1st Edition

Handbook of Plant Disease Identification and Management

By Balaji Aglave Copyright 2019
    ISBN 9781032094663
    620 Pages 470 Color & 39 B/W Illustrations
    Published June 30, 2021 by CRC Press

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    620 Pages 470 Color & 39 B/W Illustrations
    Published October 8, 2018 by CRC Press

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    Handbook of Plant Disease Identification and Management presents the fundamentals of plant diseases identification based on symptomology and management focusing mainly on integrated pest management approach. It discusses a variety of techniques for the diagnosis of crop disease, losses due to crop diseases, and theories behind disease management. It describes how society is constraining the possibilities for management of crop diseases by changing the environment; biologically controlling crop diseases; and the epidemiologic and genetic concepts of managing host genes.

    This book discusses managing diseases through diverse chemical, biological, and physical methods. It highlights climatic factors affecting crops by creating favorable condition for most of the diseases. This book serves as a complete guide for growers, researchers, and graduate students to understand basics of plant disease identification. It explains the disease cycle for respective crops with favorable conditions promoting disease development. It intends to aid growers in managing diseases and help scientists with future research.

    Strawberry. Tomato. Citrus. Apple. Banana. Pepper. Potato. Onion. Chili. Cucurbits. Ginger. Maize. Grape. Sugarcane. Guava.


    Mr. Balaji A. Aglave was born in Yermala, Maharashtra, India. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Sciences, 2002 and Master of Science degree in Agricultural Biotechnology, 2004 from Marathwada Agricultural University, Parbhani Maharashtra (India). His Ph.D. was in Biotechnology with specialization in Plant Pathology and he obtained the degree from Government Institute of Science, Aurangabad, Maharashtra (India) in 2009. After completing his master’s education, Mr. Aglave worked for National Research Center for Citrus, Nagpur M.S. India as a Senior Research Fellow. As a Senior Research Fellow, his areas of study were molecular and serological diagnosis of citrus viruses, diagnosis and characterization of major citrus viruses, development of non-radioactive probes and diagnostic kits for plant virus detection. In 2005, he was hired as the Head of the Department of Biotechnology by H.P.T.Arts and RYK Science College, Nashik, M.S. India (University of Pune). He worked as Head of the Department for 4years after which, in 2010, he was hired by Florida Ag Research as a Scientist and Lab Director for Division of Plant Pathology and Nematology at East Coast research station of Pacific Ag Research, San Luis Obispo, CA, USA. In addition to his Ph.D., he mastered the area of plant nematology by completing Plant Parasitic Nematode Identification course at Clemson University. Dr. Aglave is an expert in plant diseases and common plant parasites, and his insights in these topics are invaluable to the field. Presently, his work as Scientist and Lab Director aims at developing innovative technologies to improve crop production and environmental quality, testing product effectiveness against nematodes and diseases, studying crop/fruit rot and decay, soil fumigation studies, etc.

    Dr. Aglave has published two books, viz. "Biotechnology Review", A&A Publisher, Tampa, Fl, USA, in 2012 and "Techniques in Chemistry, biophysics and Instrumentation", Shanti Prakashan, Delhi, India, in 2011. From 2012, he has been working as an active member of various well reputed committees like the Industry Committee, Nematology Committee and Soil Microbiology and Root Disease committee of American Phytopathology Society. He has acted as the Chairman of Board of studies in Biotechnology subcommittee in Applied Biotechnology, University of Pune, India and Chairman of Board of studies in Microbiology subcommittee in Applied Wine Technology, University of Pune, India. He is currently working as a Editorial Board Member of Advances in Plants and Agriculture Research, African Journal of Food Science and as a Reviewer for several journals in Agriculture sciences. He has 20 years of academic, research and industry experience in field of plant pathology and nematology.

    From 2008 to present, Mr. Aglave has conducted multiple Conferences and Workshops covering diverse areas of Biotechnology like Techniques in Molecular Biology, Techniques in Genetic Engineering, Trends in Biotechnology, etc. He delivered more than fifty seminars and plenary lectures in various scientific meetings and at various institute in India and USA. His research work is also published in over 100 journal research articles, review articles and abstracts. Also, he holds numerous internationally published research abstracts and technical summaries completed on topics such as disease and insect management. Currently, Mr. Aglave is continuing his research work on Biotechnology at Florida Ag Research, Florida, USA.

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