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Routledge Advances in Ethnography

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Ethnography is a celebrated, if contested, research methodology that offers unprecedented access to people's intimate lives, their often hidden social worlds and the meanings they attach to these.  The intensity of ethnographic fieldwork often makes considerable personal and emotional demands on the researcher, while the final product is a vivid human document with personal resonance impossible to recreate by the application of any other social science methodology.  This series aims to highlight the best, most innovative ethnographic work available from both new and established scholars.

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Selling the Kimono An Ethnography of Crisis, Creativity and Hope

Selling the Kimono: An Ethnography of Crisis, Creativity and Hope

1st Edition

By Julie Valk
May 31, 2021

Based on twelve months of in-depth ethnographic research in Japan with retailers, customers, wholesalers, writers and craftspeople, Selling the Kimono is a journey behind the scenes of a struggle to adapt to difficult economic conditions and declining demand for the kimono. The kimono is an iconic ...

Flashback Drugs and Dealing in the Golden Age of the London Rave Scene

Flashback: Drugs and Dealing in the Golden Age of the London Rave Scene

1st Edition

By Jennifer Ward
January 17, 2019

This book is a detailed and close examination of the rave club drugs market as it took place in nightclubs, dance parties, pubs and bars and among friendship networks in London, in the mid to late 1990s. It focuses on the organizational features of drugs purchasing and selling and differentiates ...

Black Men in Britain An Ethnographic Portrait of the Post-Windrush Generation

Black Men in Britain: An Ethnographic Portrait of the Post-Windrush Generation

1st Edition

By Kenny Monrose
August 06, 2020

While extensive attention has been paid to black youth, adult black British men are a notable omission in academic literature. This book is the first attempt to understand one of Britain’s hidden populations: the post-Windrush generation, who matured within a post-industrial British society that ...

Moving Difference Brazilians in London

Moving Difference: Brazilians in London

1st Edition

By Angelo Martins Junior
July 22, 2020

Moving Difference demonstrates how differences between migrants who share the same nationality travel with them and can impact on every aspect of their ‘mobile lives’. Analysing the lived experiences and narratives of Brazilians in London, it adds an in-depth ethnographic understanding of the ...

The Logic of Violence An Ethnography of Dublin's Illegal Drug Trade

The Logic of Violence: An Ethnography of Dublin's Illegal Drug Trade

1st Edition

By Brendan Marsh
September 18, 2019

Violence is widely associated with illegal drug markets, and is one of the features that can differentiate illegal capitalism from legitimate business. This book explores the perceived causes and functions of violence in an illegal drug market in Dublin City, Ireland. Understanding why violence ...

Mischief, Morality and Mobs Essays in Honour of Geoffrey Pearson

Mischief, Morality and Mobs: Essays in Honour of Geoffrey Pearson

1st Edition

Edited By Dick Hobbs
September 11, 2019

Geoffrey Pearson, who died in 2013, was one of the outstanding social scientists of the post second world war era. His work spanned social work, social theory, social history, criminology and sociology. In particular, his work has had a huge impact upon studies of youth, youth culture and drugs. ...

Surviving Gangs, Violence and Racism in Cape Town Ghetto Chameleons

Surviving Gangs, Violence and Racism in Cape Town: Ghetto Chameleons

1st Edition

By Marie Rosenkrantz Lindegaard
July 31, 2019

Cape Town has some of the highest figures of violent crime in the world, but how is it that young men avoid and enact physical aggression and navigate stressful and dangerous situations? Surviving Gangs, Violence and Racism in Cape Town offers an ethnographic study of young men in Cape Town and ...

Musical Mobilities Son Jarocho and the Circulation of Tradition Across Mexico and the United States

Musical Mobilities: Son Jarocho and the Circulation of Tradition Across Mexico and the United States

1st Edition

By Alejandro Miranda Nieto
July 29, 2019

How do musical practices move? Though technology increasingly plays a great part in establishing different degrees of spatial proximity, music making still seems to be tied to specific geographical locations, cultures or communities. The identity of musical traditions, in particular, is often ...

Hip Hop Versus Rap The Politics of Droppin' Knowledge

Hip Hop Versus Rap: The Politics of Droppin' Knowledge

1st Edition

By Patrick Turner
July 16, 2019

'What is the real hip hop?' 'To whom does hip hop belong?' 'For what constructive purposes can hip hop be put to use?' These are three key questions posed by hip hop activists in Hip Hop Versus Rap, which explores the politics of cultural authenticity, ownership, and uplift in London’s post-hip hop...

Migrant City

Migrant City

1st Edition

By Les Back, Shamser Sinha
July 16, 2019

Migrant City tells the story of contemporary London from the perspective of thirty adult migrants and two sociologists. Connecting migrants’ private struggles to the public issues at stake in the way mobility is regulated, channelled and managed in a globalised world, this volume explores what ...

Policing the 2012 London Olympics Legacy and Social Exclusion

Policing the 2012 London Olympics: Legacy and Social Exclusion

1st Edition

By Gary Armstrong, Richard Giulianotti, Dick Hobbs
July 12, 2019

The summer Olympic Games are renowned for producing the world’s biggest single-city cultural event. While the Olympics and other sport mega-events have received growing levels of academic investigation from a variety of disciplinary approaches, relatively little is known about how such occasions ...

Young Men’s Experiences of Long-Term Imprisonment Living Life

Young Men’s Experiences of Long-Term Imprisonment: Living Life

1st Edition

By Rachel Rose Tynan
January 21, 2019

Long sentenced young people are a small but significant part of the juvenile prison population. The current approach to young people convicted of serious crime speaks to wider issues in criminal and social justice, including the idealisation of (some) childhoods, processes of racialisation and ...

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