1st Edition

Organisational Psychology An Essential Guide

Edited By Julia Yates, Lara Zibarras, Lynsey Mahmood Copyright 2024
    266 Pages 20 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    266 Pages 20 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Organisational Psychology offers an accessible, engaging and practical introduction to this fascinating discipline. It explores the latest thinking, reveals surprising truths about the way we work, and explains how to craft a successful and fulfilling career in the field.

    Organisational psychology is a complex and dynamic field that focuses on human behaviour in the workplace, and explores how individuals, groups and organisations function. Structured in three parts, the book combines an overview of the field with effective advice on how to become a successful organisational psychologist. It offers a deep-dive into the British Psychological Society’s five core areas of organisational psychology: Psychological Assessment at Work; Learning, Training and Development; Leadership, Engagement and Motivation; Well-being and Work; and Work Design, Organisational Change and Development. Chapters include key academic and theoretical concepts, practical applications, future directions for the field, key learning points, and further reading.

    Written by highly qualified experts in the field, this text is ideal for both undergraduate and postgraduate students taking programmes or modules in organisational psychology or related topics, including work and business psychology and human resources, as well as human resources practitioners. This text will also be valuable for anyone interested in understanding how organisations function and the best ways to allow individuals and organisations to survive, thrive and flourish.

    1. Introduction  

    Julia Yates, Lara Zibarras and Lynsey Mahmood

    Part One: The core areas of organisational psychology

    2. Psychological Assessment  

    Lara Zibarras

    3. Learning, training and development 

    Julia Yates

    4. Leadership, engagement and motivation  

    Jutta Tobias Mortlock

    5. Wellbeing and work

    Lara Zibarras, Julia Yates, Shannon Horan and Lucie Zernerova 

    6. Work design, organisational change and development 

    Claire Stone

    Part Two: The core areas in focus

    7. Psychological assessment in focus: psychometrics

    Suchi Pathak

    8. Learning, training and development in focus: coaching psychology

    Julia Yates

    9. Leadership, engagement and motivation in focus: groups and teams

    Lynsey Mahmood

    10. Well-being and work in focus: mindfulness at work

    Jutta Tobias Mortlock

    11. Work design, organisational change and development in focus: latest developments in organisational psychology

    Jane Stewart

    Part Three: Professional practice

    12. Professionalism in organisational psychology: ethical and reflective practice 

    Julia Yates

    13. Research design and evidence-based practice  

    Jennifer Gerson, Lynsey Mahmood and Lara Zibarras

    14. Working in organisational psychology  

    Hayley Lewis

    Concluding remarks


    Julia Yates is Chartered Psychologist and Associate Professor at City, University of London where she teaches career development and coaching on the MSc in Organisational Psychology. Before moving into academia, Julia spent 15 years working as a career coach and trainer, supporting individuals and organisations with their career- development planning.

    Lara Zibarras is Reader in Organisational Psychology at City, University of London and teaches the Psychological Assessment module. Her key research areas are employee selection (where she particularly focuses on fairness, diversity, unconscious bias and applicant reactions) and pro-environmental behaviour in the workplace and she has published widely in academic journals. She is also a Chartered Psychologist and HCPC Registered Chartered Occupational Psychologist.

    Lynsey Mahmood is Chartered Psychologist working in academia and practice. She is currently Lecturer in Business and Organisational Psychology at the University of Kent. Working as a practitioner she helps organisations with team development and behaviour change implementation and has spent the last four years working in the Fire and Rescue Service to deliver behaviour change interventions and evaluate their impact.

    "This book is perfect for anyone studying or considering a career in organisational psychology. It really is the essential guide. Read this book and learn from expert academics and practitioners. I wish a book like this had existed when I did my own MSc!"

    Martin Greaves, Business Partner, BBC.

    "Accessible, comprehensive and relevant. A must-read for students wanting to grasp the essentials of organisational psychology and practitioners keen to benefit from the latest thinking in the field."

    Dr Phillipa Coan, Psychologist, Coach and Behaviour Change Specialist.

    "Organisational Psychology: An Essential Guide offers a captivating and practical introduction to the intricate world of humans at work. It delves into work dynamics and provides guidance on optimising organizations for enhanced effectiveness for both employers and individual workers. What sets this book apart is its applicability, regardless of whether you’re a student, professional, or just keen on knowing more about thriving organisations. It’s an easy-to-read resource packed with evidence-based insights. I highly recommend it."

    Dr Antonio Pangallo, Principal Researcher, Qualtrics.

    This book has it all - from the theory and research to the application of organisational psychology. What makes it truly unique is that it acts as a guide to the core research areas and offers real-world application to prepare you for the many careers and routes available within the field. If you are looking to either study or work in OP, then put this book on your essential-reading list!"

    Lucy Gallagher, Group People Programmes Manager, Endava.