1st Edition

Leadership on a Blockchain What Asia Can Teach Us About Networked Leadership

By Frederique Covington Corbett Copyright 2024
    192 Pages 15 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    192 Pages 15 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Leadership on a Blockchain: What Asia Can Teach Us About Networked Leadership is an authoritative text that goes to the foremost digitally connected markets of the world in Asia, and accounts for how leaders and teams are exercising leadership Darwinism to adapt for agility and connectivity.

    The book begins by offering a contextual grounding for new leadership ideas to emerge. It contends that a "new geography of leadership" is unfolding as the world shifts away from unified globalist ideology and a dominant Western view of leadership. It moves on to describe how Asia is uniquely placed to become the leadership sandbox for the future. It accounts for how leaders and teams are exercising leadership Darwinism to adapt for agility and connectivity. To facilitate learning for the readers, this book includes creatives features such as the following:

    • An abbreviated history of significant leadership milestones in the last century
    • A leadership manifesto for the digital age
    • A practitioners’ starter kit to reimagining leadership in their organizations.

    Leaving behind the typical discourse of leadership anchored in power, control, and hierarchy, it offers a provocative call to all businesspeople to apply the principles of one of the most innovative technologies – blockchain – to reimagine leadership for transparency, trust, and distributed decision-making. The book concludes by distilling critical lessons for global leaders to take forward and lead a revolution in their own organizations.

    Sharing first-person accounts from leaders and their teams in China, Singapore, India, and Indonesia, and combining this with insights from the author’s own research, Leadership on a Blockchain will be of use to leaders around the world looking to transform their own leadership. It will also be of interest to academics and students of leadership, change management, organizational behavior, and cultural studies.


    Series Editor Foreword




    • Path To This Book
      • Research Overview
      • Methodology
      • Study Sample
      • Data Collection
      • Data Analysis
      • Limitations
      • Language
      • Structure of the book

    • Leadership Provocations
      • Provocation #1: Everyone Is a Leader
      • Provocation #2: Leadership Manifests a Zeitgeist
      • Provocation #3: Leadership Requires Emotion
      • Provocation #4: Leadership for Connected Consciousness

    • Why Leadership on a Blockchain?
      • The Essence of Networked Leadership
      • Inspiring New Meaning

    Part One: A New Geography of Leadership

    • Introduction
    • Chapter 1: A Shifting Leadership Ideology

      • Abbreviated History of Leadership Theories
      • Trendlines Affecting Contemporary Leadership Ideology

    • Chapter 2: The Rise of Asia
      • New Economic Powerhouse
      • Leadership Experimentation
      • Leadership Divergence

    • Chapter 3: The Network Imperative
      • Decentralization
      • Transparency
      • Organic Organizational Systems
      • Networked Learning

    • Conclusion

    Part Two: Asia – Future Leadership Sandbox

    • Introduction
    • Chapter 4: Networking Culture

      • Holism of Thought
      • Morality, Harmony, and Collectivism
      • Family and Community
      • Networking Technology
      • Networked Youth

    • Chapter 5: Leadership Darwinism

      • Complexity, Disruption, and Uncertainty
      • The COVID-19 Shock
      • Generational Divide

    • Chapter 6: Networked Leadership

      • Emerging Leadership Phenomenon
      • Blockchain Principles

    • Conclusion

    Part Three: Lessons For Global Leaders

    • Introduction
    • Chapter 7: An Evolving Leadership Construct

      • Leadership’s Marked Inflection Points in the Last Decade
      • Leadership Through Connectivity and Purpose
      • The Changing Roles of Leaders & Followers

    • Chapter 8: Leadership Manifesto for the Digital Age

      • A New Understanding of Leadership
      • New Leadership Practices
      • New Leadership Process
      • New End Game for Leadership
      • A Leadership Renaissance

    • Chapter 9: Practitioner Starter Kit

      • Developing A Team-based Mental Model of Leadership
      • Encouraging Decentralized Organizational Governance
      • Understanding The Repercussions of Blockchain on Organizations

    • Conclusion



    Dr. Frederique Covington Corbett is a lecturer at Pepperdine and Berkeley University who also sits on the board of Directors of EFFIE Worldwide, which champions the practice of marketing effectiveness globally. She holds a PhD in Global Leadership and Change.

    She is a senior executive who has held many top-level leadership positions and has been recognized as an innovative thinker, trailblazer, and thought leader at the intersection of leadership, technology, and culture. Most recently, she was the SVP, Chief Global Brand and Integrated Marketing Officer at Visa. Previously, she has held senior marketing positions at Microsoft and Twitter and has also been the Managing Partner of the Ogilvy Bates WPP advertising group.

    "The world has become overwhelmingly complex, and new models of leadership are required. In Leadership on a Blockchain, Dr. Corbett expertly, succinctly, and with deep insight details the future of leadership: distributed, connected, and networked." Professor George Siemens, Centre for Change and Complexity in Learning, University of South Australia, Australia

    "Dr. Corbett’s idea of Leadership on a Blockchain is a winning model for new-age leaders. It promotes the idea of distributed leadership, which is key to building the right culture in the digital age. The book is deeply strategic and highly actionable." Dheeraj Sinha, CEO, Leo Burnett South Asia; Chairman, BBH, India

    "Leadership on a Blockchain is a rallying cry to redefine leadership: no longer personified in a singular senior individual; it is instead an organization-wide system of distributed decision-making, expertise, and empowerment. With the accelerated economic, technological, and social change, never has this new idea of leadership been more critical to success." Justin Halim, Expert Partner, Bain & Company Southeast Asia, Singapore