2nd Edition

Introduction to Environmental Management

By Mary K. Theodore, Louis Theodore Copyright 2021
    556 Pages 28 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Written at a level that is accessible to students in all disciplines, Introduction to Environmental Management, Second Edition translates complex environmental issues into practical and understandable terms. The book provides students and practitioners an understanding of the regulations, pollutants, and waste management issues that can be applied in various related environmental fields and industries. This new edition is updated throughout and adds eleven new chapters, including coverage of water conservation, water toxins, measurement methods, desalination, industrial ecology, legal issues, and more.


    • Updated throughout and includes eleven all-new chapters
    • Reviews the specialized literature on pollution prevention, sustainability, and the role of optimization in water treatment and related areas, as well as references for further reading
    • Provides illustrative examples and case studies that complement the text throughout

    • Includes ancillary exams and a solutions manual for adopting instructors

    This book serves as a complete teaching tool, offering a combination of insightful coverage, concise language, and convenient pedagogical features, and supplies practical guidance that will aid students and practitioners alike.


    PART I: Overview

    Chapter 1

    Introduction to Environmental Issues

    Chapter 2

    Environmental Regulations

    Chapter 3

    International Environmental Regulations

    Chapter 4

    ISO 14000

    Chapter 5

    Multimedia Concerns

    Chapter 6

    Classification and Sources of Pollutants

    Chapter 7

    Effects of Pollutants

    Chapter 8

    Measurement Methods

    PART II: Air

    Chapter 9

    Air Pollution Control Equipment

    Chapter 10

    Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling

    Chapter 11

    Climate Change and Global Warming

    Chapter 12

    Indoor Air Quality

    Chapter 13

    Vapor Intrusion

    Chapter 14

    Air Toxics

    PART III: Water

    Chapter 15

    Water Chemistry

    Chapter 16

    Safe Drinking Water

    Chapter 17


    Chapter 18

    Municipal Wastewater Treatment

    Chapter 19

    Industrial Wastewater Management

    Chapter 20

    Dispersion Modeling in Water Systems

    Chapter 21

    Water Conservation

    Chapter 22

    Water Toxics

    PART IV: Solid Waste

    Chapter 23

    Municipal Waste Management

    Chapter 24

    Industrial Waste Management

    Chapter 25

    Hospital Waste Management

    Chapter 26

    Nuclear Waste Management

    Chapter 27


    Chapter 28


    Chapter 29


    PART V: Pollution Prevention

    Chapter 30

    The Pollution Prevention Concept

    Chapter 31

    Pollution Prevention Applications

    Chapter 32


    Chapter 33

    Green Chemistry and Green Engineering

    Chapter 34

    Industrial Ecology

    Chapter 35

    Architecture in the Environment

    PART VI: Environmental Risk

    Chapter 36

    Introduction to Environmental Risk Assessment

    Chapter 37

    Health Risk Assessment

    Chapter 38

    Hazard Risk Assessment

    Chapter 39

    Non-technical Risk

    Chapter 40

    Public Perception of Risk

    Chapter 41

    Risk Communication

    PART VII: Energy Considerations

    Chapter 42

    Energy Resources

    Chapter 43

    Energy Conservation

    Chapter 44

    Energy Conservation Applications

    Chapter 45

    Heat Transfer and Heat Exchanger Principles

    Chapter 46

    Thermodynamics: Energy, Entropy, Exergy

    Chapter 47

    Energy—Environmental Interactions

    PART VIII: Other Areas of Interrest

    Chapter 48

    The EPA Dilemma

    Chapter 49

    Electromagnetic Fields

    Chapter 50

    Noise Pollution

    Chapter 51

    Used Oil

    Chapter 52

    Underground Storage Tanks

    Chapter 53

    Environmental Audits

    Chapter 54


    Chapter 55

    Nanotechnology Concerns

    Chapter 56

    Acid Rain

    Chapter 57

    Training Options

    Chapter 58

    Legal Issues

    Chapter 59

    Environmental Ethical Considerations

    Chapter 60

    Environmental Justice


    Mary K. Theodore – the daughter of immigrant parents from Ireland - received her BA degree in English from Manhattan College and MA in Applied Linguistics from Queens College. She is a member of the International English Honor Society of Sigma Tau Delta and honor society Epsilon Sigma Pi. Ms. Theodore is presently the president of TheodoreTutorials, a company that specializes in providing training needs to industry, government, and academia. She is the author of the chapter entitled "Domestic Solutions" in the Handbook of Environmental Management and Technology (Wiley-Interscience, 1993; the only nontechnical chapter in the handbook); coauthor of the unpublished, but copyrighted, work "A Citizen’s Guide to Pollution Prevention"; and, coauthor of Major Environmental Issues Facing the 21st Century (Prentice-Hall, 1996) and "introduction to Environmental Management" (CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group, 2009). The latter text effectively integrated the concept of "sustainable growth without environmental degradation" at both the industrial and domestic levels. Ms. Theodore is also a contributor to Luna, a collection of poetry, prose, and short stories. Ms. Theodore is currently an adjunct faculty member at the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT).

    Since marriage and the birth of her first child, Ms. Theodore has devoted a significant part of her life to help solve the environmental problems facing society from a domestic point of view. A proactive environmentalist with no ties to any of the environmental organizations in vogue today, she has also lectured in this area. She was recently involved with the development of a nontechnical environmental calendar that serves as a consumer and youth outreach product.

    Ms. Theodore resides in East Williston, Long Island, New York, with her husband of 53 years.

    Louis Theodore – the son of immigrant parents from Greece - is a retired professor of chemical engineering at Manhattan College, Riverdale, New York. Born and raised in Hell’s Kitchen, he received his MChE and EngScD from New York University and his BChE from The Cooper Union. Over the past 60 years, Dr. Theodore has been a successful educator, researcher, professional innovator, and communicator in the field of engineering. He has taught academic courses in environmental management, hazardous waste incineration, accident and emergency management, pollution prevention, air pollution control, and environmental health and hazard risk assessment.

    Dr. Theodore is an internationally recognized lecturer who has provided nearly 200 courses to industry, government, and technical associations; he has served as an after-dinner or luncheon speaker on numerous occasions; and he has appeared on television as a guest commentator and a news spokesperson. He has developed training materials and has served as the principal moderator/lecturer for U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) courses. He has also served as a consultant to several industrial companies in the field of environmental management, and is presently a consultant/expert witness for the USEPA and the U.S. Department of Justice.

    Dr. Theodore has written 121 text/reference books plus "Basketball Coaching 101". He is also the cofounder of Theodore Tutorials, a company specializing in providing training needs to industry, government, and academia; included in this TheodoreTutorials series of 21 texts are four tutorials concerned with the professional engineer’s (PE) exam.

    Dr. Theodore is the recipient of the prestigious Ripperton award from the International Air and Waste Management Association (AWMA) that is "presented to an outstanding educator who through example, dedication, and innovation has so inspired students to achieve excellence in their professional endeavors." Earlier, he was the recipient of the American Society of Engineering Education AT&T Foundation award for "excellence in the instruction of engineering students." Dr. Theodore was also honored at Madison Square Garden in 2008 for his contributions to basketball and the youth of America.

    Dr. Theodore is a member of Phi Lambda Upsilon, Sigma Xi, Tau Beta Pi, American Chemical Society, American Society of Engineering Education, Royal Hellenic Society, and the International Air and Waste Management Association. He is also certified to referee scholastic basketball games through his membership in the International Association of Approved Basketball Officials. He previously served on a Presidential Crime Commission and proved invited testimony. His column "AS I SEE IT" – drawn from www. Theodorenewsletter.com – addresses social, economic, political, technical, and sports issues, and is a monthly feature of several Long Island newspapers, plus the Queens Gazette.

    "The authors are correct. This is the definitive source for a nontechnical analysis of 21st century technical environmental issues."

    Dr. John D. McKenna, C.E.O., ETS, Inc., Roanoke, VA.


    "Really a great book. Easy to read and easy to understand the complex maze of environmental subject matter."

    Robert McIlvaine, President, The McIlvaine Co., Northfield, IL.


    "A hard book not to like. The new material is a welcome addition. Congratulations once again to the Theodores."

    Kenneth Skipka, Principal, RTP Environmental, Inc., Carle Place, NY