1st Edition

Collaborative Art in the Twenty-First Century

    224 Pages
    by Routledge

    224 Pages 32 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Collaboration in the arts is no longer a conscious choice to make a deliberate artistic statement, but instead a necessity of artistic survival. In today’s hybrid world of virtual mobility, collaboration decentralizes creative strategies, enabling artists to carve new territories and maintain practice-based autonomy in an increasingly commercial and saturated art world. Collaboration now transforms not only artistic practices but also the development of cultural institutions, communities and personal lifestyles.
    This book explores why collaboration has become so integrated into a greater understanding of creative artistic practice. It draws on an emerging generation of contributors—from the arts, art history, sociology, political science, and philosophy—to engage directly with the diverse and interdisciplinary nature of collaborative practice of the future.

    Introduction: The Work of Collaborative Art in the Age of Technology Sondra Bacharach  Part I: Collaboration in the Age of Technological Innovation  1. Pirate Film Societies: Rearranging Traditional Apparatus with Inappropriate Technology Gabriel Menotti  2. Digital Street Art Gemma Argüello and Sondra Bacharach 3.. Hybrid Modes of Collaborations in the Post-Socialist Context: The Socio-Politically Engaged Art Practices of Big Hope and Matei Bejenaru Izabel Galliera  4. Turkish Contemporary Art and the Emergent Off-Space Artist Collectives Tijen Tunali  Part II: Collaboration and the Identity Crisis  5. The Solitary Author as Collective Fiction Karen Gover  6. Collaboration's Gesture at the Impossible Tim Corballis   7. Technological Impacts on Musical Collaboration: Can The Postal Service Survive? Henry Pratt 8. Empathy, surviving, collective reflexivity Legwork (Tobey Albright, Timothy Murray, Egle Obcarskaite) 9. Collective Action and the Reciprocity of Friendship Katerina Reed-Tsocha  Part III: Rethinking Collaborations 10. Sisterly Love: The Collaborative Art of Sisters Louise Mayhew 11. Future Calls The Dawn Jenny Gillam and Eugene Hansen 12. Unsettling Action and Text: A Collaborative Experience Bartram O'Neill  13 The Politics of Collaboration: Robin Rhode & The Drowned Piano Leora Maltz-Leca  14.Wedge: A Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration by Janine Antoni and Jill Sigman Sherri Irvin 15. Combination,Collaboration and Creation: The Case of Jasper Johns Peter Murphy 16. Gathering: Artistic Collaborations in Glass Daniella Barroqueiro 


    Sondra Bacharach is Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

    Siv B. Fjærestad is a Norwegian-born artist and curator, living in New Zealand. She holds an MA in Visual Arts from Goldsmiths College in London.
    Jeremy Neil Booth is an artist, writer, and publisher currently based in Germany. He holds an MFA from Bauhaus Universität, Weimar, Germany.