1st Edition

Strategies for Great Teaching Maximize Learning Moments

By Mark Reardon, Seth Derner Copyright 2008
    190 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    This exciting, practical guide offers teachers easy-to-implement strategies that help students draw personal meaning from the curriculum. Filled with great tips for engaging learners, this book is a must for any teacher. The authors show how a variety of strategies—cooperative learning, direct instruction, inquiry, reflective writing, and experimentation—can be used to help learners bond with the content.

    Consider this a teacher-friendly guidebook for creating moments of genuine student understanding and comprehension. For example, this book offers lessons in which students:

    • play the part of television reporters, interviewing other students about content they have learned;
    • create visually complex pictures and graphs to represent information or concepts;
    • use mathematical symbols to capture their understanding of relationship and events inherent in the content; and
    • play a classroom version of the old television game show The $10,000 Pyramid to identify patterns and seek meaning.

    Each strategy explored in this book provides a unique type of “e-moment” (engaging moment) that connects with students through their learning preferences and styles. Across the curriculum, teachers will learn how to better engage students and increase comprehension by adapting these strategies to their own specific needs.

    Educational Resource

    List of Tables Foreword Acknowledgments About This Book Maximizing Learning Quick Guide for Implementing E-Moments E-Moments Almanac and Encyclopedia Moment Astaire Moment Cartographer Moment Choral Response Moment Crayon Moment Descartes Moment Dickens Moment Einstein Moment Eyewitness Moment Go Get It Moment Go with the Flow Moment Graphic Artist Moment Hieroglyphic Moment Hole-in-One Moment Jeopardy Moment Karaoke Moment Little Professor Moment Marceau Moment Meteorologist Moment Me, You, Us Moment Michelangelo Moment Mother Goose Moment Motion Moment Newton Moment Party Host Moment Picasso Moment Show What You Know Moment Soundtrack Moment $10,000 Pyramid Moment Voice Modulator Moment Integrating E-Moments with Curriculum Standards Works Cited Further Exploration


    Mark Reardon is the president of Centre Point Education and has 24 years of experience as a teacher, principal, and educational consultant. He is the author of Hot Tips for Teachers, Hit Tips for Speakers, and Hot Tips for Facilitators.

    Seth Derner is an educational specialist with the National Future Farmers of America Organization and has authored numerous leadership and personal development conferences for students.