Inclusive Coursebook Provision - Institutional Textbook Purchase for Students

Inclusive Coursebook Provision enables institutions to provide textbooks for their students and offer 1-to-1 access to their class texts, either through their library, department or faculty budgets. Discover more about textbook provision for your students and how we can help you give your students the best start.

We can help you provide 1-to-1 access to core textbooks for your students, quickly and easily, via a variety of eBook platforms or textbook purchasing. 

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  • By providing textbooks at no extra charge, all students are on the same, level playing field
  • All students can have access to their core texts, meaning lecturers can set course reading knowing that no-one is at a disadvantage


  • No hidden financial pressures on students


  • Students will have the right textbooks from day one – provided either through their library or their bookshop
  • The majority of Taylor & Francis Group content is available as both print and e-books and we work with some of the top eBook platform providers, such as VitalSource, Kortext, BibliU, Blackwells, John Smiths. We offer our e-books as PDF and EPUB making them accessible wherever and whenever they are needed.

Improved Student Experience

  • Having access to the right pedagogy helps to increase their satisfaction and engagement with their course
  • Inclusive provision of eBooks allows faculty to track interaction with textbooks, meaning you can make curriculum and read adjustments accordingly

Engaged Students

  • Providing your students with the right books increases engagement with the course, while also ensuring that there are no added financial costs for them

Better Learning Outcomes

  • Providing students with the right textbooks can help them achieve better learning outcomes, by accessing the right pedagogy. Textbooks will often include statistics, case studies, test banks and online resources which will help assist and enrich student learning by encouraging independent research. This will complement the lectures and seminars you are providing.

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