1st Edition

10 Performance-Based STEM Projects for Grades 4-5

By Todd Stanley Copyright 2018
    150 Pages
    by Routledge

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    10 Performance-Based STEM Projects for Grades 4-5 provides 10 ready-made projects designed to help students achieve higher levels of thinking and develop 21st-century skills while learning about science, technology, engineering, and math. Projects are aligned to national standards and feature crosscurricular connections, allowing students to explore and be creative as well as gain an enduring understanding. Each project is linked to national STEM education goals and represents one of a variety of performance assessments, including oral presentations, research papers, and exhibitions. Included for each project are a suggested calendar to allow teachers to easily plan a schedule, mini-lessons that allow students to build capacity and gain an understanding of what they are doing, as well as multiple rubrics that can be used to objectively assess the performance of students. The lessons are laid out in an easy-to-follow format that will allow teachers to implement the projects immediately.

    Grades 4-5

    INTRODUCTION Why Project-Based Learning? Why STEM? Why STEM and PBL? How This Book Is Organized Project 1: Communicate Effectively Project Outline: Magnetic English Suggested Timeline Lesson: What Is Poetry? Lesson: Lines and Stanzas Lesson: Rhythm/Rhyme Lesson: Tone and Mood Handout Product Rubric Project 2: Focus on Inquiry and Collaboration Project Outline: Pumpkin Catapult Suggested Timeline Lesson: What Is a Catapult? Lesson: Building a Class Catapult Handouts Product Rubric Project 3: Understand Multiple Content Areas Project Outline: Strands of the Same DNA Suggested Timeline Lesson: Math and Science Connections Handouts Product Rubrics Project 4: Explore Contemporary Issues Project Outline: An American Quilt Suggested Timeline Lesson: What Is a Melting Pot? Lesson: Why Do People Immigrate to the United States? Lesson: Analyzing Immigration Data Product Rubric Project 5: Use Technology, Math, and Reasoning Project Outline: Brainteasing Patterns Suggested Timeline Handouts Product Rubric Project 6: Use and Analyze Models Project Outline: Isn’t It a Wonder? Suggested Timeline Handouts Product Rubric Project 7: Record and Analyze Data Project Outline: Fantasy Baseball Suggested Timeline Lesson: Determining Baseball Statistics Handouts Project 8: Investigate Change Over Time and Patterns Project Outline: Egg Drop Challenge Suggested Timeline Handouts Product Rubric Project 9: Use Computer Models or Simulations Project Outline: What Are the Consequences? Suggested Timeline Lesson: Cause and Effect Handout Product Rubric Project 10: Construct and Explain Systems Project Outline: The Game of Economics Suggested Timeline Lesson: Economics in Games Lesson: Writing Clear Instructions Handout Product Rubric DEVELOP YOUR OWN STEM PROJECTS REFERENCES ABOUT THE AUTHOR NEXT GENERATION SCIENCE STANDARDS ALIGNMENT COMMON CORE STATE STANDARDS ALIGNMENT


    Todd Stanley is author of seven teacher education books including Project-Based Learning for Gifted Students: A Handbook for the 21st-Century Classroom and Performance-Based Assessment for 21st-Century Skills.