1st Edition

101 Rules of Thumb for Sustainable Buildings and Cities

By Huw Heywood Copyright 2019

    People across the world are becoming more aware of the need for the buildings and cities they live and work in to be sustainable, but the issue of how to be sustainable can seem a confusing and complex one.

    These rules of thumb provide universal guidelines for the sustainable design of both buildings and the urban realm. It’s a global primer and textbook for anyone interested in understanding sustainability in the built environment, an ideal starting point for students as well as an aide memoir for more experienced readers and practitioners interested in this field.

    1. The Principles of Sustainability  2. Respecting Global Resources  3. Working in Harmony with the Natural World  4. Designing for Human Well-being  5. Rules and Strategies for Sustainable Buildings and Cities  4 Rules for Sustainable Architecture  4 Rules for Sustainable Cities  3 Rules for a Hot/Humid Climate  3 Rules for a Hot/Dry Climate  3 Rules for a Cold Climate  3 Rules for a Temperate Climate 


    Huw Heywood is an architect with over 20 years’ experience in practice internationally. Huw is a full time Principal Lecturer and Undergraduate Course Leader at Portsmouth School of Architecture in the UK where he also oversees technology teaching. His particular focus in teaching and research is environmental and sustainable design, which he teaches at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.