1st Edition

100 Per Cent Renewable Energy Autonomy in Action

Edited By Peter Droege Copyright 2010
    352 Pages 44 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The greatest challenge of our time is to build a world based on the sustainable use of renewable power. Our massive dependence on fossil fuels has upset the very climatic system that made human evolution possible. The global economy and its financial system are in jeopardy, running hot on overtly cheap yet increasingly costly and fast depleting oil. A 100% renewable world is seen by many as an impossible dream in anything but the very long term. But not only do a growing number of initiatives and plans dare to make the change but many have already achieved it.

    This rich collection presents a series of pioneering efforts and their champions, and the paths to their successes. Ranging from initiatives by individuals to visions for companies, communities and entire countries, it defeats tired economic and technical counter-arguments, showing how the schemes featured not only can and do work but do so economically and with available technology. The book is introduced by incisive writing by Peter Droege, explaining the challenges and framing a roadmap towards a 100% renewable reality.

    1. 100% Renewable Energy: The Essential Target  2. Institutions for a 100% Renewable World  3. The Renewable Imperative: Providing Climate Protection and Energy Security  4. 100% is Possible Now  5. C02-Free Munich  6. 100% Renewable Champions: International Case Studies  7. Feed-In Tariffs: The Policy Path to 100%  8. How to Achieve Renewable Energy Regions and Advance Sustainable Development: Integrated Models and Processes in Germany  9. Renewable Regions: Life after Fossil Fuel in Spain  10. 100% Renewable Transport  11. Better Place  12. How to Grow Food in the 100% Renewable City: Building Integrated Agriculture  13. Oil to Solar: The Masdar Initiative  14. Masdar City Master Plan: The Design and Engineering Strategies  15. Urban Energy Potentials: A Step towards the Use of 100% Renewable Energies  16. Closing the Planning Gap: Moving to Renewable Communities  17. Community Life at 100% and Beyond: How to Raise a Renewable Family without Even Trying  18. 100% Renewable Life: One Man's Stand Against a Fossil-Fuel World


     Peter Droege is Professor and Chair of Sustainable Spatial Development at the University of Liechtenstein, and Conjoint Professor, Faculty of Engineering at the University of Newcastle, Australia. He is the president of the European Association for Renewable Energy, Eurosolar, and General Chair, World Council for Renewable Energy

    "This inspiring book has been long overdue. It tackles an essential question for human survival in the 21st century: will we be able to transform our lives, businesses, buildings, settlements and the transport networks connecting them from unsustainable, oil-based and greenhouse gas emitting into sustainable, fossil fuel-free, zero-carbon metabolisms? This important volume and its two dozen contributors show that this path is necessary, practical and affordable. Read this book: its exciting, fresh insights will show you how to move from promise to practice." Marco Keiner, Director, Environment, Housing and Land Management Division United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

    "As he has in the past, Peter Droege has produced an important and timely new book on how we shift away from our current energy path. The challenges are immense, but these scholarly essays provide a roadmap for delivering fundamental change in the way we bring new energy technologies to market. Perhaps most important, the book emphasizes the key role that renewables can play in our urban energy picture. As the home to most global energy use, cities are one of the toughest venues to deploy renewables in a cost effective manner. Droege and his fellow authors don't shy away from the challenge, however, proving to us that we can nibble away at this problem a bit at a time, ultimately delivering cities with vastly smaller carbon footprints." – Stephen Hammer, Director, Urban Energy Program, Columbia University Center for Energy, Marine Transportation and Public Policy