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What is Inclusive Access?

Bringing innovation into the classroom couldn’t be easier.

With Inclusive Access, institutions have the option to include the cost of textbooks and supplies into tuition fees, providing students with inexpensive digital course materials from day one. Eliminating the need for students to purchase books on their own can lead to higher student achievement and improved course satisfaction.

For institutions already partnered with providers like RedShelf, VitalSource, and Barnes & Noble, Taylor & Francis offers valuable products and course materials that you can access through their Inclusive Access programs.

How Can Inclusive Access Work for You?

Whether you’re a faculty member, department head, or bookstore manager, Inclusive Access has a host of benefits that can fulfill your institution's needs. Participation drives down costs for students and simplifies resource management for institutions, while also improving student preparedness with readily available texts.

Inclusive Access infographic

How Inclusive Access Benefits You


Access key course materials whenever, wherever.

  •     Eliminate the stress of renting or returning texts
  •     Higher student achievement at a lower cost


Drive down rising costs with innovative technologies.

  •     Improve student retention and success rate
  •     Adopt an easier, integrative learning format


Provide students with course materials from Day One.

  •     Students receive the most up-to-date edition of the textbook
  •     Track student engagement through LMS integration


Stock up with ease on texts students need

  •     Alleviate inventory barriers and shipping costs
  •     Reduce overstock levels and improve the number of books sold

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