Originally published in 1977, Open Prisons presents research carried out in a number of prisons in the UK both ‘open’ and ‘closed’ intended to compare their effectiveness. Information was collected from inmates and prison staff through a number of exercises designed to assess the social atmosphere of the prison and how they felt about it. The book finishes with a chapter which discusses the policy implications of their findings. Today it can be read in its historical context.

    Preface.  1. Open Prisons: Their Origins and Aims  2. The Closed Prisons  3. The Open Prisons  4. The Measurement of Prison Regimes  5. How the Regimes are Perceived  6. Studying Prison Staffs  7. The Social Backgrounds of Prison Officers  8. Prison Officers at Work  9. Policy Implications.  Appendices:  1. The Moos Correctional Institutions Environment Scale: Instrumentation  2. The Prison Officer’s Questionnaire  3. The Prison Officer’s Diary  4. Prison Officers’ Typology Matrix  5. A Tentative Evaluation of the Moos CIES.  Notes.  Index.


    Howard Jones and Paul Cornes, assisted by Richard Stockford