hilary LaFoe - Senior Editor

Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Science

Hilary LaFoe commissions titles in organic, green, medicinal and inorganic chemistry, environmental chemistry, sustainability, pharmaceutical science, drug discovery and delivery. She works with authors globally on a range of titles including textbooks, handbooks, encyclopedias, authored and edited volumes exploring the latest research, as well as books for professionals. Hilary has a long career in academic publishing and is always pleased to hear from new authors.

Iain Frame - Senior Editor

Regional Surveys

Iain Frame is the Senior Editor for Europa Directory Research and is also the Regional Editor responsible for Africa South of the Sahara across the Europa suite of reference titles. Iain welcomes enquiries from experts in politics and economics who would be interested in contributing essays on countries in the sub-Saharan Africa region.

Imogen Gladman - Editor

Regional Surveys

Imogen Gladman is the editor of Central and South-Eastern Europe and the European Union Encyclopedia and Directory, and commissions experts to write on the economics and politics of relevant countries and to provide essays on topical issues. She has 20 years’ experience in the publishing industry, and has worked on a range of publications, covering a wide number of countries, regions and international organizations.

Irma Britton - Senior Editor

Engineering - Environmental, GIS, Remote Sensing & Cartography

Irma Britton has a long career in academic publishing, and she is Member of the Academic Network of United Nations Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM). She acquires content in cartography, photogrammetry, remote sensing, surveying, GIS, and geospatial analysis applied and scattered between Civil and Geomatics Engineering, Geoscience, Geography, Earth Science, Computer Science, Environmental Sciences and Engineering. She acquires also in core areas of environment and sustainability from a science and engineering perspective, particularly in air quality, water management, environmental management and policy, climate change, smart cities, and energy. Irma is very interested to help new talents publishing their work and to expand her program with new books and book series in applied and emerging topics. Contact Irma to discuss your publishing project.

Isabella Vitti - Editor

History of Art

Isabella Vitti publishes monographs and edited volumes of original research across all time periods and regions of art history and visual studies, including theory, historiography, methodology, curatorial studies, museology, and collecting. She is particularly interested in acquiring books that explore interdisciplinarity, cross-cultural studies, non-western art, colonialism and diaspora, and gender and LGBTQ studies.

Jackie West - Editor

Regional Surveys

Jackie West is the editor of South America, Central America and the Caribbean, part of Routledge’s Europa Regional Surveys of the World series. She also commissions monographs in the Europa Country Perspectives series. She welcomes enquiries from Latin American and Caribbean experts who would be interested in contributing to South America, Central America and the Caribbean, or who are interested in submitting a proposal for any of the various series of the Europa monographs, including Europa Country Perspectives, Europa Economic Perspectives, Europa Emerging Economies and Europa Transitional Justice.

Jacqueline Curthoys - Editor 2

Business & Management

Jacqueline Curthoys has been commissioning successful books in business and marketing for over 15 years, and now focuses on commissioning major overviews of current research in a wide range of key disciplines for the prestigious Routledge Companions in Business, Management and Accounting series.

James Whiting - Editor

Iranian Studies, Jewish Studies, Middle East Studies

James “Joe” Whiting is acquisitions editor for Middle East, Islamic, and Jewish studies at Routledge, and has over twenty years editorial experience in academic publishing. He is interested in all subject areas where they relate to the above, such as politics, history, economics, geography, religion, Qur’anic studies, Iranian studies, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, film and media, and Mediterranean studies. He is interested in commissioning new books across all text types including monographs, edited collections, textbooks, supplementary texts, handbooks and reference works.

Janjaap Blom - Senior Publisher

Civil Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering

Janjaap Blom has been in publishing since 1987, serving a number of academic /professional disciplines, as well as management responsibilities. He has been with CRC Press/Balkema in Leiden, The Netherlands since 2001, focusing on all areas of Geotechnical Engineering, Sustainable Energy Developments and Earth and Water Sciences.

Jennifer Abbott - Editor 2

Language & Literature, Literature

Jennifer Abbott commissions research monographs, handbooks and companions in Literary Criticism. She is actively seeking new, rigorously researched projects across all literary periods from the medieval to the Twenty-First Century. Among her areas of focus are medieval and early modern literature and culture, American and Latin American literature, feminist literature, speculative fiction, the non-human, postcolonial literatures, comparative literature, literary studies of “the other”, non-western and indigenous literatures, and cross-disciplinary studies, including the intersection of science/technology in literature.

Jennifer Knerr - Senior Editor

Politics & International Relations

Jennifer Knerr focuses on political science textbooks across the discipline’s curriculum from the introductory level to upper division undergraduate and graduate level texts. In addition, she has series in International Relations; Global Studies; American Government; Media and Politics; Race, Ethnicity, and Gender; Qualitative Methods; Law and Politics; and several other topical areas, all of which she is interested in expanding.

Jo Koster - Senior Publisher


Joanna Koster, Senior Publisher, based in the UK is responsible for Medical Textbooks and Revision Guides for undergraduates; Non-Clinical Medicine including skills and training, medical education, healthcare systems and services, and medical history; Emergency Medicine; General Practice; General/Internal Medicine (shared with Shivangi Pramanik); Occupational Medicine; and Radiography.

Joanne Forshaw - Publisher

Mental Health

Joanne acquires for the Routledge Mental Health list and actively commissions in the areas of Counselling, Psychotherapy, Clinical Psychology, Psychiatry, Eating Disorders, and Arts Therapies. She publishes cutting-edge titles in a variety of formats including professional texts, textbooks, and self-help.

Joe Clements - Senior Publisher

Civil, Environmental and Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental & Ecological Toxicology, Environmental Modelling, Resource Management - Environmental Studies, Soil Science, Water Engineering

Joe has been with CRC Press/Taylor & Francis since 2006 and commissions in all areas of Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Water Engineering & Science, Clean Tech & Renewable Energy.

John Kimmel - Executive Editor

Data Science, Statistics

John Kimmel  publishes advanced undergraduate and graduate textbooks,  research  monographs, computer related books especially on R and Python, and handbooks on statistics and data science.

Telephone: 949-391-8329

John Wyzalek - Senior Editor

Information Technology

John Wyzalek acquires books in IT and software development, as well as in such related fields as operations management, project management, database, data analytics, healthcare IT and informatics, and software engineering. He acquires books for professionals, textbooks, and academic reference works.  A senior acquisitions editor with the CRC Press and Auerbach Publications imprints since 2003, John enjoys working in these fast-paced technology and management fields, where research, technology, and methodologies are constantly evolving. His latest interests are in applications of AI, blockchain, and digital transformation technologies, as well as strategic and innovation management.

Juliet Love - Publisher

Regional Surveys

Juliet Love is the Publisher for the online resource Europa World Plus and the annual print editions of the Europa World Year Book and the nine titles that make up the Europa Regional Surveys of the World: Africa South of the Sahara; Central and South-Eastern Europe; Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia; The Far East and Australasia; The Middle East and North Africa; South America, Central America and the Caribbean; South Asia; The USA and Canada; and Western Europe. She also has specific responsibility for commissioning content for The Far East and Australasia. Juliet would welcome enquiries from experts in politics and economics who would be interested in contributing to these works.

Karen Adler - Senior Editor

Education, Teaching & Learning

Karen Adler publishes a range of scholarly volumes, textbooks, handbooks, and professional books on language and literacy education, and ESL/EFL/ELT and multilingual education. She is interested in textbooks for students and pre-service teachers; professional books for practitioners; and cutting-edge research and scholarship in these fields.

Kate Hawes - Senior Publisher

Mental Health, Psychoanalysis

Kate Hawes publishes books across the broad range of psychoanalysis , from object relations and the Independent school, to relational, interpersonal and self psychology perspectives. With over 20 years of experience in the field, she acquires books at professional, academic, research and more popular levels.

Katherine Kadian - Editor

Filmmaking and Postproduction, Motion Graphics, Postproduction, Visual Effects

Katherine Kadian is a commissioning editor on the Focal Press/Routledge Filmmaking list. She commissions globally in the areas of postproduction, editing, motion graphics, visual effects, 3D/VR, and sound, and in the US in the areas of documentary, producing, business/law, marketing/distribution, and television. Katherine welcomes proposals for academic textbooks in these areas, as well as proposals for books for aspiring and working professionals in the industry.

Katherine Ong - Editor

Anthropology, History & Theory of Anthropology, Sociolinguistics

Katherine Ong has responsibility for developing the Routledge Anthropology publishing programme. She commissions a broad range of books for students and academics, from scholarly research volumes to core textbooks. The titles on her list cover all areas of socio-cultural (including medical), linguistic, and biological anthropology, as well as theory and methods. Key series include Routledge Handbooks and Critical Topics in Contemporary Anthropology.

Kathryn Schell - Editor

City and Urban Planning, Social Justice, Sustainability, Urban Design

Kate Schell is Senior Editor for Planning, Urban Design, and Landscape Architecture at Routledge. She publishes a range of books in these areas, including textbooks for undergraduate and graduate courses, heavily illustrated professional titles for practicing planners, landscape architects, and urban designers, and research titles comprising monographs, edited collections, and handbooks. She is particularly interested in developing titles focused on issues of social justice and equity, building sustainable cities, and including voices from the Global South. For professional titles she is looking for books focused on best practices and guiding policy.

Katie Peace - Publisher (Asia)

Education, Language & Literature, Linguistics, Mental Health, Social Psychology

Katie Peace is the Publisher for Education, Linguistics, Psychology and Mental Health books. She is based in the Routledge Singapore office and has a particular focus on working with authors based in Asia Pacific or with a research focus on Asia. Katie has over 15 years' experience in academic publishing and is interested in discussing proposals for monographs, edited collections, handbooks, textbooks and books for professionals in these subject areas.

Kimberley Smith - Editor

American History, Latin American History

Kimberley Smith publishes books on the history of the Americas, across all time periods. She publishes a range of text types including textbooks, handbooks, edited collections, and supplemental monographs. Kimberley is interested in the range of experiences involved in the history of the United States, North America more generally, and the countries of Latin America. She is keen to continue to publish across a wide range of topics including gender, race, culture, public history, the environment, military history, emotions and indigenous history. She is especially interested in books that engage with emerging areas or approaches.

Kristina Abbotts - Senior Editor

Economics, Economics, Finance, Business & Industry

Kristina Abbotts publishes research books across our economics, finance and accounting portfolio. Her commissioning remit includes money and banking, international economics, feminist economics, applied microeconomics, development economics, economics of innovation, technology and industry, and law and economics. She is also responsible for Routledge’s market-leading programme in regional studies. She is keen to publish the latest cutting-edge research in these areas through monographs and edited collections, shortform books and handbooks. Kristina would be delighted to hear from you if you’d like to discuss a book idea or have a question about the commissioning process.

Kristine Mednansky - Editor

Business & Management

Kristine Mednansky acquires titles aimed at business practitioners in the areas of healthcare administration, financial management; strategy & leadership; process improvement; and information management including publications for the HIMSS book series, as well as related topic areas.

Krystal Racaniello - Editor

Architecture, Interior Design

Krystal Racaniello acquires books on architecture and interiors for students, professionals and scholars. She publishes a wide range of text types including textbooks for undergraduate and graduate courses, design studios and seminars; professional texts for practicing architects and designers; supplemental texts for upper-level courses; scholarly titles for library reference. Krystal has been with Routledge since 2016 previously working on the planning and urban design list.

Kyra Lindholm - Editor

Engineering - Mechanical

Kyra Lindholm is an Editor based in the US. She commissions titles within the areas of Thermal-Fluids, Aerospace/Aviation, HVAC, Energy, and Nuclear Engineering. She is actively seeking proposals for reference books, professional books, contributed handbooks, and textbooks from both professional and academic authors. Kyra is especially interested in discussing Open Access book ideas, establishing new book series on emerging topics, and inviting authors to develop content for the CRC Focus short-form book program. Click here to contact Kyra for questions or to submit a book proposal: [email protected].

Laura Hussey - Editor

Dance, Theatre & Performance Studies

Laura Hussey publishes Routledge Research Monographs across Theatre, Performance, and Dance studies. She commissions for Routledge Series in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Theatre and Performance, Studies in Performance and Early Modern Drama, Advances in Theatre and Performance Studies and Series in Audience Studies. She is currently developing a number of series including Routledge Studies in Theatre and Ecology and is interested in feedback on new potential series across the field. She is keen to work with new scholars as well as those more established in the discipline. She can be found on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Laura Pilsworth - Editor 2

Early Modern History 1500-1750, Medieval History 400-1500

Laura Pilsworth publishes books on medieval and early modern history (300–1800). She produces a wide range of books, from textbooks and sourcebooks for undergraduate and postgraduate students, to translations, scholarly handbooks and edited collections. Laura is dedicated to upholding the list’s tradition of publishing new and emerging fields and is currently commissioning in the history of animals, childhood, economy, environmental, emotions, empire, the body and global history as well as broadening the focus of the list beyond Europe to Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Laura Stearns Varley - Senior Publisher

Area Studies, Forensic Science, Politics & International Relations, Public Administration & Public Policy, Security Studies - Pol & Intl Relns

Laura Stearns Varley is responsible for the global Politics and International Relations, Security Studies, Area Studies, and Forensic Science publishing programs at Routledge. She acquires new books in the areas of Public Administration and Public Policy and welcomes proposals for new projects in these disciplines. Laura has worn a variety of hats at Routledge, including overseeing the US monograph editorial program and acquiring books across a wide range of humanities and social sciences subjects. She can be contacted via email or LinkedIn.

Lauren Davis - Publisher

Education, Teaching & Learning

Lauren Davis works on practical Eye on Education books for teachers of grades K–12. She seeks books that are reader-friendly, easy to use, and provide clear takeaways and tools for busy teachers, as opposed to books that are research-heavy for scholars and preservice teachers. She is a former sixth-grade ELA teacher and has worked in publishing for more than ten years.

Leanne Hinves - Senior Editor

Allied Health, Pharmacy, Public Health Policy and Practice

Leanne commissions books broadly across public health, pharmacy and rehabilitation and life care planning. She also publishes on the allied health professions including occupational therapy,  physiotherapy, speech and language therapy and paramedicine. She works on all product types from high level research monographs and handbooks to undergraduate textbooks and guides for professionals.

Leila Moore - Publisher

Leila Moore is the Publisher for Open Access Books at Taylor & Francis. Open Access Books at Taylor & Francis allows authors and their funders to publish open access (OA) single- or co-authored books, edited collections and individual chapters. Our open access programme encompasses books in all subjects covered by Routledge in the humanities, social sciences and behavioural sciences as well as science, technology, engineering and medical titles published under our CRC Press imprint.

Leon Bijnsdorp - Acquisitions Editor

Since 1997 Léon Bijnsdorp has worked in various roles in publishing before joining CRC Press / Balkema in 2004. He is responsible for the conference proceedings list, with a focus on Geotechnical Engineering, Rock Mechanics, Civil Engineering, Tunnelling, Water Engineering and Structural Engineering.

Lian Sun - Publisher

Engineering & Technology, Humanities, Social Sciences

Lian Sun heads up China Publishing Program, which represents all Taylor & Francis subjects across Humanities and Social Sciences, Sciences, Engineering, and Technology. The program aims to further introduce advanced and emergent Chinese academic research output to Western readers, and establish long-term strategic partnerships with top Chinese presses and institutions. She is happy to discuss co-publication (books previously published in Chinese seeking English language distribution) and manuscripts written directly in English. Open Access research is one of her publishing interests, too.

Products of the program are categorised by subjects, mainly championed under the China Perspectives series, targeted at librarians, researchers, professors globally, in particular outside China. Text types include Monographs, Handbooks, Focus (Short-form), etc.

Louisa Semlyen - Senior Publisher

Applied Linguistics, Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Translation

Louisa Semlyen oversees the global publishing programme in English Language, Linguistics, and Translation Studies. With over 20 years’ experience, Louisa commissions in Linguistics/Applied Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, and Translation and Interpreting Studies, and welcomes proposals both in established and emerging areas. Louisa publishes textbooks, reference works, scholarly monographs, professional texts, and guidebooks. Her key series include Routledge Introductions to Applied Linguistics; New Perspectives in Translation and Interpreting studies; Translation Practices Explained; Translation Theories Explained; Language, Society and Political Economy; Literacies; Routledge Handbooks in Applied Linguistics and Routledge Handbooks in Translation and Interpreting Studies.

Lubna Irfan - Associate Commissioning Editor

Behavioral Sciences, Built Environment, Education, Geography

Lubna Irfan commissions research monographs, edited collections, handbooks, and readers in the areas of education, behavioral sciences, built environment, and geography. With the objective of publishing an array of books under each of these subject categories, she is actively looking to commission new books on topical issues in these lists.

Lucy Batrouney - Senior Editor

Anthropology, Archaeology, Audio, Classical Studies, Gender Studies, History, Humanities, Journalism, Language Teaching & Learning, Linguistics, Media & Communications, Music, Philosophy, Religion, Theatre & Performance Studies

Lucy Batrouney commissions humanities and media arts books written by authors based in Australia and New Zealand. She commissions across a wide range of subject areas including media, communication, journalism, music, audio, theatre and performance, language learning, linguistics, philosophy, religion, anthropology, gender studies, archaeology, classics, history and interdisciplinary projects within the humanities. She is always happy to hear from new or established authors based in Australia and New Zealand.

Lucy Kennedy - Senior Publisher

Health Psychology, Neuropsychology

Lucy Kennedy commissions academic and professional books globally, in the field of neuropsychology and health psychology. With nearly twenty years of experience in psychology publishing she has published quality content in a variety of formats including core textbooks, edited collections, handbooks, supplementary texts and professional volumes aimed at academics, students, researchers and those in professional practice. Her list includes a wide range of books on established areas such as brain disorders and neuropsychological rehabilitation, as well as emerging fields such as e-health.

Lucy McClune - Editor I

Behavioral Sciences, Biopsychology, Comparative Psychology, Introductory Psychology

Lucy McClune is responsible for commissioning books on research methods, biological psychology, comparative psychology, introductory psychology and history of psychology across a global remit. She is actively working on developing new series and textbooks, as well as developing new titles in existing series. She is interested in books in a variety of formats including textbooks, supplementary texts, professional books and handbooks, aimed at students, academics, researchers and professionals.

Lydia de Cruz - Editor 2

Criminology and Criminal Justice

Lydia commissions books in Criminology and Criminal Justice. She covers a number of areas, including prisons and penology; youth and juvenile justice; crime science; crime prevention; gender; women; feminist criminology; queer criminology; race and ethnicity; intersectional criminology; drugs; forensics; crime and media; psychology and crime; sex crime; historical criminology; courts & sentencing; violent crime; law and criminology. Lydia acquires a range of product types from research monographs and handbooks to textbooks and supplementary reading for students. She is always happy to discuss book ideas or long-term writing plans and can be contacted on [email protected]

Marc Gutierrez - Editor 2

Biochemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology, Biotechnology, Electromagnetics & Communication, Electromagnetics & Microwaves, Laser & Optical Engineering

Marc has been with CRC Press since 2010.  He is seeking book proposals for textbooks, references, and handbooks in the areas of Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering at the upper undergraduate, graduate, and professional level.

Margaret Farrelly - Editor 1

Journalism & Professional Media

Margaret Farrelly commissions books across journalism studies, broadcast media, and media production. She publishes books in a variety of formats, from introductory textbooks to single and multi-authored books for undergraduate and postgraduates, as well as reference titles and research companions/handbooks. She particularly welcomes proposals for textbooks which seek to blend practical and theoretical skills, and which are aimed at helping students to understand and engage with new subject areas and key critical concepts.

Mark Listewnik - Editor

Forensics & Criminal Justice, Homeland Security

Mark Listewnik has been in reference and textbook book publishing for over 23 years. He acquires and publishes professional reference and leading textbook titles in Homeland Security and all areas of Forensic Science including: introductory texts, cold cases, investigations, fingerprints, toolmark and impression evidence, bloodstain pattern analysis, ballistics and firearms, forensic odontology, forensic pathology, medicolegal death investigation, forensic anthropology, fire debris analysis and investigation, explosives, trace evidence, forensic toxicology, drug analysis, DNA analysis, forensic chemistry, and microscopy.

Matthew Friberg - Editor 2


Matthew Friberg acquires titles in the areas of Educational Foundations, Education Policy and Politics, Multicultural Education, Social Studies Education, and Adult Education. He publishes books for education researchers, scholars, and aspiring teachers.

Matthew Gibbons - Publisher


Matthew Gibbons commissions archaeology books for a broad audience, from introductory textbooks and guides through to cutting-edge research volumes. He publishes across all topics in archaeology and for all regions of the globe. As well as a focus on books that support study he also welcomes pioneering work and topics at the forefront of current research that reflect the reputation for innovative publishing in archaeology.

Max Novick - Senior Editor

European History, Imperial & Colonial History, Latin American History, Social & Cultural History, Women's & Gender History

Max Novick commissions research monographs and edited collections in history. The books on his list include innovative research by emerging academics alongside titles authored or edited by more established authors. Key areas include: modern European and global history since 1700, US and Latin American history, history of imperialism and colonialism, history of science and technology, cultural history, and women’s and gender history.

Meredith Norwich - Editor

Business & Management, Business, Management and Marketing

Meredith Norwich acquires professional and practice-oriented books across the business disciplines, working with authors throughout the Americas. She can also be found on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Michael Greenwood - Editor 2


Michael Greenwood commissions research monographs, reference works and edited collections across all periods of medieval history and culture, notably in Mediterranean and Byzantine history. Areas of interest include the transition from Late Antiquity to the medieval period; Crusader Studies; the reception of medieval history; early Islamic history; non-western medieval history. Key series include Birmingham Byzantine and Ottoman Studies; Publications of the Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies; Rulers of the Latin East; AVISTA Studies in the History of Medieval Technology, Science and Art; Publications of the Centre for Hellenic Studies, King's College London; British School at Athens - Modern Greek and Byzantine Studies. Michael is always pleased to hear from authors looking to discuss their plans to publish in these and related areas.

Michael Sinocchi - Publisher

Business & Management, Lean Basics - Lean Classics, Lean Methods & Implementation, Manufacturing & Processing, Quality & Six Sigma, Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Management / Logistics

Michael Sinocchi oversees business-improvement books focusing on the needs of professionals – specifically the Productivity Press imprint. He acquires cutting-edge books focusing on lean production & lean service; operational excellence; quality & six sigma; product development; supply chain management; green manufacturing & sustainability; and quality improvement.

Michele Smith - Editor

Industrial Hygiene, Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Health & Safety, Occupational Health & Safety

Michele has been with CRC Press since 2011. She contracts books in the area Occupational Health & Safety and Industrial Hygiene.  She’s interested in safety books across all text types including monographs, references, textbooks, professional, supplementary, handbooks, and our CRC Focus short form program. 

Michelle Salyga - Senior Editor

Language & Literature

Michelle Salyga commissions a variety of text types, including primary and supplementary textbooks, companions, handbooks, and readers across a range of topics, from Medieval to Contemporary Literature. She is also actively seeking cutting-edge monographs within traditional topics of literature as well as emerging sub-disciplines in Shakespeare, Children’s Literature, Auto/Biography studies, Environment and World Literature, New Textual studies, Digital Literature, Health & Literature, and Early Modern Authorship. Innovative developments in Nineteenth-Century and Twentieth-Century Literatures which analyze archetypes, literary movements and criticisms, or pioneering motifs are particularly welcome. She welcomes authors to submit their proposal for further discussion and initial assessment for consideration in one of our prestigious literature lists.

Miranda Bromage - Publisher


Miranda Bromage publishes a wide variety of clinical books and resources in the fields of Surgery and Surgical Specialties, ENT, Orthopedics & Trauma, Urology, Forensic Medicine, Neurology, Pathology, Neuropathology, and Anaesthesia.

Misha Kydd - Editor

Disability Studies, Early Childhood Education, Education, Gifted & Talented, Inclusion and Special Education

Misha Kydd acquires scholarly research, textbooks, handbooks, and professional books/practitioner resources (for both Higher Education and PreK-12) in the following areas: Early Childhood Education, Special Education, Disability Studies, and Gifted Education.

Morwenna Scott - Assistant Editor

Humanities, Social Sciences

Morwenna works on Routledge Revivals and the Routledge Library Editions programme where she reissues out-of-print and unavailable titles from the Routledge backlist in the Humanities and Social Sciences. The books are written by some of the leading academic scholars of the past 120 years and includes titles from past imprints such as Croom Helm, Methuen, and Routledge & Kegan Paul. The Routledge Library Editions are available both as individual titles and as thematic sets.

Nadia Seemungal Owen - Publisher

Applied Linguistics, Linguistics

Nadia Seemungal-Owen commissions a range of books across all areas of English language, Linguistics, and Applied Linguistics but has a particular interest in theoretical linguistics and English language studies. Nadia works on a variety of titles including textbooks for undergraduates and postgraduates, handbooks, dictionaries, guidebooks, and scholarly monographs, and welcomes hearing about proposals in established, as well as, emerging and cutting-edge areas. Her key series include Routledge Introductions to English Language Studies, Learning About Language, Understanding Language, Routledge Introductions to English for Specific Purposes, Routledge Research in English for Specific Purposes, Routledge Applied Corpus Linguistics, and Routledge Handbooks in Linguistics & English Language Studies.

Natalie Foster - Senior Publisher

Media & Film Studies, Visual Culture

Natalie Foster has been commissioning books for the Routledge media and cultural studies list since 2003 and acquires titles in a variety of formats, from introductory guides and textbooks for undergraduates to companions and reference titles. Her list encompasses all aspects of media and cultural studies, including digital and social media, media industries, film, television, and popular culture. She also commissions visual studies books for students focussing on art history, art theory, design, fashion studies, and photography history/theory titles. She particularly welcomes proposals for accessible, student-friendly books that critically examine the social and political aspects of media and visual cultures.

Natalie Tomlinson - Editor

Accounting, Economics, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, Finance

Natalie Tomlinson commissions student textbooks across economics, finance, accounting and entrepreneurship, ranging from introductory undergraduate texts to overviews of more specialised areas for grad students. Natalie welcomes new proposals for textbooks in these areas, from a wide variety of perspectives and approaches, and can be contacted via email or LinkedIn.

Natalja Mortensen - Editor

American Politics, Comparative Politics, Latin American Politics, Political Philosophy, Political Psychology, Political Research Methods, Political Theory, Politics & International Relations, Public Administration & Management, U.S. Politics

Natalja Mortensen is committed to publishing high-quality and politically relevant books for the political science academic community. She commissions across a variety of formats including monographs, textbooks, handbooks, major reference works and Routledge Focus, as well as books for practitioners.  Her established portfolio spans a range of subject areas, including American Politics (and Government), Comparative Politics, Emergency Management, Environment, Identity Politics, Latin American Politics, Media (including Political Communication), Political Psychology, Political Theory and Philosophy, Public Administration and Public Policy, and Research Methods. Natalja is committed to responding quickly to all inquiries and help guide authors through the editorial stages of their book. If you would like to discuss an idea or wish to hear more about her publishing program, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Neil Jordan - Senior Editor

Gender Studies, Race & Ethnic Studies, Social Theory, Sociology

Neil Jordan has worked across a number of lists within the social sciences and now publishes a range of texts in sociology, focusing primarily on monographs, research-based books and reference collections. He has a variety of active series and is keen to consider proposals in the areas of social theory, ethics, inequalities, migration, race and ethnicity, popular culture and cultural politics, research methods, the sociology of knowledge, memory studies, globalisation, political and economic sociology, gender studies, the body, the sociology of emotion and social movements.

Nicola Sharpe - Editor

Acoustics, Automotive Engineering, Engineering - Mechanical, Machine Design, Mechanics, Nano/Microengineered Devices and Systems, Tribology, Vibrations & Applied Dynamics

Nicola is commissioning editor for Mechanical Engineering, publishing textbooks, reference works, and contributed handbooks in fields including Automotive Engineering, Mechanics and nanotechnology.

Nora Konopka - Editorial Director

Computer Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Nanoscience & Nanotechnology

Nora Konopka is the Global Editorial Director for Engineering and Environmental Sciences. She has been with CRC Press since 1993, and in addition to leading her editorial team from offices in the US, UK, Netherlands, and India, she commissions content in Electrical and Computer Engineering as well as Nanotechnology. With over 1600 handbooks, textbooks, professional, and reference works published, she seeks emergent and applied content for senior undergraduate and graduate-level students, professionals, and researchersl:

Pamela Chester - Editor 2

Criminology and Criminal Justice

Pamela Chester brings more than two decades of publishing experience to her work on the US Criminal Justice and Criminology list. She commissions a full range of content, primarily focused on new and emerging areas in criminology and criminal justice. She signs practical professional titles and upper-level textbooks as well as research monographs, particularly in new and emerging fields. Her special interests include policing, reforms in the US justice system, and criminal justice and the law.

Paul Kelly - Editorial Director

Regional Surveys

Paul Kelly is responsible for the Europa list of reference products, both print and online databases. Covering politics, economics, higher education and biographical reference, the publications include scholarly contributions on every country and territory in the world, as well as directory listings and statistical surveys. The list includes The Europa World Year Book, The International Who’s Who and The Europa World of Learning, three of the longest established and most respected reference staples in academic, public and corporate libraries around the world.

Peter Sowden - Editor

Asian Studies, Asian Studies (General), Central Asian Studies, Central Asian, Russian & Eastern European Studies, Middle East Studies

Peter Sowden commissions books (mainly research monographs) on all areas of Asia, including Central Asia, Russia and Eastern Europe, as well as some books on the Middle East. He has started, and continues to handle, over twenty important monograph series, some of which cover all of Asia (for example, Media, Culture and Social Change in Asia, Religion in Contemporary Asia, and the Law in Asia series), and others which focus on particular parts of Asia (for example, Studies on the Chinese Economy and the Malaysian Studies series). Peter has over thirty years' experience commissioning academic books.

Philip Mcintyre - Senior Editor

Regional Surveys

Philip McIntyre is responsible for the statistical content of Europa print and online products, including Europa World, The Europa World Year Book and the Regional Surveys of the World

Polly Dodson - Publisher


Polly Dodson works across the entire spectrum of literary studies, from classical to contemporary literature and theory. She aims to bring a fresh approach to every book she publishes, whether on established topics such as Shakespeare, Victorian literature and literary theory, or emerging areas such as digital, and environmental literature. She commissions a variety of text types including handbooks and companions, Textbooks for students, as well as a couple of large digital encyclopedias. Key series include the New Critical Idiom, Global Literature: Twenty-First Century Perspectives, and Literature and Contemporary Thought.

Rachel Douglas - Editor

Rachel Douglas is the Editor for Routledge Historical Resources. Routledge Historical Resources is a programme of online historical databases that provide both academics and students with an in depth research tool for studying the long nineteenth century. Rachel’s commissioning focuses on primary source collections (in both print and electronic format) in key areas of the nineteenth century world: Politics, Empire, The Arts, Culture and Society, Economics, Science and Technology, Medicine and Health, Crime and Punishment, and Religion and Philosophy. Rachel also oversees the Routledge Revivals and Routledge Library Editions programmes.

Randi Cohen - Publisher

Computer Science

Randi Cohen is the Publisher for Computer Science and IT, with 19 years of experience in scientific publishing. She commissions across computer science, with a focus on the areas of Data Science, AI and Machine Learning, Computational Science, and Programming. Please contact Randi with new book ideas and/or proposals via email or Twitter - @randicohen89

Office: 757-240-7501

Randy Brehm - Senior Editor

Agriculture, Nutrition

Randy Brehm, Senior Editor, joined Taylor and Francis Group, LLC, in 2004.  She manages a wide variety of academic books in the areas of Agriculture and Nutrition.  The nutrition list covers titles in clinical nutrition, nutrition science, and sports nutrition and her agriculture list covers agronomy, crop science, forestry, horticulture, plant sciences, soil sciences, and wildlife science.

Telephone: (561) 361-6088

Rebecca Brennan - Senior Publisher


Rebecca Brennan is responsible for commissioning books on the Sociology list as well as having overall responsibility for the Sociology, Criminology and Geography teams. She commissions textbooks, supplementary reading and handbooks (reference books) for a global readership across all subdisciplines of Sociology.

Rebecca Davies - Editor 2


Rebecca Davies is an Editor for Physics within the CRC Press imprint. She commissions across the area of physics, with a speciality in astronomy and astrophysics, medical physics and biomedical engineering, high energy and particle physics, and nuclear and plasma physics. Rebecca is always happy to discuss books that will complement and enhance her existing suite of textbooks, handbooks, and cutting-edge research-level publications, so please reach out with your ideas (no matter how preliminary). Twitter: rdavies_tandf (hyperlink to:

Rebecca Marsh - Editor

Business & Management

Rebecca Marsh leads the Routledge Business Professional books programme. She acquires practitioner-oriented books across all area of business and industry, with a particular interest in sustainable business.

Rebecca Shillabeer - Publisher


Rebecca Shillabeer commissions leading books in all major areas of Religious Studies and Theology. She works on a broad range of titles from introductory textbooks for students approaching a subject for the first time, to cutting-edge scholarly research volumes.

Renu Upadhyay - Editor

Chemistry, Life Science

Renu Upadhyay commssions research monographs, references, professional books. She majorly focuses on the India region in developing the Chemistry and Life Sciences list.

Rick Adams - Executive Editor

Computer Graphics, Computer Science, Games & Animation, Gaming

Rimina Mohapatra - Publishing Manager

Rimina Mohapatra has an experience of 14 years in academic publishing in the humanities and social sciences. She is the key liaison for editorial desk production (print and electronic) for the Routledge India list as well as the main editorial contact point for several departments based in India and UK, including marketing and business information, sales, inventory, finance and operations, contracts, royalties and rights teams. She has been involved with the making of over 1000 books, both print and electronic, collaborated with authors, institutes and teams, and has had an active, sustained role in the origination and development of the Routledge India programme in South Asia founded in 2005. She has academic and creative interests, and is a published author.

Rob Calver - Senior Publisher

Mathematics, Physics, Statistics

Senior Publisher for Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics. Commissions books in statistics and data science.

Telephone: +44-20-7017-6334

Rob Langham - Senior Publisher

European History, History

Rob Langham is Senior Publisher for History, concentrating on the acquisition of research monographs covering European and World History. He joined Routledge in 1999 and for many years worked as the company’s Economics Editor.

Rob Sorsby - Editor

Asian Politics, Foreign Policy, Global Governance, International Relations, Politics & International Relations, Russian & Soviet Politics

Rob Sorsby commissions scholarly works (research monographs, edited collections, handbooks) and textbooks aimed at the political science community. International Relations, Global Governance and Foreign Policy are some of his  areas of interest alongside series on Russia, Asia and East European politics. If you would like to discuss a book idea or have a question about the commissioning process, then please do not hesitate to contact him.

Robert Peden - Senior Editor

Dermatology, Medical Genetics, Medicine, Obstetrics, Gynecology & Women's Health, Oncology, Pediatrics & Child Health

Robert Peden commissions in Dermatology (with special interests in Cosmetic Dermatology and Dermoscopy), Gynecology & Obstetrics (including Reproductive Medicine and Fetal Medicine), Pediatrics & Neonatology, Oncology & Palliative Medicine, and Medical Genetics.

Robinson Raju - Editor

Behavioral Sciences, Cultural Studies, Development Studies, Economics, Finance, Geography, Mental Health, Social Sciences

Robinson works on the Special Issues as Books (SPIB) publishing programme at Routledge, converting special issues of Taylor & Francis journals into books in order to disseminate journal scholarship to a wider audience. He has specific responsibility for Development Studies; Environment & Sustainability; Geography; Asian, Middle Eastern & African Studies; Sociology; Criminology; Law; Sports & Leisure; Tourism, Hospitality & Events; Audio; Filmmaking & Postproduction; Photography; Theatre & Performance; Visual Studies; Art; Music; Cultural Studies; Business & Industry; Economics; Finance; Mental Health; Psychology; Behavioural Science; Health & Social Care subject areas. He would welcome any proposals for specific special issue books, as well as general enquiries about re-publishing journal content in book format.

Russell George - Editor 1


Russell George has overall responsibility for the Routledge Law publishing programme, and commissions undergraduate textbooks in the core areas of the LLB and Caribbean Law, as well as upper level textbooks in Law & Education, Law & Humanities and Law & Social Sciences.

Sam Vale Noya - Editor

Language & Linguistics, Language Teaching & Learning

Sam Vale Noya commissions books on the language learning list across a range of languages, from the most commonly taught to the less commonly taught languages, with a particular interest in Spanish. The language learning list focuses on publishing textbooks, grammars, dictionaries, and supplementary materials designed for language learning students in higher education. The list also publishes high level reference materials such as edited collections (handbooks and companions) and research monographs aimed at linguists and scholars, as well as professional texts presenting the latest research in language pedagogy aimed at language teachers and educators.

Sarah Gore - Editor

Psychiatry, Psychiatry & Clinical Psychology - Adult

Sarah actively commissions titles on the Mental Health list. For US authors she commissions textbooks and professional titles in clinical psychology (US), cognitive behaviour therapy (US) and psychiatry (globally). Sarah is interested in receiving proposals from both new and established writers.

Sarah Hyde - Editor

Adult Education and Lifelong Learning, Emotional & Behavioural Difficulties, Higher Education, History of Education, Philosophy of Education, Research Methods in Education, Sociology of Education, Study Skills

Sarah Hyde publishes books in the areas of Higher Education (covering both the study of Higher Education itself and practical material that will help academics teach more effectively), Academic Writing and Research Supervision, Study Skills, Methods of Research (at undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional researcher level), Adult Education and Lifelong Learning. She also commissions Social and Emotional books under the Speechmark imprint.  She is interested in receiving proposals from both new and established authors.

Sean Connelly - Executive Editor

Animation, Computer Science, Game Development, Gaming & Animation

Sean Connelly publishes animation, game design and web design/development titles. These include both professional books and academic textbooks. With 19 years experience in publishing he welcomes new proposals in this area to add to our market leading animation and game design portfolio. Titles on our list include cutting edge software titles and evergreen art and technique books from some of the most widely recognized animators, game designers, and web designers working and teaching in the field today.

Shashank Sinha - Publishing Director

Anthropology, Area Studies, History, Linguistics, Sociology & Social Policy, South Asian Studies

Shashank S. Sinha publishes monographs, edited volumes handbooks, reference texts, textbooks and shortform books on a range of subjects including history, sociology, anthropology, linguistics, area studies, indigenous studies, digital humanities and South Asian studies. He oversees many key series and titles related to several topical themes and heads the Routledge India Originals (RIO) list.

Sheni Kruger - Editor

Cultural Studies, Media & Film Studies

Sheni Kruger commissions titles across media, culture, mass communication, film, and television studies. Areas of interest within these disciplines include digital media, social media, media activism, media and cultural industries, production studies, popular culture, internet studies, video games, and comics studies. She particularly welcomes proposals for introductory guides and textbooks for undergraduate students, single and multi-authored books for undergraduates and postgraduates, and edited/co-edited companions for both students and scholars.

Shivangi Pramanik - Editor


Shivangi is Commissioning Editor within the Clinical Medicine department. Her specialty areas are postgraduate and professional level Cardiology; Endocrinology; General/Internal Medicine (shared with Joanna Koster); Infectious Disease, Public Health and Environmental Medicine; Ophthalmology; Radiology; and Respiratory Medicine. Shivangi works with authors from across the globe and her list of titles reflect the international scope of medicine.

Shoma Choudhury - Commissioning Manager

Shoma Choudhury commissions research monographs, edited collections, handbooks, reference texts, shortform books and readers in the areas of international relations / defence & strategic studies, economics / business & management, media & culture studies, and literature. She also looks at gender, environment, digital humanities, South Asian studies, and current and topical issues.

Simon Bates - Editor 2

Asian History, Asian Politics, Geography, History, Politics & International Relations, Sociology, South East Asia, South East Asian Politics, South East Asian Studies

Simon Bates is Routledge’s Editor responsible for commissioning books on topics relating to Sociology, Politics, History, and Geography from authors based in North- and South-East Asia. He is on the lookout for new research books, handbooks, and textbooks in this broad range of subject areas.  Simon is based in Singapore and travels within his East Asian territories – attending conferences and visiting University campuses – 4-5 times a year. He welcomes any communication from prospective authors or editors who have ideas they would like to discuss, or who just want to know more about the process of book publishing.

Simon Jacobs - Senior Editor

Dance - Physical Education, Science Education, Teachers & Teacher Education

Simon Jacobs works on a range of education textbooks, scholarly books, and professional resources across Routledge’s education division. He acquires titles for pre-service teachers, scholars, and education researchers in the areas of STEM/STEAM Education including Science Education, Engineering Education, Math Education, and Arts Education (including Music Education, Theatre Education, and Dance Education), as well as titles in other curriculum areas (Health Education, Physical Education, etc). He also commissions scholarly titles and textbooks in Teacher Education.

Simon Whitmore - Senior Publisher

Leisure Studies, Olympics and Paralympics, Physical Education Studies, Research Methods, Social Sciences, Sociology of Sport, Sports and Leisure

Simon Whitmore commissions books in the social sciences as applied to sport, exercise and leisure, including sport business and management, sport media, sport development, sociology of sport, history of sport, philosophy and ethics of sport, Olympic studies, disability sport, leisure studies, physical education, physical activity and health, and research methods. Working out of the UK but with a global portfolio of authors and projects, he commissions books at all levels, including textbooks, handbooks, and research monographs.

Siobhán Poole - Editor

Banking & Finance Law, Business & Company Law, Commercial Law, Environmental Law - Law, European (EC) Law, Intellectual Property Law, International Law - Law, Law

Commissions research monographs, edited collections, and handbooks in law. The books on her list include innovative research by up-and-coming academics alongside titles by more established authors which offer thought-provoking and often critical analyses. Her core areas of interest include: international law; EU law; international commercial law; corporate law; finance and banking law; intellectual property law; IT, cyberlaw and the law of emerging technologies; maritime law; energy and natural resources law; international environmental law; competition law; media law; employment law; discrimination law; air and space law; legal education; family and social welfare law; polar law; and fashion law.

Sophia Levine - Editor

Business, Management and Marketing

Sophia Levine is Editor for Routledge’s global textbook programme, with commissioning and acquisitions responsibilities for student-oriented books across marketing, technology and innovation management, production and operations management, research methods, and strategic management.

Stacey Walker - Publisher

Theatre & Performance Studies, Theatrical Production

Stacey Walker commissions academic and professional books in all areas of theatrical design and production, acting, actor training, directing, and arts management under the Routledge and Focal Press imprints. She edits the Focal Press Toolkit, Costume Topics, and Perform series, and is actively looking to commission books on cutting edge research and practice in Theatre. She can be found on LinkedIn.

Stephanie Rogers - Publisher

Asian Studies, Chinese Studies, Japanese Studies, Korean Studies

Stephanie Rogers commissions books on East Asia across all aspects of the humanities and social sciences. With over 20 years of experience in academic publishing at Routledge, Stephanie publishes research monographs, handbooks, supplementary reading and student textbooks for a global market, and is interested in receiving book proposals for any of these text types.

Steve Walford - Managing Editor

Steve provides support for our chemistry databases.

Steve Zollo - Senior Editor

Complementary & Alternative Medicine, Food & Culinary Science, Toxicology

I’ve been developing scientific and technical books in a number of different disciplines since 1986. Currently at CRC Press I manage the Food Science/Culinary Arts program, the Toxicology program, and the Complementary/Alternative clinical practice program.

Telephone: (561) 998-2547

Sunil Nair - Editorial Director

Sunil manages the science and medicine book progamme globally.

Susannah Frearson - Editor 2

Mental Health, Psychoanalysis

Susannah acquires for the Routledge Mental Health list, actively commissioning new books of all kinds in the field of Psychoanalysis.

Suzanne Richardson - Editor

Communication Studies, Cultural Studies, Film Studies, Intercultural Communication, Journalism, Media & Film Studies, Public Relations, Rhetoric

Suzanne Richardson publishes monographs, handbooks and scholarly edited collections in communication studies, media studies and cultural studies. Topics in these disciplines include digital media, journalism, film and television studies, public relations, rhetoric, intercultural communication, games studies and comics studies, to name but a few, offering innovative and leading-edge contributions to the fields, with a global resonance.

Terry Clague - Senior Publisher

Business & Management

Terry Clague’s publishing career started at Routledge in 2001 and has included responsibilities across the humanities and social sciences. Terry has overall responsibility for the business, economics & law editorial teams. His small commissioning remit focuses primarily on specific series – from monographs and textbooks on the creative and cultural industries, through shortform books series providing expert insights into business research and research impact, to a flagship Key Ideas series.

Thomas Sutton - Publisher

Criminal Justice, Criminology - Law

Tom commissions in Criminology and Criminal Justice and manages the global editorial team. He acquires textbooks, handbooks, and monographs and works with distinguished scholars and experts from around the world. As well as working on a range of leading textbooks, Tom also commissions in various scholarly series in areas such as critical criminology; criminal justice, borders and citizenship; desistance and rehabilitation; crime, security and justice; victims, culture and society; rural criminology; policing and society; crime, justice and the family; crimes of the powerful; key thinkers in Criminology, and global crime and justice. Tom has a BA (Hons) in English Literature from the University of East Anglia, UK, an MA in English Literature from the University of Warwick, UK. He enjoys reading, writing, music and cinema.

Tony Bruce - Senior Publisher


Tony Bruce has global responsibility for the Routledge Philosophy list and twenty years’ experience in academic publishing. He commissions new books mainly in philosophy of mind, metaphysics, ethics, aesthetics and phenomenology but is interested in all subjects. Key series include Routledge Classics, New Problems of Philosophy, Routledge Philosophy Companions, and Routledge Handbooks in Philosophy. He is also interested in new translations of important philosophical works and manages The Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy Online. A selection of authors Tony has worked with can be seen on his LinkedIn profile (

Tony Moore - Senior Editor

Acoustics, Engineering - Civil, Engineering - Environmental, Engineering Education

Tony has been working at Taylor & Francis since 1997 and works with a broad range of technical and engineering books, with both the CRC Press and Routledge imprints.  He can be reached at [email protected], and will be happy to direct your ideas and suggestions to more appropriate colleagues if these are not for him.

Tyler Bay - Editor 1

Gender Studies - Soc Sci, Social Work, Sociology

Tyler Bay commissions a broad range of books in sociology, social work, and women’s and gender studies. He welcomes proposals for textbooks that make both foundational and innovative approaches accessible for students in undergraduate and graduate courses, as well as supplementary readings, edited collections, handbooks, and professional works in these areas.

Vilija Stephens - Editor (Australia and New Zealand)

Education, Mental Health, Psychological Science, Social Psychology

Vilija commissions scholarly monographs, edited collections, handbooks, textbooks and books for professionals in all areas of Education, Psychology and Mental Health. She is interested in receiving proposals from new and experienced authors based in Australia and New Zealand.

Will Bateman - Editor

Games & Animation

Will commissions books in the areas of Games and Animation, which includes Game Design, Game Development and Game Programming. These include both professional books and academic textbooks. He welcomes new proposals in these areas and is interested in hearing about book ideas from both new and established authors.

Yongling Lam - Editor

Economics, Finance, Business & Industry

Yongling Lam, who is based in Singapore, publishes titles across business management, law and economics disciplines. She is particularly interested in projects with a focus on Asia or Australia. She is actively seeking to expand her list in emerging areas.

Ze'ev Sudry - Editor

Applied Linguistics, English Language, Linguistics

Ze’ev Sudry commissions a range of undergraduate and graduate course textbooks, supplementary texts, and research handbooks across Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, and English Language. He is particularly interested in proposals for new titles in second language acquisition, computational linguistics/natural language processing, linguistic anthropology, and theoretical linguistics.

His key series include Second Language Acquisition Research, Routledge Foundations in Linguistic Anthropology, Cognitive Science and Second Language Acquisition, Routledge Handbooks in Second Language Acquisition, Routledge Handbooks in Linguistics, and Routledge Handbooks in Applied Linguistics.