6th Edition

International Human Resource Management Policies and Practices for Multinational Enterprises

    522 Pages 29 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    522 Pages 29 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The updated sixth edition of International Human Resource Management is an authoritative resource that focuses on international human resource management (IHRM) within multinational enterprises (MNEs). The book includes fifteen chapters with rich pedagogy students have come to expect and is organized into four sections:

    • Strategic Context
    • National and Cultural Context
    • Global Talent Management
    • Role and the Future of IHRM

    Each chapter has been designed to lead readers through key topics in a highly engaging and approachable way with learning goals, relevant data, exhibits, figures, vignettes, end-of-chapter case studies, discussion questions, up-to-date content, and numerous references. The sixth edition includes discussions on evolving IHRM topics such as international experiences and adult third culture kids, expanded analyses on health and safety statistics and global workforce analytics, as well as updated and revised illustrations, cases, references, and instructor resources.

    Uncovering precisely why IHRM is essential for success in international business and how IHRM policies and practices function within the multinational enterprise, this comprehensive textbook provides an excellent foundation for understanding the theory and practice of IHRM. It is essential reading for all students, instructors, and IHRM professionals.

    Section 1: Strategic Context

    1. The Internationalization of Human Resource Management

    2. Strategic International Human Resource Management

    3. Design and Structure of the Multinational Enterprise

    4. International Mergers and Acquisitions, International Joint Ventures, and Alliances

    Section 2: National and Cultural Context

    5. Country and Company Culture and International Human Resource Management

    6. International Employment Law, Labor Standards, and Ethics

    7. International Employee Relations

    Section 3: Global Talent Management

    8. International Workforce Planning and Staffing

    9. International Recruitment, International Selection, and Repatriation

    10. International Training and Management Development

    11. International Compensation, Benefits, and Taxes

    12. International Employee Performance Management

    13. Well-being of the International Workforce and International HRIS

    14. Comparative IHRM: Operating in Other Regions and Countries

    Section 4: Role and Future of IHRM

    15. The IHRM Department, Global Workforce Analytics, Professionalism, and Future Trends


    Ibraiz Tarique is Chair of the Department of Management and Management Science and Professor of Human Resources and Talent Management at the Lubin School of Business at Pace University, USA. He is also a Fellow of the Wilson Center for Social Entrepreneurship, USA, and editor of the Routledge Focus on Issues in Global Talent Management series. His recent publications include The Routledge Companion to Talent Management (Routledge, 2021) and Contemporary Talent Management: A Research Companion (Routledge, 2021).

    Dennis R. Briscoe is Professor Emeritus of International Human Resource Management at the University of San Diego, USA, and owner/consultant at International Management and Personnel Systems (IMAPS).

    Randall S. Schuler is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Strategic International Human Resource Management at the School of Management and Labor Relations at Rutgers University, USA, and Research Professor at the University of Lucerne, Switzerland.

    "The sixth edition of International Human Resource Management, written by world class scholars, continues to set the standard for texts in the area. It is comprehensive in its coverage and critically examines the complexities of managing people across borders. The book deepens and extends our knowledge of the field providing new insights, up-to-date cases from across the globe and a valuable update on emerging issues in the field reflecting recent changes in the global business environment. I highly recommend the book which will continue to enlighten academics, students and practictioners across the globe for years to come." Hugh Scullion, Hull University Business School, University of Hull, UK

    "Organizations that ‘go international’, face a number of strategic choices, many of which involve people. HR strategy in all its dimensions must therefore complement and support the broader business strategy. That is a key theme in this sixth edition of International Human Resource Management, and the authors use theory, research, and lots of practical examples to show how to do that at HQ as well as at local levels. If you are looking for current theory and practice in IHRM, consider this book a 'go-to' resource." Wayne Cascio, University of Colorado, USA

    "This provides the perfect compendium of knowledge for today’s practitioner working in international context. The editions have charted IHRM for nearly 30 years. Now we in the post-pandemic era of globalization there is no place to hide. Global business is changing shape. This book lays out the new strategic, national, and cultural context and brings together what we know about each of the key HR processes under the banner of global talent management." Paul Sparrow, Lancaster University Management School, UK

    "Written by three of the leading scholars in the area, the volume is distinguished by its combination of insights from academic research and rich insights into IHRM in practice. It is comprehensive, accessible, and authoritative, and should be required reading for any student or reflective practitioner of IHRM." David Collings, Dublin City University, Ireland