3rd Edition

Textbook of Pleural Diseases

Edited By Richard W. Light, Y C Gary Lee Copyright 2016
    675 Pages 323 Color Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The Second Edition of this book was the Winner of the First Prize (Respiratory Category) at the British Medical Association Medical Book Awards. 

    Textbook of Pleural Diseases is a comprehensive reference that covers both the basic and clinical science on pleural diseases. Building on the highly respected previous editions, it includes a detailed basic science section for enhanced understanding of both the physiological and pathophysiological mechanisms that underpin diseases of the pleura.

    The clinical sections are written in a uniform style and include the definition, epidemiology, etiology, pathogenesis, clinical presentation, investigations, treatments, and possible complications for various pleural diseases. Other clinical chapters discuss both familiar and less common disease aspects.

    Five new chapters have been added covering new technologies in the clinical management of pleural diseases, procedural complications and safety measures, and the setting up of a pleural practice. The remaining chapters have been substantially updated. About a third of the 50 chapters in this edition are written by new expert authors providing a fresh view and reflecting the expansion of knowledge in the field.

    Each chapter includes a bullet-point summary, and published management guidelines are included where relevant. Also included is a "Key Points" section in each chapter that highlights patient management, making this an indispensable reference for pulmonary physicians, internists, thoracic surgeons and trainees worldwide.

    Pleural Diseases: Historic Perspective
    Gian Franco Tassi and Gian Pietro Marchetti


    Pleural Embryology and Gross Structure, Circulation, Lymphatics, and Nerves
    Rob J. Hallifax and Najib M. Rahman

    Mesothelial Cells and Pleural Immunology
    Steven E. Mutsaers, Marie-Claude Jaurand, Y. C. Gary Lee, and Cecilia M. Prêle

    Normal Physiological Fluid and Cellular Contents
    Marc Noppen

    Fluid and Solute Exchange in Normal and Disease States
    V. Courtney Broaddus

    Pleural Inflammation
    Jason S. Zolak and Veena B. Antony

    Pleural Fibrosis
    Torry A. Tucker, Andrey A. Komissarov, Galina Florova, Sreerama Shetty, and Steven Idell

    Genetics of Mesothelioma
    Dean A. Fennell and Sara Busacca

    Transcriptomics and Proteomics in Pleural Diseases
    Joost P. Hegmans, Lysanne A. Lievense, and Joachim G. Aerts

    Pleural Pharmacokinetics
    Natalia Popowicz and Brad Sparling

    Experimental Models: Pleural Disease
    Georgios T. Stathopoulos, Y.C. Gary Lee, and Bruce W.S. Robinson


    Approach to Patients with Pleural Diseases
    Oliver Bintcliffe and Nick Maskell

    Pleural Fluid Analysis
    John E. Heffner

    Pleural Manometry
    David Feller-Kopman

    Radiology: Diagnostic
    Fergus V. Gleeson

    Radiology: Interventional
    Iara Maria Sequeiros and Anthony Edey

    Radiology: Pleural Ultrasound
    Coenraad F.N. Koegelenberg and Andreas H. Diacon

    Radiology: Nuclear Imaging
    Roslyn Francis and Anna Nowak

    Pleural Histology
    Philip T. Cagle and Timothy Craig Allen

    Pleural Fluid Cytology
    Amanda Segal, Marais Combrinck, and Siaw Ming Chai

    Effusions from Cardiovascular Diseases
    José M. Porcel and Richard W. Light

    Effusion from Malignant Causes
    Rajesh Thomas, Ioannis Kalomenidis, James Jett, and Y.C. Gary Lee

    Effusions from Infections: Parapneumonic Pleural Effusion and Empyema
    John P. Corcoran and Najib M. Rahman

    Effusions from Infections: Tuberculosis
    Luke C. Strnad, Claudia M. Denkinger, and Madhukar Pai

    Effusions from Atypical Infections
    Lisete R. Teixeira and Francisco S. Vargas

    Effusions Due to Lymphatic Disruption
    J. Terrill Huggins and Peter Doelken

    Effusions in Immunocompromised Hosts
    Rosemary Adamson and David R. Park

    Effusions from Connective Tissue Diseases
    Stavros Anevlavis and Demosthenes Bouros

    Effusions Caused by Drugs
    Vasileios Skouras and Ioannis Kalomenidis

    Effusions after Surgery
    Oner Dikensoy and Richard W. Light

    Effusions from Hepatic Hydrothorax
    José Castellote and Xavier Xiol

    Effusions Caused by Gastrointestinal Disease
    David Hsia and Ali I. Musani

    Effusions Associated with Gynecologic and Obstetric Conditions
    Benjamin C.H. Kwan and Richard W. Light

    Other Uncommon Pleural Effusions
    Craig E. Daniels and Jay H. Ryu

    Solitary Fibrous Tumors of the Pleura
    Marc De Perrot and Olaf Mercier

    Undiagnosed Pleural Effusions
    A. Christine Argento and Momen M. Wahidi

    Asbestos-Related Pleural Diseases
    Fraser J.H. Brims and A.W. Musk

    Marc Van Lanen and Paul Baas

    Spontaneous Pneumothorax
    Paul E. Van Schil, Dragan Subotic, Chantal Vandenbroeck, Jeroen M. Hendriks, Marjan Hertoghs, and Patrick Lauwers

    Non-Spontaneous Pneumothorax
    Demondes Haynes and Michael H. Baumann

    Pleural Effusions in Pediatric Patients
    Esmeralda Morales and Elizabeth Perkett

    Pleural Procedural Complications and Safety Measures
    Luke Garske and Claire Tobin

    Drainage Techniques
    Henri Colt

    Helen E. Davies and Y.C. Gary Lee

    Tunneled Pleural Catheters
    Alex Chee, Paul Maceachern, David R. Stather, and Alain Tremblay

    Medical Thoracoscopy
    Pyng Lee and Philippe Astoul

    Surgery for Pleural Diseases
    Lawrence Okiror and Loic Lang-Lazdunski

    Gene Therapy in Pleural Diseases
    Edmund K. Moon, Steven M. Albelda, and Daniel H. Sterman

    Setting up a Pleural Practice
    Rahul Bhatnagar and Nick Maskell

    Future Directions in Pleural Disease
    Y.C. Gary Lee and Richard W. Light


    Edited by

    Richard W. Light, MD, FCCP, professor of medicine, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, USA, and Gaziantep University, Turkey

    Y. C. Gary Lee, MBChB, PhD, FRACP, FRCP, FCCP, professor of respiratory medicine, University of Western Australia; director of pleural services, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital; and Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre, Perth, Australia

    "...a classic that has been updated with an excellent third edition... an important book for practitioners and scientists in the field and should be in every academic library." 

    © Doody’s Review Service, 2016, 4* by Michael Bates, MD (Ochsner Medical Center)