1st Edition

Interdisciplinary Research in Technology and Management Proceedings of the International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research in Technology and Management (IRTM, 2021), 26-28 February,2021, Kolkata, India

    The conference on ‘Interdisciplinary Research in Technology and Management” was a bold experiment in deviating from the
    traditional approach of conferences which focus on a specific topic or theme. By attempting to bring diverse inter-related
    topics on a common platform, the conference has sought to answer a long felt need and give a fillip to interdisciplinary
    research not only within the technology domain but across domains in the management field as well.
    The spectrum of topics covered in the research papers is too wide to be singled out for specific mention but it is
    noteworthy that these papers addressed many important and relevant concerns of the day.

    1. Challenges and Strategies for Effective Stress Management in the New Normal – An Empirical Study 2. Essentials of Abstracting and Indexing for Research Paper Writing 3. Concept of Indexing and Concepts associated with Journal Publishing 4. Brief Study and Analysis of Promising Animals’ Behavior to Design New Swarm Intelligence based Technique for Solving Optimization Problems 5. The Age of Screen – The Impact of Internet of Things and 5G Wireless Broadband on Digital Marketing 6. Measuring Financial Inclusion in India – An Index considering Banking and Insurance Indicators 7. Multi Layered Approach based on Real Time Data: Hybrid Approach to deal with Credit Card Frauds 8. Artificial Intelligence and Mental Health: A Study on Internet Gaming Disorder in COVID-19 Lockdown in India 9. Artificial Intelligence based Modelling and Multi-Objective Optimization of Commercial Ethylene Oxide Reactor 10. A Perspective on Electric Vehicle Adoption from an Indian Context 11. Application of Neuroscience in Predicting Consumer Behaviour 12. Design Optimization of Heat Exchanger by Old and New Generations Metaheuristic Optimization Algorithms: Insights and Comparisons 13. Assessment of Academic Performance through SQC: An Application of Control Charts 14. Dynamic Analysis between ETF and Underlying Asset using Tracking Error 15. Comprehensive Study on How Private Data is Collected and Utilized by Social Media and its Solutions 16. Assessment of a Model using a Framework for the Validation of Information System Artefacts 17. Multi-model PID Control of Interacting Two Tank Hybrid System 18. Factors Influencing Customer Satisfaction of Wireless Mobile Services During the Covid-19 Pandemic Led Lockdown 19. Health Care Provider Perception Towards Disaster Preparedness in Goa 20. E-Commerce – Stitching the Gap between Weavers and Consumers 21. Multivariate Missing Value Imputation using Weighted Cluster Softmax Technique 22. Factors Influencing Selection of Restaurants: An Empirical Study 23. AI, Biometry and Blockchain Powered User Authentication 24. A Predictive Model Anticipating Consumer Behavior in Online Purchasing in an E-Commerce Environment in the COVID-19 Era: A Study on Dhaka, Bangladesh 25. A Comprehensive Analytical Study of the Walmart-Flipkart Deal – Mergers and Acquisitions 26. Implementation of PSO Algorithm in Novel SEPIC Converter with PV Fed Source 27. Optimization of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Reactor using Artificial Intelligence 28. Ensemble Methods for Learning: An approach towards handling Class Imbalance and Class Overlapping Problems 29. IT Governance Adoption and Use by State-owned Entities in South Africa: A Public Administration Perspective 30. Why Citizen’s Resist Contact Tracing Apps: Factors affecting Adoption of Aarogya Setu 31. Risk Analysis and Assessment Toolkit 32. Railway Traffic Lights Recognition System 33. ‘Nurses’ Perception as a Behavioral Factor Reveals Efficiency in Documentation as a Health Care Parameter in Selected Government Hospitals of Goa 34. Instagram Emerging as a New Paradigm of Digital Marketing 35. Investigation of Methanol Fuel Fires inside the Enclosure 36. A Study to Investigate the Nature and Consequences of Brand Love with Special Reference to Northeast India 37. Leadership Style & Employee Engagement Dynamics in B-School 38. Impact of Facebook as Online Advertisement on Consumer Behavior towards Purchase Decision: Study based on Kolkata 39. Factors Influencing Customers’ Attitude and Purchase Intention of Private Label Brands and National Brands of Men’s Apparel: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach 40. Application of Topic Modelling for Literature Review in Management Research 41. A Five-Attribute Complex Adaptive Systems Framework for Reinvigorating Organizations 42. A Study on Co-integrating Relationship between Inflation and its Determinants in India 43. Understanding Consumer Behaviour with Respect to Availability of Two Tax Regime in India 44. Model Predictive Control for Smart Buildings: A Simulated Approach 45. Factors Affecting of Employee Performance Appraisal System in the Pharmaceutical Industry: An Analytical Study 46. A Comparative Study of Optimization of Cylindrical Liquid Antenna using Different Feeding Techniques 47. Security and Well-being in Tech-Savvy Urban Communities 48. Improving the Productivity of the Machining Process of a Manufacturing Company: A Six Sigma Case Study 49. Tourists’ Information Sharing Intention in Social Media: An Empirical Study in Bangladesh 50. A Systematic Literature Review on the Use of Facial Recognition in Human Resources using Deep learning 51. Design of Miniaturized Dual-Band Slot Antenna with Bandwidth Enhancement for Cordless Telephone Application 52. Blockchain Concept and its Area of Applications 53. A Conspectus Study on the Blockchain Technology in Indian Banking Sector 54. Impact of PMS effectiveness, Climate for Creativity on Competitive Advantage in ITES Sector 55. Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach with Adaptive Reward System for Robot Navigation in Dynamic Environments 56. Control Strategies for Data-Driven Target Tracking of Autonomous Unmanned Underwater Vehicle 57. Shared Mobility in India-Bus and Share-rickshaw Combined System 58. On-Policy Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach to Multi Agent Problems 59. Detection of Lung Nodules in Chest Radiographs Using Wiener Filter and D-CNN Model 60. Telecommunication Market Analytics using Predictive Modelling 61. Obtaining Quantum Gate Models from Known Input and Output Values 62. Hongkong Convention: Impact on Environment due to Refrigeration Waste in Ship Recycling: An Indian Perspective 63. Assessing the Impact of Employee Attitudes on TQM Diffusion and Climate for Continuous Improvement 64. Games Based Learning: Method and Integrity 65. Influencer Marketing in Social Media Context 66. Improving the Performance of Multivariate Forecasting Models through Feature Engineering: A South African Unemployment Rate Forecasting Case Study 67. Machine Learning Based Diagnosis System for Easy and Fast Heart Disease Prediction 68. Examining Sigmoid vs ReLu Activation Functions in Deep Learning 69. Technology Adoption and Students’ Satisfaction in Online Learning: A Study of INDIAN Experience During the Time of COVID-19 70. Smart Health Monitoring System using IoT & Android 71. A Study on Finding the Most Effective Social Media Platform for E-Recruitment Process 72. Comparative Study of Sentiment Analysis Techniques 73. Assessment and Management of Language and Technology Literacy Barriers to access E-learning Services in India 74. Conceptual Framework of Supply Chain Counter-Measures through Supplier against Disruption 75. Internal Marketing Orientation, Customer Satisfaction and Profitability: An Empirical Enquiry 76. Waste Management Hierarchy as an Instrument of Subsumption of the Accounting Approach to Waste Valorization of Industrial Effluents 77. Timing the Downside Risk in Mutual Funds: Indian Evidence 78. Mergers and Acquisitions – A Key Challenge Towards Employees’ Adaptability 79. Simulating Procurement System Vulnerabilities by using Fault Tree 80. A Proposed Theory for Predicting Employee Performance using Machine Learning 81. Sensor Selection for Optimal Information Utility 82. Blockchain Transforming Procure to Pay value Chain 83. Generic Visualization Scheme for Monitoring and Strategic Control of Industrial Systems 84. Automated Guided Vehicle in Material Handling for Industry 4.0 Plants 85. Implementation of Obstacle Avoidance – An Aspect of Automated Load Carrier for Industry 4.0 Plant 86. Performance Enhancement of Micro Channel Heat Sink using Cu-Nanofluid – A Numerical Study 87. Sewage Monitoring Systemfor Smart City using Internet of Things 88. A Low Power Fast Settling Aided Acquisition PLL for MICS Band Applications 89. Covid 19 and its Impact on Financial Firms in India 90. Identification of an Input Attribute bases for Reactive Services in ERP: after Product Recall 91. Prediction of Student Success using Student Engagement with Learning Management System 92. Improving Library Book Retrieval by using Topic Modeling 93. Groundwater Level Estimation using Recurrent Neural Networks: A Case Study of the Grootfontein Aquifer 94. An Approach to Avoid Meet in the Middle Attack in 2 DES 95. Waste Management in Sri Lanka in line with European Union Techniques 96. Dynamic-Balance Monitoring Scheme for Industrial Fans using Neural-Network based Machine Learning Approach 97. Assessing the Implications of Digital Media Piracy in India 98. Predicting Telecommunication Customer Churn using Machine Learning Techniques 99. Impact of Covid-19 on the Rise of OTT Platforms in India 100. Sentiment Analysis of Student Textual Feedback to Improve Teaching 101. Different Models Relating Prior Computer Experience with Performance in First Year Computer Science 102. Competitiveness of Traditional Indian Manufacturers like Tata Motors and Ashok Leyland in the Indian Heavy Commercial Vehicle Segment 103. Impact of Customer Trust in Online Shopping Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Study on Dhaka, Bangladesh


    Satyajit Chakrabarti, Director, Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata, India

    Rintu Nath, Scientist – F, Vigyan Prasar, Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India

    Pradipta Kumar Banerji, Dean (Management Studies), Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata

    Sujit Datta, Institute of Engineering & Management, Kolkata, India

    Sanghamitra Poddar, Institute of Engineering & Management, Kolkata, India

    Malay Gangopadhyaya, Institute of Engineering & Management, Kolkata, India