1st Edition

101 Poems for Teachers

By Annette Breaux Copyright 2010
    208 Pages
    by Eye On Education

    by Eye On Education

    One of the most sought-after and dynamic speakers in education, Annette Breaux has inspired audiences of teachers and administrators across the country. She has incorporated each of her presentations with her heartwarming original poetry. This collection brings together 101 of Breaux's poems, from which teachers and school staff can draw continued motivation and enjoyment.

    I Teach
    I light a spark in a darkened soul
    I warm the heart of one grown cold
    I look beyond and see within
    Behind the face, beneath the skin
    I quench a thirst, I soothe a pain
    I provide the food that will sustain
    I touch, I love, I laugh, I cry
    Whatever is needed, I supply
    Yet more than I give, I gain from each
    I am most richly blessed--I teach!
    --Annette Breaux

    A Simple Hi Just Kids, Indeed! My Teacher of Many Years Ago , I’ll Do it Tomorrow, We Get to Choose, Who’s in Charge? Gossip, Gossip, Gossip, A Very Clever Teacher, Mrs. WarnYa, The Most Important Profession, Make it Real, I Do Not Like to Go to School! Don’t Let Us Know, Take it Teacher, Take it! Behind the Mask, A Challenge is Enticing , Lost Within a Shout, Who One Is, Not What One Does, Refraining from Complaining, Can the Lists, I Bleed Professionalism, I’m a Successful Student Now!, I Used to be a Screamer, Oh, Woe is Me, I Teach, Enthusiasm is Contagious, There Are No Words, Wear the Title Teacher Proudly, Will I Ever Take a Risk Again?, The Colors of My Personality, I Wish My Teacher Knew Me, Poems for Teachers, The Happiest Teacher, If She Can Do It, Why Can’t You?, I’ve Been a Good Teacher Today , Your Silent Voice, Manipulation Jubilation, Who’s My Teacher’s Favorite?, I Can’t Wait , My Reward Lies In It , Just a Teacher, A Mind of Its Own , A Miserable Career, I Choose to Take the Right Path, Teacher, Are You Magic? , Round Robin Reading, Rotten to the Core, Adore You or Abhor You? , What’s Best for My Students , To Smile or Not to Smile, My Favorite Teacher-istic , Teach Away, Pushing My Buttons, Believe In Me, A Look in the Mirror, Be Careful of Your Actions, A Little Praise, Whether My Students Pass or Fail, A Hero Lies in Wait, I Get the Worst Kids Every Year, Keep Me Busy, Attention, Please! Call Someone! , I’m Not My Older Brother, Smarter Than Ever, Too Many Questions, A Student Always, Because of Us , Self-Control , Point of View, Tell Me I Can Do It, I Wonder if She Ever Knew, Just Kids at Heart, Be Nice, An Ounce of Inspiration, Thank You, Recipe for Behavior, My Teacher, the Victim, Instantly Famous, Her Best Feature, Listen to Me, Your Attitude Speaks Volumes, Too Rare, By Far , If I Could Teach My Students, Because of You, The Rewards of Planning, The Life of a Kid, Teach Me Hard and Love Me Well, I’ll Never Ever Forget You , Faculty Meeting, A Golden Noise, Help Me to Be What I Can Be, Worth the Risk, Your Principal’s Comin’, Believing is Seeing! We Know Just Who You Are , I’d Like to Tell My Teacher, Bad No More, Fear of the Unknown, If You’re Going to Teach, Teachers, Tend Your Gardens, Am I Really Worthy?


    Annette Breaux (Education Speakers Group; Internationally-Recognized Author, Speaker, and Consultant, USA)