1st Edition

Perspectives in Psychological Experimentation Toward the Year 2000

Edited By Viktor Sarris, Allen Parducci Copyright 1984

    One response to questions about the future of psychology is to attempt an answer to another question: What have we learned from psychology’s past? Originally published in 1984, reissued here with a new preface, this book presents a collection of original papers by authorities with international reputations in various fields of psychology at the time. Contributors were invited to appraise the past of their own research specialties, with an eye toward the future. The emphasis is upon the more scientific areas of psychological research.

    The catalyst for this book was an international conference honoring Gustav A. Lienert held in 1981. Psychologists from both Western and Eastern Europe, North and South America, and representing fields as different as psychophysics is from clinical psychology, or animal memory from human decision making, described their research and argued the prospects for the future of experimental psychology. Most of the arguments found their way into this book where readers could confront the different viewpoints at the time and those reading it today can see how accurate their predictions were for the future.

    New Preface for the Reissue.  Foreword.  Preface.  1. The Experimental Approach: Dead End or Via Regia of Psychology Allen Parducci and Viktor Sarris  Part I: Historical Developmental and General Methodology  2. The Experimental Method in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Psychology Michael Wertheimer  3. Experimentation and the Myth of the Incorrigible Kenneth J. Gergen  4. Contemporary Aspects of Psychological Experimentation Ruben Ardila  Part II: Basic Processes of Animal Learning and Memory  5. Learning in Man and Other Animals M.E. Bitterman  6. Animal Memory – as Compared with Human Memory Lajos Kardos  7. The Future Study of Learning and Memory from a Psychobiological Perspective Norman E. Spear  Part III: Perceptual and Cognitive Psychology  8. The Construction and Limitation of Consciousness George Mandler  9. Perceptual and Mnemonic Functions: A Psychological Paradigm Damián Kováč  10. Perceptual and Judgmental Relativity Allen Parducci  11. Perceptual Processings of Words and Drawings Paul Fraisse  12. Studies in Text Comprehension: Toward a Model for Learning from Reading Walter Kintsch and Eileen Kintsch  Part IV: Differential, Social, and Developmental Psychology  13. The Biology of Individual Differences Hans Jürgen Eysenck  14. Biological Determination of Personality Dimensions Jan Strelau  15. The Situation in an Interactional Paradigm of Personality Research David Magnusson  16. Perspectives in Human Motivational Psychology: A New Experimental Paradigm Julius Kuhl and John W. Atkinson  17. Social Psychology: What it is, Where it Came From, and Where it is Headed Philip G. Zimbardo  18. From Traditional Factor Analysis to Structural – Causal Modeling in Developmental Research John R. Nesselroade and Paul B. Baltes  Part V: Clinical and Applied Psychology  19. Information Processing in Psychopathology Mitchell L. Kietzman, Joseph Zubin and Stuart Steinhauer  20. Nonspecific Factors and Drug Placebo Response in Psychiatry Robert W. Downing and Karl Rickels  21. New Approaches in Behavior Therapy Research Johannes C. Brengelmann  22. Decision Analysis: A Nonpsychological Psychotechnology Ward Edwards.  Epilogue: The Future of Experimental Psychology – Toward the Year 2000 Viktor Sarris and Allen Parducci.  Author Index.  Subject Index.


    Viktor Sarris and Allen Parducci