1st Edition

17 0 NMR Spectroscopy in Organic Chemistry

ISBN 9780367450762
Published December 2, 2019 by CRC Press
336 Pages

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Book Description

This book provides a comprehensive review of the application of 17O NMR spectroscopy to organic chemistry. Topics include the theoretical aspects of chemical shift, quadrupolar and J coupling; 17O enrichment; the effect of steric interactions on 17O chemical shifts of functional groups in flexible and rigid systems; the application of 17O NMR spectroscopy to hydrogen bonding investigations; mechanistic problems in organic and bioorganic chemistry; and 17O NMR spectroscopy of oxygen monocoordinated to carbon in alcohols, ethers, and derivatives. Recent results that show correlations between molecular geometry, determined by X-ray studies and estimated by molecular mechanics calculations, and 17O chemical shifts are also covered. 17O Spectroscopy in Organic Chemistry provides important reference information for organic chemists and other scientists interested in 17O NMR spectroscopy as a tool for obtaining new structural and chemical data about organic molecules.

Table of Contents

1. The NMR Parameters for Oxygen-17 2. 17O Enrichment Methods 3. Applications of 17O NMR Spectroscopy to Structural Problems in Organic Chemistry: Torsion Angle Relationships 4. Applications of 17O NMR Spectroscopy to Structural Problems in Rigid, Planar Organic Molecules 5. 17O NMR Spectroscopy: Hydrogen-Bonding Effects 6. 17O NMR as a Mechanistic Probe to Investigate Chemical and Bioorganic Problems 7. 17O NMR Spectroscopy of Single Bonded Oxygen: Alcohols, Ethers, and Their Derivatives 8. 17O NMR Spectroscopic Data for Carbonyl Compounds: I. Aldehydes and Ketones II.Carboxylic Acids and Derivatives 9. I. Oxygen Bound to Nitrogen II. Oxygen Bound to Oxygen 10. Oxygen-17 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy of Organosulfur and Organophosphorus Compounds

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Boykin\, David W.