1st Edition

Contemporary Security Analysis and Copenhagen Peace Research

Edited By Stefano Guzzini, Dietrich Jung Copyright 2004

    This book examines the development of peace research and explores its present challenges, focusing on the contribution made by the Copenhagen Peace Research Institute. The authors investigate how peace research relates to security studies and international relations, providing a comprehensive study of conceptual innovations and a discussion of security analysis in the European context.

    1. Copenhagen Peace Research Stefano Guzzini and Dietrich Jung Part 1: Peace Research and IR Theory 2. Peace Research and International Relations in Scandinavia. From enduring rivalry to stable peace? Nils Petter Gleditsch 3. Peace Research between Idealism and Realism. Fragments of a Finnish debate Raimo Väyrynen 4. 'The Cold War is What We Make of It' When peace research meets constructivism in International Relations Stefano Guzzini 5. Peace and Security. Two concepts and their relationship Ole Wæver Part 2: Globalization and Contemporary Security Studies 6. Wars and the Un-Making of States. Taking Tilly seriously in the contemporary world Anna Leander 7. Post-Trinitarian War and the Regulation of Violence Bjørn Møller 8. 'Civil' and 'Uncivil' in World Society Barry Buzan 9. Globalisation and Societal Insecurity. The securitisation of terrorism and competing strategies for global governance Morten Kelstrup 10. From Bentham to Bush. Surveillance, security and the quest for visibility Lene Hansen 11. The Subversion of Borders Thomas Diez Part 3: Security Analysis in the Larger European Context 12. A Deutschian Security Community? Nordic peace reframed Pertti Joenniemi 13. Initiating a Security Community. General theory, history and prospects for Baltic-Russian relations Hans Mouritzen 14. The EU as a Foreign Policy Actor. The limitations of territorial sovereignty Christopher S. Browning 15. Fears into Fences. The isolationist pitfall of European federalism Jaap de Wilde 16. New NATO. Europe's continued security crisis Sten Rynning 17. Securitising European Integration. Turkey and the EU Dietrich Jung 18. Algeria: Violence and Securitisation Ulla HolmHolm


    Stefano Guzzini is a senior research fellow at the Institute for International Studies, Denmark and associate professor of government at Uppsala University. Dietrich Jung is a political scientist who also specialises in Islamic studies.He is currently a senior researcher at the Institute for International Studies, Denmark.