1st Edition

13th International Conference on Adaptive Structures and Technologies, 2002

Edited By Elmar J. Breitbach, L. F. Campanile Copyright 2003
    672 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This book will be a valuable step toward the common goal of an "adaptive" scientific community: improving everyone's quality of life in a sustainable and safe way.

    Part I: Keynote Lectures 1. Recent Progress in High Strain Electroactive Actuator Materials 2. High-Power Piezoelectric Transformers 3. Use and Trends of Adaptive Structures in Aeronautics and Space Technology Part II: Modeling 4. New Mesoscopic Analysis of Pseudoelasticity of an SMA Wire: Disk Elements Model 5. Static and Dynamic Response of Laminated Magnetoelectroelastic Beams and Plates 6. A Numerical Simulation of Ferromagnetic Material at Microscopic Scale 7. Modeling and Analysis of Active Flap Using Coiled Bender Piezoelectric Actuators 8. An Active Beam for the Design and Assessment of Smart Structures Part III: Trends And Concepts 9. Concept of Modularized Hierarchical Structures and their Mechanical Properties 10. Smart Structures Design with Carbon Namotubes 11. Design of Aerospace Structures Using a Distributed Energy Approach Part IV: Novel Applications 12. Electric Power Generation Using Piezoelectric Devices 13. Innovative Piezoelectric Transformers: Applications of Quasi-Modal Actuator and Wave Propagation Concepts 14. High Frequency Pumping Behavior of a Piezohydraulic Actuator 15. Computer-Aided Design of a Palpation Sensor for Detecting Prostatic Cancer and Hypertrophy 16. Electromechanical Tailoring of Piezoelectric Networks for Vibration Delocalization and Suppression of Nearly- Periodic Structures Part V: Control 17. Adaptive Neurocontrollers for Vibration Suppression of Nonlinear and Time Varying Structures 18. Simultaneous Optimal Design of Structural and Control Systems Based on BMI 19. An Adaptive Control Scheme for a Flexible Rotor Suspended by Magnetic Bearings 20. A Modal Controller with Integrated Radiation Filters for Active Supression of Sound Radiation Part VI: Large Projects 21. Recent Results and Future of the German Major Project Adaptromics Part VII: Active Plates And Shells 22. Finite Element Models for Active Laminated Shells 23. Active Vibration Control of Plates Using Electrostrictive Patches. Experimental Results Analytical and Numerical Modeling of Laminated Composites with Piezoelectric Elements 24. Nonlinear Mechanics for Adaptive Piezoelectric Composite Plates with Applications to Buckling and Postbuckling Behavior Part VIII: Electro- And Magnetorhelogical Fluids 25. Structural Control of a Prototype Building Using an MR Damper 26. Impact of Strain Rate Dependent Postyield Viscosity on Damping Capacity of Magnetorheological or Electrorheological Dampers Part IX: Piezoelectrics 27. Actuation and Sensing of Shear Type Piezoelectric Patches — Closed Form Solutions 28. Adaptive Structural Control Experiment Using Recursive System Identification 29. Structural Damping Due to Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting 30. Hybrid Passive-Active Vibration Control of Composite Beams Part X: Aerospace Applications 31. Last Experimental Results Concerning a Smart Actuator for Transonic Wave Drag Reduction 32. Dynamics of Geometry Adaptive Truss with Wire Member Actuators 33. Stability Analysis and Decentralized System Design of Large Space Structures Based on Potential Field 34. Application of Adaptive Structures Technology to High Altitude Long Endurance Sensor Platforms 35. Actuation System Design for a Retractable Missile Part XI: Aeroelastic Applications 36. Aeroelastic Stability of a Helicopter Blade with a Smart Spring 37. Stability Augmentation of Helicopter Rotor Blades Using Passive Damping of Shape Memory Alloys Part XII: Health Monitoring And Reliability 38. Smart Layer for Damage Diagmostics 39. Nonlinear Vibration Analysis of Smart Composite Structures with Discrete Delaminations Using a Refined Layerwise Theory 40. New Perspective in the Vibration Based NDT Research Field 41. Significance of Reliability Active Systems Part XIII: Shape Memory Alloys 42. A 3D Coupled Model for SMA Composites 43. Compact Hybrid Actuator Based on Thin-Film Shape Memory Alloy 44. Computational Aspects in Retrofitting Cracked Stone Structures by SMA Devices 45. The “Fish-Mouth”’ Actuator: Design Issues and Test Results Part XIV: Vibration Control And Reduction 46. Modal Actuators and Sensors for Vibration Control of Lightweight Structures 47. Active Vibration Control of a High Speed Rotor with PZT-Patches on the Shaft Surface Optimized System Dynamics by Smart Structures. Applications Examples 48. Reduction of Structural Vibrations Using Piezoelectric Material and a Passive Electrical Network 49. Parallel Robots with Adaptornic Components Part XV: Novel Piezoelectric Actuators And Sensors 50. Spatial Filtering With Piezoelectric Films via Porous Electrode Design 51. Enhancement of Mechanical Work Output of a Piezo-Stack Using a Non-Linear Motion Transmission Mechanism 52. Adaptive Impedance Control Using Piezoelectric Honeycomb Actuator Concepts


    Elmar J. Breitbach