1st Edition

Gallant Haryana The First and Crucial Battlefield of AD 1857

By C.B. Singh Sheoran Copyright 2019

    The book contains a narrative of the events of the first Indian war of Independence (1857-60) in modern Haryana and surrounding areas in a chronological order derived from hitherto untouched sources such as original and first-hand reports of the British commanding officers and accompanying magistrates, available in the contemporary newspapers archival files and government publications.
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     1. The Army in 1857 2. Haryana before 10 May 1857 3. Haryana in May 1857: Districtwise Sequence of Events 4. June 1857: The Return of the British Forces 5. July 1857: Struggle and Merciless Vengeance 6. August 1857: Balance Tilting towards the British 7. September 1857: Recapture of Delhi – Fall Out 8. The Shahibbas  9. Towards the Final Struggle: The Nasibpur Battle 10. Mewat: May to December 1857 11. Indian Saviours of the British 12. The Perpetrators of Barbarities in Haryana  13. Retribution: Martyrs of Haryana in 1857 14. Freedom Fighters of Haryana in 1857: Lest we Forget 15. 1857-1860: The Scenario


    C.B. Singh Sheoran retired as Chief Engineer, Haryana Irrigation Department. He is presently Professor & Head, Civil Engineering, Krishna Vidyapeeth of Management and Technology, India.