1st Edition

The Dialectics of Democracy Towards a Socialist Constitutionalism

By Dimitrios Kivotidis Copyright 2024

    This book examines how the democratic form and the struggle for democracy reflects, influences and shapes the struggle for social emancipation.

    In the context of increased exploitation, rising inequality, and intensified struggle for social justice in the aftermath of the economic crisis, the channelling of populism through liberal democratic institutions has had contradictory effects: giving rise to both Corbyn and Brexit, Sanders and Trump, Syriza and the Golden Dawn, to name but a few. How can we make sense of these developments? In response, this book approaches the idea of democracy from a socialist constitutionalist standpoint and explores institutional forms and principles that challenge and aim at the transformation of the extant social order. This process involves the challenging of well-established ideas of the liberal viewpoint, as well as an unwavering focus on the issue of class rule which enables the highlighting of limitations of -not only mainstream but also heterodox- contemporary approaches to constitutionalism and democracy. Ultimately, democracy is conceived as a process of struggle for creating the conditions, material as well as intellectual, for its actualisation.

    This significant work of legal and political theory will be of considerable interest to those working in these areas to make sense of contemporary developments, and to further the causes of social justice and social emancipation.

    Part One - Capitalism and Democracy 1. Dialectical Materialist Approach to Democracy 2. Democracy in the Stage of Imperialism 3. 'Radical' Theories of Democracy 4. Democracy and Digital Capitalims Part Two - Democracy and Socialism 5. Social-Democratic Constitutionalism 6. Socialist Constitutionalism 7. The Democratic Form in Communism


    Dimitrios Kivotidis is a Lecturer in Law at Goldsmiths, University of London, UK.