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The Perception of Causality

ISBN 9781138698420
Published March 12, 2019 by Routledge
452 Pages

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Book Description

Originally published in 1963, this is a classic work on the psychology of perception. By means of suitable patterns on a partly concealed rotating disc Michotte was able to give the impression of objects in movement; and where certain conditions of speed, position, and time-interval were satisfied, his subjects received the impression of a causal interaction between two objects – for example, the impression that one object has ‘bumped into’ another (the ‘Launching Effect’) or is carrying it along (the ‘Entraining Effect’). In a further group of experiments Michotte studies the conditions in which moving objects look as though they are alive.

A large number of experiments are described, and on the basis of them Michotte formulates a theory as to the conditions in which causal impressions occur. He also compares his own views on causality with those of Hume, Maine de Biran, and Piaget.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Professor R.C. Oldfield.  Preface to the English Edition.  Translators’ Glossary.  Author’s Note.  Introduction.  1. The Problem  2. The Experimental Apparatus  Mechanical Causality  Part 1: The Launching Effect  3. The Segregative Influence of the Objects  4. The Polarising Influence of the Objects  5. The Phenomenal Aspect of the Objects  6. Spatio-Temporal Integration  7. The Speeds and the Hierarchisation of the Movements  8. The Launching Effect seen as a Whole  Part 2: The Entraining Effect  9. The Structural Organisation of the Entraining Effect  10. Launching-by-Expulsion  11. Propulsion  12. Animal Locomotion  13. Tactile-Kinaesthetic Perception of Mechanical Causality  14. Ampliation of the Movement  Qualitative Causality  15. Movement of One Object linked with Qualitative Change in Another  16. The Linking of Qualitative Changes in Two Objects  The Origin of the Idea of Causality  17. Critical Reflections on Different Theories  Appendices  1. A Special Case of Propulsion: the Trace-making Effect  2. Theory of Phenomenal Causality. New Perspectives  Commentary (by T.R. Miles).  References.  Index of Authors. Index of Subjects.

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