1st Edition

Disaster Management and Preparedness

By Larry R. Collins Copyright 2000

    Detailing methods for preparing organizations for disasters, this book discusses not only tried and true tactics, but also areas often overlooked during the reactive and post-disaster phases. The authors address special considerations important in planning for disaster management, from chemical spills, floods, aircraft crashes, and terrorist attacks to catastrophic events. They cover all aspects of disaster preparedness from assessing the risk prior to a disaster to the legal ramifications following one. The book includes how-tos for dealing with the media and protecting an organization’s assets and furnishes OSHA and FEMA regulations, charts, and sample programs and audits.

    Disaster Management and Preparedness details a new and innovative method for preparing companies and organizations to address the substantial risk of disasters in the workplace. It encompasses not only the tried and true tactics used by safety experts for decades but also focuses on areas often overlooked during the reactive and post disaster phases. Technological progress and terrorist activities has forced safety professionals to rethink their modus operandi for disaster preparedness and expand their proactive measures to safeguard assets on all levels and at all times.

    Disaster Management and Preparedness gives you the how-tos for avoiding the common mistakes which turn natural and man-made catastrophes into economic disasters.

    Identifying the Risks
    Natural Risks
    Emerging Risks
    Governmental Regulations
    Structural Preparedness
    Coordinating with Local Assets
    Preplanning for a Disaster
    Eliminating, Minimizing, and Shifting Risks
    Developing an Action Plan
    Developing the Written Plan
    Effective Communications
    Selecting the Right People
    Training for Success
    Media Control
    Shareholder Factor
    After A Disaster - Minimizing the Damage
    Governmental Reactions
    Legal Issues
    Disability Issues
    Disaster Preparedness Assessments
    Personal Disasters  – Use of Criminal Sanctions
    Appendix A – OSHA Inspection Checklist
    Appendix B – Employee Workplace Rights
    Appendix C – Web Sites for Disaster Preparedness Information and Equipment
    Appendix D – Typical Responsibilities
    Appendix E – Potential Sources of Disaster Preparedness and Management Assistance Through Local Colleges and Universities


    Larry R. Collins