1st Edition

100 Cases for Medical Data Interpretation

Edited By David Howlett, Nicola Gainsborough Copyright 2013
    494 Pages 95 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    494 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    Data interpretation questions based on clinical cases are a popular means of testing medical students both during undergraduate studies and as an element of finals examinations. Written by a small team of authors with extensive teaching experience, 100 Cases in Medical Data Interpretation provides invaluable guidance from lecturers who understand from personal experience that detailed and accurate explanations are the key to successful revision.

    This book presents 100 cases arranged by specialty area—radiology, clinical chemistry, haematology and cardiology—as well as a random section of miscellaneous cases. Questions accompanying each case prompt the reader to consider how the data presented might be correctly understood. A clear discussion of how the correct answer was reached, with boxed highlights and bullet lists of key points, makes this book an excellent learning aid during all stages of clinical studies, and particularly while preparing for medical finals.

    Section 1: Clinical chemistry
    Case 1: Elderly woman with history of vomiting
    Case 2: An elderly man with shortness of breath
    Case 3: A woman with headache
    Case 4: An elderly man with a cough
    Case 5: A woman with abdominal pain
    Case 6: A depressed elderly man
    Case 7: A teenager with headache and vomiting
    Case 8: A man with severe vomiting
    Case 9: A man found semi-conscious
    Case 10: Young woman with aspirin overdose
    Case 11: Asthmatic male with cough
    Case 12: A man with renal failure
    Case 13: Teenager with colicky pain
    Case 14: Man with diabetes mellitus
    Case 15: Elderly man with dysuria
    Case 16: Middle-aged woman with tiredness
    Case 17: Middle-aged man with shortness of breath
    Case 18: Elderly woman admitted following a fall
    Case 19: Elderly man with nocturia
    Case 20: Man with severe headaches
    Case 21: An elderly confused woman
    Case 22: Middle-aged woman feeling tired
    Case 23: Woman with polycystic ovary syndrome
    Case 24: Man with painful knees
    Section 2: Radiology
    Case 25: Woman with abdominal pain
    Case 26: A woman with cough and weight loss
    Case 27: Middle-aged woman with difficulty in swallowing
    Case 28: Young man with chest pain
    Case 29: Young woman with loss of vision
    Case 30: Middle-aged man with shortness of breath
    Case 31: An elderly woman with weight loss
    Case 32: An elderly woman with shortness of breath
    Case 33: An elderly woman with diabetes
    Case 34: Middle-aged woman with a cough
    Case 35: Man with a bloody cough
    Case 36: Middle-aged man with a cough
    Case 37: Elderly man with headache
    Case 38: Elderly man with pain in the hip
    Case 39: Woman with headache and vomiting
    Case 40: Elderly woman with epigastric pain
    Case 41: Elderly man with shortness of breath
    Case 42: Woman with abdominal pain
    Case 43: Middle-aged woman with swelling in hands and feet
    Case 44: Middle-aged man with confusion
    Case 45: Elderly woman with upper limb weakness
    Case 46: Nasogastric feeding on the stroke unit
    Section 3: Haematology
    Case 47: Elderly woman with constipation
    Case 48: A young woman with profound fatigue
    Case 49: A middle-aged man with lethargy
    Case 50: Teenager with chest pain
    Case 51: An elderly woman with light-headedness
    Case 52: An elderly woman with anaemia
    Case 53: Middle-aged woman with anaemia
    Case 54: A confused elderly woman
    Case 55: Elderly woman with bruising
    Case 56: Elderly man with hip pain
    Case 57: A teenager with unexplained bruises
    Case 58: A teenager with panic attacks
    Case 59: An elderly man with nose bleeds
    Case 60: A teenager with a swollen knee
    Case 61: Woman with heavy period
    Case 62: Young woman with leg pain and swelling
    Case 63: Elderly woman with fever and lethargy
    Case 64: Woman with emergency hip repair
    Case 65: Middle-aged woman with right-sided weakness
    Case 66: Middle-aged man with increasing tiredness
    Case 68: Middle-aged man with cellulitis
    Section 4: Cardiology
    Case 69: Elderly man with palpitations
    Case 70: Elderly man with chest pain
    Case 71: Middle-aged man with syncope
    Case 72: Middle-aged woman with chest pain
    Case 73: Middle-aged man with light headedness
    Case 74: Young woman with palpitations
    Case 75: Elderly woman with chest pain
    Case 76: Elderly man with syncope
    Case 77: Middle-aged woman with chest pain
    Case 78: Young woman with syncope
    Case 79: Middle-aged man with abdominal pain
    Case 80: Elderly man with palpitations
    Case 81: Elderly woman with fever and weight loss
    Case 82: Young man with shortness of breath
    Case 83: Young man undergoing army medical
    Case 84: Woman with increasing shortness of breath
    Case 85: Elderly man with atrial fibrillation
    Case 86: Elderly man with kidney disease
    Case 87: Young man with central chest pain
    Case 88: Young man with palpitations
    Section 5: Miscellaneous
    Case 89: Elderly woman with COPD
    Case 90: Elderly man with increasing confusion
    Case 91: Elderly man with respiratory distress
    Case 92: Young woman with cough
    Case 93: Elderly man with progressive leg swelling
    Case 94: Woman suspected of attempted suicide
    Case 95: Man with chest pain and weight loss
    Case 96: Young woman with pain in her legs and back
    Case 97: Middle-aged man with severe headache
    Case 98: Middle-aged man with epigastric pain
    Case 99: Elderly woman with fever and mild confusion
    Case 100: Elderly woman admitted following a fall


    Dr David C Howlett FRCP FRCR, Consultant Radiologist, East Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust; Honorary Reader, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, UK

    Dr Nicola Gainsborough, Consultant Physician, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust; Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, UK