1st Edition

Counselling a Survivor of Child Sexual Abuse A Person-Centred Dialogue

By Richard Bryant-Jefferies Copyright 2003

    This book provides a vivid insight into working with a client who is a survivor of child sexual abuse. Using fictitious dialogue it illustrates the person-centered approach and relates it to how memories can surface, and the impact that this can have on the client and counselor. It provides a deep insight into the counseling relationship and the counselor’s use of supervision, highlighting discussion points throughout to aid training and reflection. It is essential reading for all counseling trainers and psychotherapists and all other health professionals dealing with people who have suffered sexual abuse in childhood.

    Child Sexual Abuse

    The Person-Centered Approach

    Background and Review

    Counseling and Supervision Sessions Listed Throughout

    Points for Discussion


    Richard Bryant-Jefferies

    "…a powerful and demanding relational encounter in which I found myself fully engaged from beginning to end.
    —Mary Pipes, Counsellor, Norwich Centre Projects

    "The content leaves you in no doubt that this book is written by a skilled and experienced professional…"
    Healthcare Counselling & Psychotherapy Journal

    "…there is a need for text books that bring the experience of therapy alive…"
    Counselling and Psychotherapy Journal

    "Even though the ‘dialogue’ here is fictitious, it evidently arises from depth of clinical experience and never rings false."
    Mental Health Today

    "The author uses a fictional account of a therapeutic process to cover key issues faced by survivors of abuse, including fear of dissociation, coming to terms with recovered memories, and working with feelings of blame, grief and anger."
    Care and Health Magazine