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    In 1990, Robert Young's White Mythologies set out to question the very concepts of history and the West. Is it possible, he asked, to write history that avoids the trap of Eurocentrism? Is history simply a Western myth? His reflections on these topics provided some of the most important new directions in postcolonial studies and continue to exert a huge influence on the field. This new edition reprints what has quickly become a classic text, along with a substantial new essay reflecting on changes in the field and in the author's own position since publication.
    An essential read for all those working in postcolonial theory, literature and history, this book cemented Young's reputation as one of the country's most influential scholars and, as a new preface by Homi Bhabha comments, made an original and invaluable intervention in the field, leading even the most established figures to rethink their own positions. Provoking further re-evaluation with the new introductory essay, this second edition will like its predecessor be a key text for every academic and student in the field.

    1 White mythologies 2 Marxism and the question of history 3 Sartre’s extravagances 4 The scientific critique of historicism 5 Foucault’s phantasms 6 The Jameson raid 7 Disorienting Orientalism 8 The ambivalence of Bhabha 9 Spivak: decolonization, deconstruction


    Robert J.C. Young